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Bodies found in Kharkiv Ukraine

Ukraine: More BODIES Found in Recaptured Kharkiv Region
Human Rights Watch reported that three men’s bodies were found in a forest in the previously Russia-controlled Kharkiv region. The bodies were of civilian men and showed possible signs of torture.
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Biden new crypto laws

Biden Administration PUSHES Congress to Pass New CRYPTO Laws
The Biden administration is urging congress to speed up the passing of new cryptocurrency rules. The crypto market remains unregulated, but new laws could include tax rules for brokers and laws covering stablecoins.
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Protests across the UK

Protests ERUPT Across the UK Over Cost of Living and Climate Change
Thousands of protestors swarmed into UK cities to protest against soaring energy prices and climate change. The protests coincided with the planned jump in gas and electricity prices, with many calling for a stop to oil.

Carlsen v Niemann chess


How a Teen BEAT the World Champion Chess Player Using ANAL BEADS (Allegedly)

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen, 31, has held the no.1 world ranking since 2013 but was shockingly defeated by American teen Hans Niemann last month …See more.


Trump Raid PROVED One Thing That SMART People Already Knew

Comparing the Trump FBI raid with the Hunter Biden investigation uncovers unarguable corruption…See more.


A Story Mistold: The True MORAL of DEPP vs HEARD 

…that the MEDIA Doesn’t Want You to Know. How We Should Really Remember Johnny Depp v Amber Heard…See more.


Depp-Heard “JUROR” Speaks Out, BUT is he LEGIT?

A day after the Depp v Heard verdict, an alleged juror took to TikTok to share his thoughts on the trial. He has now deleted his account, but not before we got a good look…See more.


Johnny Depp WINS Defamation Trial Against Amber Heard

After three days of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict in favor of Johnny Depp, awarding him…See more.


5 LAWYERS Weigh in on Depp vs Heard Trial

Will johnny win the case? Five expert attorneys weigh in on the Johnny Depp v Heard defamation trial…See more.

CRYPTO Investors: Have You Finally LEARNED Your Lesson?

The cryptocurrency market has crashed. Billions of dollars have been vaporized. But there is a valuable lesson crypto investors can learn from this…See more.


5 PUTIN Rumors Rated: From Autism to Roid Rage to Parkinson’s

Rating the most thought-provoking Putin mental health theories, including a little-known intelligence report about a developmental disorder…See more.

Why the UK is Investing in HYPERSONIC Weapons and LASER Defense

The AUKUS pact has been extended to allow the UK to work with the US and Australia on developing hypersonic weapons and laser defense systems…See more.

How Republicans DISMANTLED Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

In the background of the Ukraine war, another war took place in the confirmation hearing of Biden’s supreme court justice pick, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.…See more.


Why the Ban on RUSSIAN Media Makes Me ANXIOUS

In the wake of the Ukraine invasion, Russia state-controlled media outlets have been banned in western countries for “disinformation”. The assault on…See more.

Ukraine-Russia War: The WORST-CASE Scenario (and Best-Case)

The war in Ukraine continues with Russia sending more troops despite peace talks taking place. What will happen next?…See more.


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