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Link to Johnny Depp v Amber Heard


Will Johnny Depp WIN? 5 LAWYERS Weigh in on Depp vs Heard Trial

Will johnny win the case? Five expert attorneys weigh in on the Johnny Depp v Heard defamation trial…See more. 

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Depp v Heard trial

Depp v Heard Defamation Trial Reaches CLIMAX
27 May 2022 - All the evidence has been presented, and closing arguments are underway in the Depp v Heard trial. After closing statements, the court will give the case to seven jurors, who will decide the fate of the two actors.
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UK energy bills rise

UK Energy Bills Set to SKYROCKET by £800 a Year
25 May 2022 - The UK’s energy regulator Ofgem has warned that the typical household energy bill will rise by around £800 a year. Ofgem’s boss described the price increase as a “once in a generation event.”

Terra founder Do Kwon wins backing

Terra Founder Do Kwon WINS Backing for Proposed Recovery Plan
26 May 2022 - After the Terra crypto ecosystem crashed and lost all its value, the founder Do Kwon has now won backing for his proposed recovery plan. The proposal involves a new blockchain that won’t include the UST stablecoin.
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CRYPTO Investors: Have You Finally LEARNED Your Lesson?

The cryptocurrency market has crashed. Billions of dollars have been vaporized. But there is a valuable lesson crypto investors can learn from this…See more. 


5 PUTIN Rumors Rated: From Autism to Roid Rage to Parkinson’s

Rating the most thought-provoking Putin mental health theories, including a little-known intelligence report about a developmental disorder…See more. 


Why the UK is Investing in HYPERSONIC Weapons and LASER Defense

The AUKUS pact has been extended to allow the UK to work with the US and Australia on developing hypersonic weapons and laser defense systems…See more. 


How Republicans DISMANTLED Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

In the background of the Ukraine war, another war took place in the confirmation hearing of Biden’s supreme court justice pick, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.…See more. 

OPINION: Why the Ban on RUSSIAN Media Makes Me ANXIOUS

In the wake of the Ukraine invasion, Russia state-controlled media outlets have been banned in western countries for “disinformation”. The assault on…See more. 


Ukraine-Russia War: The WORST-CASE Scenario (and Best-Case)

The war in Ukraine continues with Russia sending more troops despite peace talks taking place. What will happen next?…See more. 


INSIDE Putin’s Head: WHY is Russia Invading Ukraine?

Understanding Putin’s psychology uncovers the truth about the Ukraine Russia war that the mainstream media aren’t telling you…See more. 


“DELTACRON”? This is Why You SHOULDN’T Panic

Scientists in Cyprus have discovered a new Covid strain that is allegedly a combination of the Delta and Omicron variants…See more.


LIFTING the Lid on the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial - FULL ANALYS

A thorough analysis of the key facts and moments of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial…See more.


Boris Johnson Faces APOCALYPTIC Approval Ratings

After a tough few months, Boris Johnson’s decision to turn on his own party by introducing vaccine passes sees his approval rating sink even further…See more.


Baldwin CRIMINALLY Charged? Search WARRANT Could Indicate...

Police investigating the fatal shooting on the set of Rust have obtained a search warrant for Alec Baldwin’s phone.

The warrant states…See more.


Jussie Smollett Conviction HUMILIATES Liberals

Actor Jussie Smollett was found guilty on five of six felony counts for making a false report to police that he was the victim of a racist and homophobic hate crime in January 2019. 

The offense…See more.


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