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South Korean voters, upset by the economic slump, are showing their disapproval towards President Yoon Suk-yeol and his ruling People Power Party (PPP). ...Read related story

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has delivered a clear message to the U.S. Congress: without further military aid, Ukraine might lose to Russia. ...Read live coverage

Half a year has passed since the chilling Hamas terror attack in southern Israel. American families are voicing their frustration over the stalemate in mediation talks. ...Read live coverage

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PROTESTERS’ SHOCKING Chant: ‘Death to America’ Over Alleged Atrocities

Activists were recently filmed at a protest loudly chanting “Death to America,” blaming the U.S. and Israel for violence in ...Read more.

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CDC’S COVID-19 Isolation Cutback: A Bold Move or a Dangerous Gamble?


SOUTH KOREAN Election Shocker: Voters Lean Left in Historic Turn


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BIDEN vs TRUMP: Money WAR in the Race to the White House

TITLE: Biden’s Second Presidential Run: Rapid Fundraising, Grassroots Tactics, and Trump’s Free PR EdgeJoe Biden’s …See more.


WORLD On EDGE: Putin’s VOW of Vengeance and Biden’s Credibility Crisis Unsettle the Global Stage

Title: A Week of Global Unrest: Security in Jeopardy …See more.


2024 Presidential Election: LATEST News, Polls, and Timeline

2024 presidential election

BREAKING NOW: A recent AP-NORC poll reveals over half of U.S. adults believe President Joe Biden’s policies have negatively impacted the nation’s cost...


$34 Trillion National Debt: A TERRIFYING Wake-Up Call to Investors Amid Neutral Market Conditions

Beware the ticking time bomb of America’s $34 trillion national debt! Expert warns about the dire consequences of Congress’ spending spree. Meanwhile, Asian stocks dance on a knife’s edge and oil prices soar. Are you ready for potential market fluctuations? Read on to stay ahead in this high-stakes game!... …See more.


BATTLE Lines Drawn: TRUMP’S Dramatic Ohio Rally and the Turbulent Israel-Hamas Conflict Unraveling

# Trump’s Ohio Rally: Endorses Moreno, Criticizes Biden and Dolan …See more.


BULLISH or BEARISH? China’s Market Revival Strategy and What it Means for Your Portfolio

Unleash your inner trader! Discover how China’s bold market moves and the secret strategies of successful trader Shawn Meaike could ignite your financial growth. Don’t miss out, dive into the game now!... …See more.


From REAGAN to TRUMP: Unraveling the Impact of Conservative Policies on the World Stage

The year 1983 is marked by President Ronald Reagan’s bold declaration of the Soviet Union …See more.


BIDEN’S Billionaire Tax: Why Wall Street is Holding ITS Breath for the State of the Union Address

Biden’s bold move could shake Wall Street! Will his tax hike ignite market turbulence or create new opportunities? Investors, it’s time to brace for a wild ride!... …See more.



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