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DEATH PENALTY On Trial: Americans Voice Unfairness, Report Unveils Shocking Shift

Lack of Fairness in Receiving Public Defense Services: Study ...

— The U.S. death penalty is under fire as more Americans express concerns about its fairness. This change in public sentiment is leading to the increasing marginalization of capital punishment in the country, according to a recent annual report.

However, it remains unclear whether this waning support will result in the end of capital punishment. While some experts anticipate its complete abolition soon, others predict a slow decline rather than an immediate vanishing.

In 2023, only 24 individuals were executed and 21 were sentenced to death. This marks the ninth year in a row with fewer than 30 executions and less than 50 death sentences. Only five states — Texas, Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma and Alabama — carried out executions this year; the smallest number in two decades.

A Gallup poll from October disclosed that half of Americans believe capital punishment is unjustly applied. This level of doubt represents the highest since Gallup started surveying this topic back in 2000.

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