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2024 US Election Polls UNPACKED: How Voters REALLY Feel Right Now

2024 election polls

Confused by all the different polls? We’ve sifted through the garbage to uncover the raw data about who will win the 2024 election...See more.

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WATCH Biden EMBARRASS America on the World Stage With These Gaffes

G7 Biden gaffes

Videos showing President Joe Biden fumbling and bumbling during the G7 summit in Hiroshima have gone viral …See more.

PICTURED: Elizabeth Holmes Enjoys a FREE Mother’s Day With Children as Prison Sentence DELAYED

Elizabeth Holmes husband and children

She should be serving an 11-year prison sentence, but the convicted Theranos founder spent a joyful …See more.

How CNN GIFTED Trump the PRESIDENCY and BROKE the Media in 70 Minutes

Donald Trump Kaitlan Collins

Watch the now-deleted video that the media doesn’t want America to see …See more.

Elizabeth Holmes Appeal: 5 CRUCIAL Insights You NEED to Know

Elizabeth Holmes appeal

The disgraced Theranos CEO thinks these 5 arguments will keep her out of jail …See more.

TRUMP: How Many Lawsuits Are Against Him and Could He Face PRISON Time?

More Trump lawsuits

Donald Trump faces legal attacks far more severe than New York’s hush money indictment …See more.

GPT-4: What You NEED to Know About the NEW ChatGPT

ChatGPT OpenAI

ChatGPT set the world on fire as one of the most advanced AI chatbots in existence, but now Elon Musk’s OpenAI has raised the bar yet again …See more.