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Dangerous Precedent? Spanish Court Rules in FAVOR of Man’s ‘Right’ to Walk the Streets NAKED

Spanish court male nudist

A Spanish high court has ruled in favor of a man’s right to walk naked in the streets...See more.

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Ukraine-Russia War: The WORST-CASE Scenario (and Best-Case)

03 March 2022 – The war in Ukraine continues with Russia sending more troops despite peace talks taking place.

The invasion is arguably not going to plan for Putin as the Ukrainians have put up heavy resistance.

However, more troops are on their way with a 40-mile convoy of Russian armored vehicles rapidly approaching the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

Peace talks have been taking place between Ukraine and Russia, but little progress has been made with Putin staying firm on his demands.

What will happen next?See more.

INSIDE Putin’s Head: WHY is Russia Invading Ukraine?

25 February 2022 — The world woke up on Thursday to the news that Russia had launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Our worst fears came true…

On the 24th February 2021, Putin initiated a “special military operation” in Ukraine, sending troops into the country to “demilitarize and denazify Ukraine”.

In a nutshell…See more.

“DELTACRON”? This is Why You SHOULDN’T Panic

10 January 2022 – Scientists in Cyprus have discovered a new Covid strain that is allegedly a combination of the Delta and Omicron variants.

The Delta and Omicron strains are highly virulent and are responsible for the recent spike in infections.

A combination of those two variants sounds distressing…See more.

Vaccine MANDATES: These 4 Countries Could Reveal a CHILLING Future

05 December 2021 – The unthinkable is becoming reality. Could these 4 countries give us a window into a chilling future without freedom?

Vaccine mandates seemed crazy a year ago, but some countries are demonstrating that mandates are coming. 

Biden tried…See more.

OMICRON: The Uncensored TRUTH About the New COVID-19 Variant

30 November 2021 – The world is talking, or rather, panicking, about the new COVID-19 variant called Omicron, also known as B.1.1.529. 

The Omicron variant was reported to the WHO from South Africa on the 24th of November 2021, and reports indicate it was first detected in Botswana earlier in the month. 

The name Omicron comes from the Greek alphabet, like the other variants such as Alpha and Delta. However, the WHO decided to skip the two Greek letters Nu and Xi…See more.

CHINA: World War 3 Could Be MOMENTS Away

07 October 2021 – China says that WWIII could be triggered “at any time” according to their state-backed newspaper.

In a threatening move, China has flown huge numbers of warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace in the last few days. Some of these warplanes have nuclear capabilities.

Relations are at a critical boiling point…See more.

TRANSGENDER Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard Named SPORTSWOMAN of the Year

02 October 2021 – Transgender Olympic weightlifter, Laurel Hubbard, has been named sportswoman of the year by the University of Otago at the Blues awards this week in New Zealand. 

The controversial decision means that Hubbard, 43, is the first transgender athlete to win the award. 

Laurel Hubbard…See more. 

GRUESOME: Taliban Hang DEAD BODY in City’s Main Square

Taliban hang dead body

25 September 2021 – According to a witness, the Taliban hanged a dead body from a crane in the main square of Herat city in Afghanistan. 

The witness, who runs a pharmacy on the side of the city square, said that the Taliban announced the killing of four people who were involved in an attempted kidnapping and were subsequently killed by the Taliban police. 

One of the bodies was hanged in the city’s main square while the other three were moved to different areas of the city to be displayed. 

It was not clear if they were killed in a firefight with police or were executed after.

Mullah Nooruddin Turabi, one of the founders of the Taliban had previously told The Associated Press that the Taliban will once again carry out executions and the amputation of hands to enforce Islamic Law. 

It’s been over a month since the Taliban took control of Kabul and Afghanistan on 15 August 2021. 

Due to the chaotic withdrawal of US troops, high-tech military equipment and weapons were left behind which are now in the hands of Taliban militia

Fears that a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan would facilitate terror groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda were not unfounded, indeed, a suicide bombing at Kabul airport killed 13 US servicemen. 

The retaliatory drone strike from the US army that was meant to kill the bomber, instead, killed 10 Afghan civilians, including 7 children. 

The Afghan situation continues to deteriorate with the Biden administration providing little direction to remedy the situation. 

FACT-CHECK GUARANTEE (References): [Straight from the source: 1 source]

Going NUCLEAR: US, UK and Australia Take On China

16 September 2021

The US, UK, and Australia have announced a special security pact to share defense technology and enable Australia to build nuclear-powered submarines for the first time. 

The move is speculated to be in response to worries about China’s growing military presence in the Indo-Pacific. Despite not naming any country in particular, the United Kingdom prime minister Boris Johnson said, “This partnership will become increasingly vital for defending our interests in the Indo-Pacific region and, by extension, protecting our people back at home”.

The pact, named…See more.

3 HAIR-RAISING Events: North Korea Capable of NUCLEAR Weapons?

15 September 2021 – North Korea just fired two ballistic missiles across its east coast towards the Sea of Japan. Along with two other recent developments, we have a very distressing situation.

It comes just days after North Korea launched a new long-range cruise missile that was capable of hitting much of Japan which they called “a strategic weapon of great significance”.

It also comes after Kim Jong-un’s first public appearance in some time at a celebration of the nation’s 73rd anniversary last week. It shocked the world as pictures emerged of him looking much thinner after a reported 20kg weight loss. The North Korea leader did not speak at the parade but was seen kissing children and giving a thumbs up to the performers. 

Bad news…See more.

Iota Variant: VACCINE-RESISTANT Variant NO ONE Talks About!?

25 August 2021 – As governments push vaccines harder and harder, no one is talking about a new variant that may render vaccines rather useless. 

We’ve all heard of the delta variant, but have you heard of the iota variant?

The iota variant, also known a B.1.526, was first detected in New York and is only listed as a “variant of interest” by the CDC, despite it possibly being the most concerning of all…See more.

Afghanistan: Why is CHINA Getting COZY with the Taliban?

19 August 2021 – The news of the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan has taken the world by storm. 

Many are worried about the citizens of Afghanistan and the increased threat of terrorism. There’s also intense debate over the US troop withdrawal and whether western countries should intervene. 

However, amongst it all, there is a potential winner here that no one is talking about…See more.

‘Misogyny’: Liberals REACT To Pictures Of Ukrainian Soldiers Wearing High Heels

03 July 2021 – Pictures emerge from Ukraine that show female soldiers marching in high heels during a military parade rehearsal. 

Ukrainian defense ministers were accused of make a ‘mockery’ of women. The pictures emerged from a rehearsal for a military parade taking place in August.

The parade is celebrating 30 years of independence for Ukraine following the break-up of the Soviet Union. 

“Today we are training in high heels for the first time. It is a little more difficult than in combat boots but we are doing our best,” said one of the female soldiers taking part. 

Here are the highlights…

These Black Fungus Pictures Will Make You SHUDDER And It Gets WORSE!

05 June 2021 – It’s been detected outside of India!

Black Fungus infections have been detected outside of India and it is every bit as disgusting and frightening as it sounds. 

In India, the surge in COVID-19 cases led to a strange but potentially fatal fungal infection called mucormycosis or ‘black fungus’ in covid patients. 

The fungi are commonly found in soil, animal waste and plants but usually are no match for our immune system and pose no risk. 

However…See more.

Israel-Palestine: UNSEEN SHOCKING Footage from on the Ground (UNCENSORED)

15 May 2021 – UNCENSORED bone-chilling never seen before footage of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Extremely hard to watch footage shows the devastating conflict and civilian casualties on the ground in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

In the worst conflict seen in years between Israel and Palestine heating up to a boiling point, it is looking more and more likely that a full-scale war is approaching say many sources. 

For weeks, Palestinian protesters have been fighting with Israel police in Jerusalem. On Monday, the violence was taken up a level by Palestinian militants (Hamas) in Gaza when they fired over 150 rockets into Israel. 

It looks like both sides are preparing for the violence to continue for several days with chances of a full-scale war looking likely according to some sources. 

Watch the full video to see the exclusive and uncensored footage…

Israel-Palestine: FULL-SCALE War Approaching Say Sources

Israel Palestine full scale war

12 May 2021 – For weeks, Palestinian protesters have been fighting with Israel police in Jerusalem. In last few days tensions escalated further when Israel police stormed the Temple mount. 

On Monday, the violence was taken up a level by Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip when they fired over 150 rockets into Israel with intention of targeting civilians. At least 5 people were killed and over 100 people injured from strikes on Tel Aviv, Lod and Ashkelon. 

Israel responded with airstrikes targeting terror targets in Gaza. The official Israel Defense Forces Twitter account warned civilians in Gaza saying, “To the citizens of Gaza: The IDF is striking Hamas weapons stores hidden inside civilian buildings in Gaza… Our goal is only to strike terror.”

More rockets were fired at Tel Aviv at 3am local time as citizens were woken up and sent to bomb shelters. To make matters worse, waves of civil unrest rages as Palestinian citizens of Israel express their anger over the airstrikes. 

In the last few hours, the IDF announced that they have “neutralized key figures of Hamas’ intelligence: Hassan Kaogi, head of the Hamas military intelligence security department & his deputy Wail Issa, head of the military intelligence counterespionage department.”

It looks like both sides are preparing for the violence to continue for several days with chances of a full-scale war looking likely according to some sources. This comes months after the Biden administration took over the White House as enemies of Israel no longer fear of a retaliation from the United States if they attack Israel.

President Trump made a statement from his new platform defending Israel saying, “America must always stand with Israel and make clear that the Palestinians must end the violence, terror, and rocket attacks, and make clear that the U.S. will always strongly support Israel’s right to defend itself.”

President Biden has been Tweeting regularly about vaccines, women’s health and LGBTQ+ rights but has yet to tweet anything about the conflict where many have already died! 

India Coronavirus: These HORRIFIC PHOTOS from India will HAUNT You

02 May 2021 – India’s coronavirus death toll hits a daily record on 2 May 2021. 

The health ministry reported that 3,689 people had died within a 24-hour period from coronavirus infection. The country is in utter turmoil from the new variant of COVID-19 and hospitals are battling with a shortage of beds and oxygen. Horrific images are emerging from the country as it also became the first country to record more than 400,000 new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours. 

As case numbers are now close to reaching 20 million, the authorities in Delhi have now called for help from the Army. Delhi’s government requested that the army step in to run coronavirus care facilities and intensive care units. 

The United Kingdom has sent 1,000 ventilators but Boris Johnson is facing growing pressure to help India’s vaccine supply by cancelling an order of 5 million AstraZeneca doses for the UK. Boris Johnson commented on the coronavirus situation in India, saying “The UK will always be there for India in its time of need.” Whether India will keep the 5 million doses remains to be seen but Delhi has not officially asked for the order to be cancelled.   

Images of burning funeral pyres in car parks are truly harrowing as crematoriums in Delhi can’t keep up with the number of bodies. Family members are seen collecting ashes of their loved ones after mass cremations have taken place. A relative of a COVID-19 patient is seen pleading with police to replenish their relative’s oxygen supply.   

A fire broke out on last week in the Patel Welfare Hospital in Bharuch killing 17 coronavirus patients and 2 health workers. An image of a charred hospital bed is seen.   

The surge in coronavirus cases has been attributed to numerous factors including the new variant of the virus called B.1.617 or the ‘double mutant’, as it appears to have mutated in two different areas. Relaxed restrictions from a drop in cases are also believed to be partly responsible and decreased humidity also may be a factor.   

India has a population of 1.3 billion but has only immunised under 150 million of its citizens with most of them still waiting for the second jab. It needs hundreds of millions of doses quickly to protect the rest of its population. It’s unclear how many vaccines the country has in stock for itself despite being a manufacturing hub.

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