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How AI in Medicine Just SAVED You and Your Family

AI medical breakthroughs

Just this week, artificial intelligence (AI) has helped scientists make major medical breakthroughs, demonstrating how AI could...See more.

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Dangerous Precedent? Spanish Court Rules in FAVOR of Man’s ‘Right’ to Walk the Streets NAKED

Spanish court male nudist

A Spanish high court has ruled in favor of a man’s right to walk naked in the streets …See more.

5 PUTIN Rumors Rated: From Autism to Roid Rage to Parkinson’s

Putin rumors

Rating the most thought-provoking Putin mental health theories, including a little-known intelligence report about a developmental disorder …See more.

Ukraine-Russia War: The WORST-CASE Scenario (and Best-Case)

Ukraine Russia war

The war in Ukraine continues with Russia sending more troops despite peace talks taking place …See more.

INSIDE Putin’s Head: WHY is Russia Invading Ukraine?

Why is Russia invading Ukraine

The world woke up on Thursday to the news that Russia had launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine …See more.

“DELTACRON”? This is Why You SHOULDN’T Panic

Deltacron Covid variant

Scientists in Cyprus have discovered a new Covid strain that is allegedly a combination of the Delta and Omicron variants …See more.

These Black Fungus Pictures Will Make You SHUDDER And It Gets WORSE!

Black fungus pictures

Black Fungus infections have been detected outside of India and it is every bit as disgusting and frightening as it sounds …See more.