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Lucy Letby: The Dark Underbelly of FEMALE Violence Against Children

Lucy Letby female violence

The Lucy Letby case highlights the disturbing reality of female violence against children, an issue the media refuses to talk about...See more.

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‘RIP-OFF’ University Degrees: Are Students REALLY Being Scammed?

Rishi Sunak university degrees

“Rip-off” degrees are facing a purge by the UK government. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak plans to chop the courses that scam students …See more.

Nicola Sturgeon ARREST: Her REACTION and What We Know Right Now

Nicola Sturgeon arrest

The events surrounding former First Minister Nicola Sturgeon have taken a dramatic turn. On Sunday, police arrested the ex-SNP leader as …See more.

NHS Strikes: Are Nurses GREEDY for REJECTING Pay Offer?

Nurses reject pay offer

The public might think so, as more NHS strike action could backfire …See more.

NUCLEAR WAR: Britain is ASKING for it or ALREADY Planning on it

UK Russia nuclear

The UK government’s recent actions suggest they believe a nuclear war with Russia is inevitable …See more.

VIRAL Nicola Bulley Theory: Did POLICE Cause Her Death by FORCING Abductor’s Hand?

Nicola Bulley police

Hypothetically speaking, the abductor watches the police’s press conference just days earlier and sees detectives fixated on the theory …See more.

UK STRIKES: 1 in 3 Adults Want RESTRICTIONS on Trade Unions

Strikes public opinion

Unwrapping the numbers: Young men support the strikes the most, but unions are losing public backing …See more.