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Trump DESTROYS Critics with FIERY Statement! Could MIKE PENCE be Next?

President Trump has been on top form, launching fiery attacks on his opponents in the hope to secure a Republican victory for candidate Glenn Youngkin in Virginia’s gubernatorial election.

Trump is showing us that he is a great friend but a brutal enemy! 

Trump released a scolding statement of the mainstream media for their attempt to create a picture that he and Youngkin are “at odds” and “don’t like each other.”

President Trump named his critics as…See more.

The World REACTS to Texas Abortion Law

The reaction to the new Texas abortion law that went into effect on the 1st of September has been explosive!

The new abortion law in Texas, the so-called “Heartbeat Act” was signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott this May.

The law bans abortions from as early as six weeks into pregnancy when a heartbeat of the fetus can usually be detected. It also gives individuals the opportunity to sue doctors who perform an abortion after six weeks. 

The left are fuming…See more.

The PHOTO That Should END Biden’s Presidency

Now that the Taliban have control of Afghanistan, they are already pushing propaganda to mock the United States.

In a photo that brings shame to the Biden administration, Taliban insurgents are seen wearing full US army tactical gear recreating the iconic World War II ‘Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima’ photograph. 

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan far quicker than the Biden administration anticipated which meant US troops were forced to leave behind billions of dollars of weapons and equipment. 

This is terrifying…See more.

Creepy Joe COVER-UP: This Should Be VIRAL!

This creepy Joe Biden clip should be going VIRAL, but it’s not because it’s been BANNED! 

The media never covered it and Big Tech is suppressing it to protect Joe Biden. It is the ultimate creepy Joe video, where he secretly tries to grab a kid’s hand and then appears to slide him a disgusting item…See more.

Abortion Laws: “It’s NOT Your Body” (SCIENCE Proves it!)

After new abortion laws in Texas, a young teen called Paxton Smith scrapped her approved graduation speech for a rant about abortion law. 

The premise of her speech was that her hard work at school could be jeopardised if she got pregnant because late-term abortion law would prevent a termination. The left were quick to praise her, including a tweet from Hilary Clinton. 

We argue that the entire argument she and the left use is completely moronic and goes against science. Late-term abortion laws are necessary and prevent an unethical procedure. 

Watch to the end to see a vulgar video clip we guarantee will forever make you hate late-term abortion…

CREEPY JOE Trending After Biden Makes Remarks About Schoolgirl!

#CreepyJoe is officially trending thanks to another Biden gaffe!

In Joe Biden’s most recent speech at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, he made some inappropriate remarks about a school-aged girl he was sharing the stage with. 

He complemented her hair at first, but then went on to say, “I’ll tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there with her… like a little lady with her legs crossed!” 

After he made the remark and perhaps realized how inappropriate it sounded, he laughed it off with a nervous laugh before he got back to the speech. The overall tone came across as exactly what Twitter was quick to point out…See more.

DISGUSTING Woke Mother Berates BABY For Being a ‘White Male’!

A woke mother posted a disgusting video to social media where she showed some books she is getting her baby son because he is a ‘white male’. 

She says because he is a ‘white male’ she recommends these woke children’s books to prevent him from becoming ‘awful’! She then proceeds to show books about consent, feminism, and gender! This woke mother proves why the radical left are so dangerous to our children and future. 

similar story emerged from Australia a few months ago where a woke school made the boys apologize to the girls for being boys! 

Watch the full video to see the whole clip and our angry rant!  

Major ROLLBACK of Abortion Rights: US Supreme Court AGREES to Consider!

The US supreme court has announced it will consider a bid to enforce a ban on nearly all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy! It could be a major win for pro-lifers and conservatives.

The now majority conservative court will hear the case in its next term and could easily lead to the precedent of Roe V Wade being gutted. 

This comes after Trump appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court last year, giving conservatives a decisive 6-3 majority. Justice Barrett, a devout catholic will almost certainly agree with a ban on abortions past 15 weeks of pregnancy. 

Chief Justice John Roberts, typically known as a conservative has taken sides with the left wing of the court before in favor of women’s rights. However, even with him voting on the left side, conservatives still have a majority thanks to Donald Trump.

Here’s the kicker…See more.

SCARY: Boris Johnson KICKS OFF at Keir Starmer Over ‘Cash for Curtains’ Row

In a spine-chilling PMQ Boris Johnson blows up on Keir Starmer over the ‘cash for curtains’ story. 

Keir Starmer fiercely questioned the British Prime Minister over who paid for some recent renovations Johnson did to his Downing Street flat where he lives with his fiancé and son. 

The Electoral Commission launched an inquiry into renovations done at 11 Downing Street saying there are ‘reasonable grounds’ to suspect offences had occurred. Boris Johnson stood strong on his defence that he has done nothing wrong and that there is ‘nothing to see’ over the flat refurb. 

Watch the whole video to see the scary clip of Johnson and the full story!  

Chauvin’s STRANGE Reaction to the Verdict (And OUR Reaction and Analysis of the Chauvin Trial)

The verdict for the Derek Chauvin trial is in. Derek Chauvin’s reaction was surprisingly strange as the judge read out the jury’s verdict to second-degree murder, third-degree murder and manslaughter charges. We also react to the verdict and give our analysis of the whole Chauvin trial and the final result. 

No trial in recent memory has been more politicized than this one, particularly by the left-wing as many politicians weighed in on what the verdict should be. President Biden even weighed in before the verdict saying the evidence was overwhelming! 

Watch the full video to see Derek Chauvin’s strange reaction to the verdict and our full analysis of the trial. 

These Tweets Are RANCID! (Leftists Have NO Morals)

In the wake of the death of Prince Philip, a number of leftist and ‘woke’ Twitter accounts expressed great delight in the death of another human being. 

Immediately after the announcement of Prince Philip’s death, a number of these verified Twitter accounts called him racist, one called him a garbage human being and none of them showed any sympathy for the grieving Royal family. 

In this video we show you some of the appalling and rancid tweets that came from these leftists and discuss why all sense of morality seems to be lost on the left-wing/liberals. Watch the full video to see the sickening tweets and our full rant…

Politician Says Put ALL Men on CURFEW!

Amid the tragic Sarah Everard murder, the left are using it as an excuse to target all men as being rapists and murderers. We show you a bizarre clip of Green Party peer Jenny Jones saying to put all men on a 6pm curfew to keep women safe on the streets! 

London Mayor Sadiq Khan also made a statement generalizing that all men inflict violence on women. 

Watch the full video to see the crazy clip and our full rant! 

Biden Gaffes | These PROVE He Needs to be REMOVED Now!

The Biden gaffes are getting ludicrous, these three clips are beyond belief! Every time Joe Biden makes a public appearance, he seems more confused each time. Whenever we show you a Joe Biden gaffe, they get more and more ridiculous! 

The mainstream media and Big Tech (which we prove in this video) are involved in covering these up to protect the Democrats. The Joe Biden gaffes are now reaching a critical point where for the safety of the country and President Biden’s health, he needs to be removed from office because he is showing clear signs of dementia.

 Watch the full video to see these three most recent Biden gaffes and remember to share the video to spread the message! 

EMBARRASSING Interview | Keir Starmer Shows he Knows NOTHING about Economics!

Keir Starmer embarrassingly shows how ignorant he is of economics in this recent interview. The UK government recently announced that NHS staff would be getting a 1% pay rise. However, due to economic difficulty caused by the pandemic the government said it did not have the budget to go higher than 1%. The leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer, hit back saying “This is insulting” but when questioned further about how he would give NHS staff more, he could not answer. 

The only way to fund a further wage increase for NHS staff would either be through more quantitative easing or higher taxes. The Bank of England has already done a record amount of quantitative easing due to the pandemic which could result in significant inflation when the economy reopens. A devalued pound and higher prices will hurt the entire United Kingdom. 

In related news, Starmer’s popularity ratings have plummeted to a point where Matt Hancock is now more popular than the Labour leader! And amongst the working class, conservatives now have a 25-point lead over Labour.

Watch the full video to see this embarrassing clip of Keir Starmer.

Biden Gaffe | CONFUSED Speech Where he says he will Cure Cancer!?

Biden gaffe after Biden gaffe! Joe Biden delivered a bizarre and confused speech at FEMA when he went from curing cancer to landing on Mars to what appears to be in his mind coaching little league! He jumped from topic to topic and appeared to completely forget that he was giving a presidential speech. 

During this confused speech, Joe Biden says that he will be the president to cure cancer. Fact-check, unfortunately, we’re not close to beating cancer, scientists say we are 5-10 years away from even getting close to a cure. It’s likely that we may never be able to cure cancer completely as it’s such a vast disease. There are over 200 types of cancer and each is diagnosed and treated differently. For President Biden to say he knows they will cure cancer during his term is misinformation.

It was bizarre statement, considering Biden has not even cured the COVID pandemic, which is still raging through America with new variants popping up everywhere. If they do get COVID under control, it’s thanks to the vaccine which was created under President Trump. 

At the end of this Joe Biden speech, he seems to forget where he is and starts talking like he is trying to motivate some children for a sports match, not giving a presidential address. The whole speech came across as very confused and inappropriate. 

It’s tragic to see Biden so confused but it’s just not acceptable for a sitting President to be in this mental condition and that’s why it’s important for these Joe Biden gaffe videos to be seen by the public because the mainstream media hide it and are complicit in this abuse. 

Watch the full video to see Biden’s confused speech. 

Demi Lovato SLAMS Gender Reveal Parties as TRANSPHOBIC

Demi Lovato has slammed gender reveal parties as transphobic, saying “This is not about being politically correct, it’s about being correct”. Referencing transgender rights activist Alok Vaid-Menon’s original post, it went on to say, “Only individual people can self-determine their gender.”

Well, she should check with a geneticist, because what determines gender at birth is whether the baby has two X chromosomes (girl), or one X and one Y chromosome (boy). Other than the rarest of conditions, it is that simple. That is what is correct. 

Biological sex is a genetic fact, and we should keep it that simple for children. Once a child is a grown adult with a proper understanding of biology and gender can they then make a decision to identify as transgender.

Now, whether gender reveal parties are safe is a different issue as a man was recently killed when a device that he was building for a gender reveal accidently exploded, killing him and injuring his brother. 

Another gender reveal party went horribly wrong when the dad accidently fired a confetti canon into his crotch! 

Watch the full video to see the whole story! 

Biden CAUGHT Lying and HUMILIATES Himself!

Biden humiliates himself at the CNN Town Hall when he gets caught lying about when the coronavirus vaccine was made available. CNN failed to correct him but we fact-checked what he said, and it is categorically false! 

Biden said they didn’t have a vaccine when he took office, but the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine was authorized for emergency use on December 11th, 2020. The Moderna vaccine was authorized around a week later.

The rollout of the vaccine and the first dose was announced on December 14th, 2020. Well over a month before Biden even took office. 

Biden himself was given the vaccine live on TV on December 21st, 2020. And yes, that was while Trump was President and the rollout of the vaccine was already underway.

Watch the full video to see Biden’s crazy statement and our full fact-check…

SPINE-CHILLING ‘Anti-White Training’ Now Being Taught Everywhere is Next Level Woke

Anti-white training is now a thing that is gaining widespread popularity in corporations, charities and schools. 

A whistleblower from Coca-Cola released images of a training course that told staff to “try to be less white”. 

More than 120 charities in the United Kingdom have been reported to be giving their staff unconscious bias/anti-racism/anti-white training. Studies have revealed that this sort of training does not work and can cost these charities up to $400 per person to train them.

A high school principal in New York sent out pamphlets to parents asking them to reflect on their whiteness. The school sent out materials such as the ‘8 White Identities’ which encourages parents to be ‘White Traitors’, saying there is regime of whiteness, we must dismantle whiteness and refuse to allow whiteness to reassert itself.

Watch the full video to see our full analysis of this spine-chilling rhetoric…

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