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SOUTH KOREAN Election Shocker: Voters Lean Left in Historic Turn

SOUTH KOREAN Election Shocker: Voters Lean Left in Historic Turn

South Korean voters, upset by the economic slump, are showing their disapproval towards President Yoon Suk-yeol and his ruling People Power Party (PPP). Early exit polls indicate a dramatic tilt in the National Assembly, with the opposition DP/DUP coalition on track to win between 168 and 193 of the 300 seats. This would leave Yoon’s PPP and its partners trailing with just 87-111 seats.

A record-breaking turnout of 67 percent — the highest for a midterm election since 1992 — reflects widespread voter engagement. South Korea’s unique proportional representation system aims to give smaller parties a chance but has resulted in a crowded field that confuses many voters.

PPP leader Han Dong-hoon has publicly recognized the disappointing exit poll figures. He pledged to honor the electorate’s decision and wait for the final tally. The election results could mark a pivotal change in South Korea’s political landscape, hinting at broader shifts ahead.

This electoral outcome underscores growing public discontent with current economic policies and signals a desire for change among South Korean voters, potentially reshaping the nation’s policy direction in years to come.

ZELENSKY’S Warning: Support Ukraine or Face Russian Dominance

ZELENSKY’S Warning: Support Ukraine or Face Russian Dominance

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has delivered a clear message to the U.S. Congress: without further military aid, Ukraine might lose to Russia. In discussions with House Speaker Mike Johnson, Zelensky will argue against any hesitation in providing the funds needed to fight Moscow’s forces. This plea comes despite Ukraine already receiving over $113 billion in aid from Kyiv.

Zelensky is asking for billions more, but some House Republicans are hesitant. He warns that without additional support, Ukraine’s fight becomes “difficult.” The delay in Congress not only puts Ukrainian strength at risk but also challenges worldwide efforts to counter Russian hostility.

On the 120th anniversary of the Entente Cordiale alliance, leaders from Britain and France joined Zelensky’s call for support. Lord Cameron and Stéphane Séjourné emphasized that meeting Ukraine’s requests is crucial for maintaining global security and preventing Russia from gaining further ground. Their agreement shows how vital U.S. decisions are for international peace and stability.

By backing Ukraine, Congress can send a strong message against aggression and protect democratic values worldwide. The choice is stark: provide the necessary aid or risk enabling a Russian victory that could destabilize global order and undermine efforts to promote freedom and democracy across borders.

UK MP’S SHOCKING Scandal: Trapped in a Honeytrap

UK MP’S SHOCKING Scandal: Trapped in a Honeytrap

William Wragg, a prominent figure in the UK Parliament, has confessed to leaking fellow members’ contact details following a blackmail scheme. He was ensnared by a scammer on a gay dating app after sharing personal photos with someone he thought was trustworthy. This ordeal left him feeling “scared” and “manipulated,” according to his own words.

Nigel Farage blasted Wragg’s actions as “unforgivable” on social media, underlining the serious breach of trust involved. The scandal has ignited debates over personal behavior and security protocols for public officials. Treasury minister Gareth Davies recommended that affected parties report to the police, acknowledging Wragg’s apology but emphasizing the seriousness of his error.

The tactic employed to blackmail Wragg is identified as “spear phishing,” an advanced form of cyber-attack designed to filch sensitive data by pretending to be reliable sources. This event highlights the escalating menace of cyber scams aimed at high-profile individuals and their potential risks to national safety.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities facing those in power and underscores the importance of stringent security measures and personal vigilance in safeguarding against such threats.

British lawmaker killed

CYBERATTACKS Unleash CHAOS on UK Parliament: Lawmakers’ Privacy Invaded

Conservative MP Luke Evans was hit by a cyberattack, receiving unwanted explicit messages. He described the attack as “cyber flashing and malicious communications.” Another member of Parliament, William Wragg, was tricked into giving out colleagues’ contact details after being approached on a dating app.

This is part of a wider phishing scam targeting politicians, their teams, and journalists. The attackers send flirty messages to get personal details. This method is called “spear phishing,” because it aims at specific people or groups.

The news outlet Politico revealed that several MPs and political figures got messages from someone pretending to be someone else. The scammers used fake profiles with names like “Charlie” or “Abi” to trick their victims.

These incidents show big security weaknesses in how British lawmakers communicate. There are growing worries about how well their sensitive information is protected against these threats.

US Squatting Laws EXPLOITED: Migrant ‘Influencer’ PUSHES Illegal Home Seizures

US Squatting Laws EXPLOITED: Migrant ‘Influencer’ PUSHES Illegal Home Seizures

Squatting laws in the United States are increasingly manipulated by fraudsters unlawfully occupying empty homes. This problem is projected to escalate due to the current immigration crisis, as migrants gain knowledge of these laws and exploit them.

Leonel Moreno, a Venezuelan national apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement last week, had been urging his TikTok followers, numbering in the millions, to commandeer vacant U.S. homes. Before his arrest, Moreno was raking in $1,000 per day as an influencer while also benefiting from $350 monthly government subsidies.

The regulations on squatters vary across states and cities with New York City being among those with the most lax rules. These laws have recently resulted in significant repercussions including a Queens homeowner’s arrest for attempting to remove squatters from her property — a clear sign that these laws continue to be exploited even after Moreno’s TikTok account has been deactivated.

Recent incidents involving deceptive squatters in New York City and Long Island underscore the potential for abuse of these laws. Last month saw a woman tragically killed by squatters occupying her mother’s apartment while another instance involved two individuals unlawfully residing in an abandoned Long Island home after forging the deceased owner’s signature on a lease.

US Families LEFT In AGONY: Stalled Negotiations for Hamas Hostages Cause Heartbreak

US Families LEFT In AGONY: Stalled Negotiations for Hamas Hostages Cause Heartbreak

Half a year has passed since the chilling Hamas terror attack in southern Israel. American families are voicing their frustration over the stalemate in mediation talks. Their loved ones were abducted from a music festival near Gaza’s border, and they believe political agendas are overshadowing the urgency to save lives.

Rachel Goldberg-Polin, whose son Hersh, a 23-year-old hostage, is among those captured, opened up about her family’s daily ordeal to Fox News Digital. She painted a vivid picture of their unending trauma and relentless efforts to bring their family member back home.

The last communication Goldberg-Polin received from her son was just before he fell into the hands of terrorists. Despite no updates on his condition or whereabouts since his capture, she clings onto hope that negotiators will shift focus from politics to people’s lives.

The video footage showing Hersh’s injury and subsequent imprisonment has only deepened the family’s pain. They continue to grapple with what Goldberg-Polin terms an “ambiguous trauma”, as they anxiously await any news about their loved ones.

MEXICAN Authorities STEP UP: Mass Migrant Transportation Back to Interior Regions

MEXICAN Authorities STEP UP: Mass Migrant Transportation Back to Interior Regions

Social media is buzzing with videos showing Mexican immigration enforcement vehicles, packed with detained migrants, moving towards the border of El Paso, Texas from Juarez. The captured migrants are reportedly being transported back to southern Mexico or other interior areas within the nation. In another video clip, a migrant woman implores Mexican immigration officers to let her continue her journey towards Texas. This scene highlights the intense desperation of those pursuing better prospects in America. Mexican immigration officials have set up internal checkpoints a few miles south of Juarez. These posts are designed to intercept buses carrying migrants northward. This strategy illustrates Mexico’s amplified efforts to control its migrant situation and prevent illegal border crossings into the United States.

IRANIAN JOURNALIST Brutally Stabbed in London: Suspects Vanish Without a Trace

IRANIAN JOURNALIST Brutally Stabbed in London: Suspects Vanish Without a Trace

Iran International presenter, Pouria Zeraati, was brutally attacked outside his London residence last Friday. The culprits, two men who made their escape in a vehicle driven by an accomplice, have reportedly left the U.K., says Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command’s Commander Dominic Murphy.

The motive for the assault remains shrouded in mystery. However, Zeraati’s occupation and recent threats against Iranian journalists based in the U.K. have triggered a counterterrorism probe. Iran International has been on the receiving end of threats due to its coverage of Iran.

The Iranian government refutes any involvement with this incident. Nevertheless, law enforcement officials have intercepted several schemes aimed at targeting individuals perceived as adversaries of Iran within the U.K. In response to mounting “state-backed threats from Iran,” Iran International temporarily moved its operations from London to Washington D.C., before settling at a new location in London last September.

PORT CRISIS Triggered by Baltimore Bridge Collision: Full Recovery Weeks Away, Temporary Channels Opened

PORT CRISIS Triggered by Baltimore Bridge Collision: Full Recovery Weeks Away, Temporary Channels Opened

The MV Dali’s catastrophic collision with the Francis Scott Key Bridge continues to wreak havoc on Baltimore’s port operations. The primary shipping channel, designed to handle large Evergreen A-class container carriers, is still obstructed by remnants of the bridge. However, a smaller secondary route has been temporarily opened for use.

This new pathway is not dredged and only reaches a depth of 11 feet. It passes under the first standing span of the destroyed bridge. The Tugboat Crystal Coast marked its inaugural journey along this alternate route near the Dali container vessel site while pushing a fuel barge. This narrow passage will primarily serve barges and tugs involved in clean-up operations.

Governor Wes Moore from Maryland has revealed plans for another temporary channel south of the disaster area with a marginally deeper draft at 15 feet. Despite these advancements, obstacles and limited air drafts continue to hinder full port reopening efforts. Rear Admiral Gilreath from Coast Guard has stressed that reinstating access to the central deep water channel remains his main concern.

The incident has forced significant changes in East Coast ports as they accommodate cargo redirected from Baltimore harbor. Salvage specialists are now tasked with clearing debris from what was once an integral bridge serving thousands daily. With six people feared dead and two survivors rescued from Patapsco River

Hopes reportedly fading to set up lull in Gaza fighting before ...

Israeli Airstrike TRAGICALLY Claims Lives of International Aid Workers: The SHOCKING Aftermath Unveiled

Late Monday, an Israeli airstrike claimed the lives of four international aid workers and their Palestinian driver. These individuals, associated with World Central Kitchen charity, had just completed a food delivery to northern Gaza. This region is on the brink of famine due to Israel’s military actions.

The victims were identified at Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah. Among them were passport holders from Britain, Australia, and Poland. The nationality of the fourth victim remains unknown at this time. They were discovered wearing protective gear that bore their charity’s logo.

In response to this unfortunate event, the Israeli military has launched a review to understand what led to this incident. Simultaneously, World Central Kitchen has announced its intention to release more information once all facts are collected.

This latest event adds another layer of tension in Gaza and prompts questions about safety measures for those providing aid in conflict zones.

Japan Royal Family: All About the Imperial House of Japan

JAPAN’S Royal Family Storms Instagram: The Impact of Their Debut on the Digital Stage

In a strategic move to resonate with younger generations, Japan’s Imperial family made a striking debut on Instagram this past Monday. The Imperial Household Agency, which manages the family’s affairs, uploaded 60 photos and five videos showcasing Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako’s public engagements over the last quarter.

The agency expressed its intention to offer the public an in-depth view of the family’s official responsibilities. By Monday nightfall, their certified account Kunaicho_jp had drawn in more than 270,000 followers. The opening photo featured the royal couple alongside their 22-year-old daughter Princess Aiko ringing in New Year’s Day.

The posts also highlighted interactions with international figures such as Brunei Crown Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah and his spouse. A clip of Naruhito extending greetings to well-wishers during his Feb. 23 birthday festivities amassed over 21,000 views within a day.

Although current posts are confined to official duties only, there are plans underway to feature activities of other royal members soon. This digital venture has been warmly welcomed by followers like Koki Yoneura who expressed joy at getting a closer look at their activities.

SEXUAL ABUSE Lawsuit Tangles Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Record Label

SEXUAL ABUSE Lawsuit Tangles Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Record Label

Attorneys for the record label involved in a lawsuit, which accuses Sean “Diddy” Combs of sexual abuse, have asked a federal judge to promptly dismiss their clients. Donald Zakarin, the lawyer representing UMG Recordings and its Motown Records division, has described Rodney Jones’ inclusion of the recording giant in the lawsuit as an attempt “to fit a square peg into a round hole”.

Zakarin is working to separate Combs from the label amidst scrutiny from Homeland Security Investigations. He has requested that allegations against the label and its executives, including CEO Lucian Grainge, be dismissed.

Last month, Jones’ attorney Tyrone Blackburn amended the lawsuit and intends to file another revised complaint with additional changes. The record company had previously sought dismissal while withdrawing allegations involving itself and its executives.

Recent filings contain two sworn statements from record executives that contradict Jones’ account of events. The music giant also refuted any ownership stake in Combs’ Love Records label where Jones worked for approximately one year.

DAWKINS Picks CHRISTIANITY Over Islam: A Shocking Twist From the Renowned Atheist

DAWKINS Picks CHRISTIANITY Over Islam: A Shocking Twist From the Renowned Atheist

Richard Dawkins, a celebrated author and emeritus fellow of New College, Oxford, recently shared his surprising preference for Christian society over Islamic nations. In a conversation with LBC Radio’s Rachel Johnson, he revealed that despite being an atheist, he identifies as a “cultural Christian” and feels more comfortable in the Christian ethos.

Dawkins expressed his disapproval of Ramadan lights replacing Easter ones in London. He firmly believes that the UK is culturally rooted in Christianity and showed strong opposition towards the idea of substitifying it with any other religion.

While recognizing Christianity’s decline in the UK — a trend he supports — Dawkins emphasized his concern over losing cathedrals and other cultural elements tied to living in a Christian country. “If I had to pick between Christianity and Islam,” Dawkins stated emphatically, “I’d choose Christianity every single time.”

COLORADO Democrats PUSH for Drastic GUN Control: Igniting Nationwide Alarm

COLORADO Democrats PUSH for Drastic GUN Control: Igniting Nationwide Alarm

Colorado’s Democratic party is fervently pushing a series of gun control bills, reflecting policies from liberal states like California. These bills have largely slipped under the media radar, sparking concerns among Second Amendment experts. Ava Flanell, a firearms instructor based in Colorado Springs, cautions that these legislative proposals could have far-reaching effects.

The proposed legislation encompasses banning “assault weapons,” typically semi-automatic rifles such as AR-15s. It also includes imposing an 11% tax on gun and ammunition sales and raising the bar for concealed handgun training classes. Additionally, one bill aims to restrict where firearm owners can carry their weapons — places like parks, banks, and college campuses are included.

These contentious bills are currently under scrutiny by the state’s General Assembly where Democrats hold majority in both chambers. With Governor Jared Polis also being a Democrat, the party holds all three branches of power in Colorado politics.

Last year similar laws were enacted in Washington with no positive impact on crime rates but had devastating effects on local gun stores. Flanell is urging unity to prevent these bills from spreading to other states.

NETANYAHU’S Health BATTLE: Deputy Steps Up as Prime Minister Faces Hernia Surgery

NETANYAHU’S Health BATTLE: Deputy Steps Up as Prime Minister Faces Hernia Surgery

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to undergo hernia surgery this Sunday night. The decision comes after a routine medical examination, according to the prime minister’s office.

In Netanyahu’s absence, Yariv Levin, deputy prime minister and justice minister, will step in as acting prime minister. Details about Netanyahu’s diagnosis remain undisclosed.

Despite his health challenges, the 74-year-old leader continues to maintain a busy schedule amidst Israel’s ongoing conflict with Hamas. His resilience follows last year’s health scare that necessitated the implantation of a pacemaker.

Recently, Netanyahu called off a delegation trip to Washington. This move was in response to President Biden’s administration failing to veto a U.N. resolution demanding a Gaza cease-fire without ensuring the release of all hostages held by Hamas.

Puyallup River - Wikipedia

US BRIDGES on the BRINK: The Shocking State of America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

The Fishing Wars Memorial Bridge, a long-standing structure in Tacoma, Washington, is once again off-limits. Despite its reopening in 2019 after a year-long closure and even earning a national award, federal officials have expressed concerns about its aging section. The bridge previously carried around 15,000 vehicles daily. Now it remains closed indefinitely as the city scrambles to fund necessary cleaning and inspection.

Bridges are crucial elements of our infrastructure that often go unnoticed until they fail us. A recent example is the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore due to an unfortunate cargo ship collision. However, this incident only scratches the surface as thousands of other bridges across the country are in far worse condition.

Reportedly, about 42,400 US bridges are currently in poor condition and bear around 167 million vehicles each day. A staggering four-fifths of these structures have issues with their supporting components. An Associated Press analysis reveals that over 15,800 were also deemed poor a decade ago.

A prime example is a persistently deteriorating bridge on Interstate 195 over Rhode Island’s Seekonk River which was abruptly shut down last year causing significant delays for drivers. In March it was announced that this bridge — carrying approximately 96,000 westbound vehicles daily — needs to be demolished

ISRAELI HOSTAGES Caught in Biden’s Diplomatic Fiasco: The Unseen Consequences

ISRAELI HOSTAGES Caught in Biden’s Diplomatic Fiasco: The Unseen Consequences

The fate of 134 Israeli hostages, believed to be held in Rafah, is pushing Israel towards negotiations for their release. This move comes despite President Joe Biden’s public caution against Israel’s intervention in Rafah, due to the potential risk to Palestinian civilians seeking shelter there. Intriguingly, it appears that the responsibility for these civilians falls on Israel, not Hamas — the organization controlling Gaza for nearly two decades and instigator of the October 7 war.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had forecasted in mid-February that the war would end within 'weeks’ once an operation in Rafah was initiated. However, a lack of decisive action has worsened conditions in Gaza. On Monday, Biden seemingly simplified Israel’s decision by siding with Russia and China at the United Nations Security Council.

Biden permitted a resolution separating a ceasefire from a hostage release deal to pass through unchallenged. As a result, Hamas returned to its original demand — ending the war before releasing any additional hostages. This act by Biden was viewed as a significant misstep and seemed to leave Israel out in the cold.

Some suggest this discord might secretly please Biden’s administration as it allows them to publicly object an Israeli operation while covertly maintaining arms supply. If true, this would allow them to gain advantages from

REFORM UK RISES: Public Discontent Over Immigration Policies Fuels Momentum

REFORM UK RISES: Public Discontent Over Immigration Policies Fuels Momentum

Reform UK is gaining momentum, largely fueled by its firm stance against “unchecked immigration,” as stated by the party’s deputy chair. This surge in support comes in light of recent data from Ipsos Mori and British Future, a pro-immigration think tank. The figures highlight public dissatisfaction with the government’s management of borders, indicating a potential shift in the UK’s political landscape.

Despite Labour currently leading in the polls, Nigel Farage’s Reform UK party is outpacing the Conservatives when it comes to trust and policy matters. This could serve as an alarm bell for Tory politicians who have been at Britain’s political helm for two centuries. Ben Habib, Deputy Leader of Reform UK, attributes this shift to what he perceives as the Conservative Party neglecting their own voter base.

According to Ipsos Mori research, 69% of Britons express dissatisfaction with immigration policies while only 9% are content. Of those dissatisfied individuals, over half (52%) believe migration should be reduced while just 17% think it should increase. Specific grievances include inadequate measures to prevent channel crossings (54%) and high immigration numbers (51%). Less concern was shown towards creating negative environments for migrants (28%) or poor treatment of asylum seekers (25%).

Habib asserts that this widespread discontent signifies a historic realignment in politics

ISRAELI HOSTAGES & Biden’s Diplomatic Disaster: The Shocking Truth Unveiled

ISRAELI HOSTAGES & Biden’s Diplomatic Disaster: The Shocking Truth Unveiled

134 Israeli hostages are reportedly held in Rafah, leading Israel to ponder negotiations for their freedom. This situation arises despite President Joe Biden’s public caution against Israel entering Rafah. He voiced concerns for Palestinian civilians taking shelter there. Intriguingly, it appears that the welfare of these civilians falls on Israel, not Hamas — the faction that has ruled Gaza for nearly two decades and sparked the war on October 7.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu speculated in mid-February that the war would end within 'weeks’ once an operation in Rafah started. However, persistent hesitation has worsened conditions in Gaza. On Monday, Biden seemingly made Israel’s decision easier by siding with Russia and China at the United Nations Security Council.

Biden approved a resolution separating a ceasefire from a hostage release agreement. As a result, Hamas returned to its original demand of ending the war before freeing any more hostages. Many view this action by Biden as a significant misstep and an abandonment of Israel.

Some theorize that this disagreement may secretly satisfy the Biden administration as it allows them to publicly resist an Israeli operation while discreetly maintaining arms supply. If true, this would let them profit from an Israeli triumph over Iran-backed Hamas without diplomatic or political repercussions.

Gut feelings’ help make more successful financial traders ...

BRITISH TRADER’S Appeal Crushed: Libor Conviction Stands Strong

Tom Hayes, a former financial trader for Citigroup and UBS, has been unsuccessful in his attempt to overturn his conviction. This 44-year-old Brit was convicted in 2015 for manipulating the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) from 2006 to 2010. His case marked the first-ever conviction of this kind.

Hayes served half of an 11-year sentence and was released in 2021. Despite asserting his innocence throughout, he faced another conviction by a U.S court in 2016.

Carlo Palombo, another trader implicated in similar manipulations with Euribor, also sought appeal through the U.K.'s Court of Appeal via the Criminal Cases Review Commission. However, after a three-day hearing earlier this month, both appeals were dismissed without success.

The Serious Fraud Office remained resolute against these appeals stating: “No one is above the law and the court has recognized that these convictions stand firm.” This decision comes on the heels of a contrasting verdict from a U.S court last year which reversed similar convictions of two former Deutsche Bank traders.

Benjamin Netanyahu - Wikipedia

NETANYAHU DEFIES UN Cease-Fire: Vows to Continue Gaza War Amidst Global Tensions

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has openly criticized a United Nations Security Council resolution for a cease-fire in Gaza. According to Netanyahu, the resolution, which the United States did not veto, has only served to empower Hamas.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is now in its sixth month. Both parties have consistently rejected cease-fire efforts, escalating tensions between the U.S. and Israel regarding war conduct. Netanyahu maintains that an expanded ground offensive is necessary to dismantle Hamas and free hostages.

Hamas seeks a lasting cease-fire, Israeli forces’ withdrawal from Gaza, and freedom for Palestinian prisoners before releasing hostages. A recent proposal that didn’t meet these demands was dismissed by Hamas. In response, Netanyahu argued that this rejection demonstrates Hamas’ lack of interest in negotiations and underlines the harm inflicted by the Security Council’s decision.

Israel expresses dissatisfaction with the U.S.“s abstention from voting on a Security Council resolution calling for a cease-fire — marking it as the first time since the onset of the Israel-Hamas war began. The vote passed unanimously without U.S.”s involvement.

Hebbariye - Wikipedia

ISRAELI AIRSTRIKE Shocks Medical Center: Rising Tensions as Seven Perish in Lebanon, One in Israel

An Israeli airstrike has tragically hit a medical center in southern Lebanon, causing seven fatalities. The targeted facility is associated with a Lebanese Sunni Muslim group. This incident followed a day filled with reciprocal airstrikes and rocket attacks between Israel and the Hezbollah group of Lebanon.

The strike that devastated the village of Hebbariye marks one of the deadliest since violence erupted along the border five months ago amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Islamic Emergency and Relief Corps office was identified as being hit by this strike, according to reports from the Lebanese Ambulance Association.

The association condemned this attack as “a blatant disregard for humanitarian work.” In response to this assault, a rocket attack from Lebanon claimed one life in northern Israel. Such an escalation sparks fears about potential increased violence along this volatile frontier.

Muheddine Qarhani, who leads the Emergency and Relief Corps, expressed shock at their targeting. “Our team was on standby for rescue operations,” he commented on his staff who were inside when missile strikes caused the building to collapse.

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PROTESTERS’ SHOCKING Chant: ‘Death to America’ Over Alleged Atrocities

Activists were recently filmed at a protest loudly chanting “Death to America,” blaming the U.S. and Israel for violence in Gaza. Tarek Bazzi from the Hadi Institute pointed fingers at American funding, claiming it supports what he sees as serious wrongdoing in the region.

Bazzi didn’t stop there. He went on to harshly criticize the entire American political system, dubbing President Joe Biden “Genocide Joe.” He argued for dismantling what he believes is a system backing atrocities and evil actions, stating such a structure shouldn’t be allowed to stand.

He also urged protesters to always counter with “Death to Israel,” labeling it as today’s most fitting response worldwide. His comments reflect strong animosity towards both nations, positioning them as chief villains in his narrative.

This incident highlights growing tensions and the extreme views held by some groups against America and its allies, raising concerns about escalating rhetoric on international stages.