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INNOCENT Man Jailed for 17 Years: Former Solicitor General Calls for Inquiry

Lord Edward Garnier KC has expressed deep concern over the miscarriage of justice that resulted in Andrew Malkinson’s 17-year imprisonment for a crime he didn’t commit. Describing the situation as “astonishing” and a “public mess,” Garnier believes there should be an urgent inquiry. He suggests that a reputable figurehead with significant independence should lead the investigation within the next six months.

Andrew Tate WINS Appeal to Ease Restrictions from House Arrest

Andrew Tate, facing charges of human trafficking, has won an appeal in the Bucharest Court of Appeals to be released from house arrest. The court ruled to replace house arrest with judicial control for 60 days. While this move represents a lighter restriction, Tate will still need a judge’s permission to travel outside Bucharest.

INNOCENT Man Jailed for 17 Years Faces ‘Sickening’ CHARGE for Prison Stay

Andrew Malkinson, who endured 17 years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit, is distressed by the prospect of paying for his “board and lodging” in jail when compensated for his wrongful incarceration. His conviction was overturned Wednesday due to new DNA evidence pointing to another suspect.

DNA Breakthrough FREES Man After 17 Years for WRONGFUL Rape Conviction

After 17 years, Andrew Malkinson’s rape conviction has been overturned by the court of appeal, a victory for justice won through the power of DNA technology. The 57-year-old man, once found guilty of raping a 33-year-old woman in Salford, Greater Manchester, has lived under the burden of being a sex offender. On Wednesday, Justice Holroyde cleared Malkinson’s name, relying on newly surfaced DNA evidence to quash the conviction.

Andrew Tate released

Andrew Tate RELEASED from Jail and Put Under House Arrest

Andrew Tate and his brother have been released from jail and put under house arrest. The Romanian court ruled in favor of their immediate release on Friday. Andrew Tate said the judges “were very attentive and they listened to us, and they let us free.”

“I have no resentment in my heart for the country of Romania over anybody else, I just believe in the truth...I truly believe that justice will be served in the end. There is zero percent chance of me being convicted for something I’ve not done,” Tate said to reporters while standing outside his home.

Court EXTENDS Detention of Andrew Tate for Another 30 Days

The Romanian court has extended the detention of Andrew Tate and his brother for another 30 days, despite no charges being filed and no new evidence. Romanian authorities can hold a suspect for up to 180 days without pressing charges, meaning Tate could be in jail for another four months if the court wishes. After the ruling, Tate tweeted, “I will meditate deeply over this decision.”

Andrew Tate release date approaches

‘I will be FREED’: Andrew Tate RELEASE Date Approaches as he Praises Legal Team

Andrew Tate has praised his legal team for a “fantastic job,” saying in a tweet that “true colors were brought to light” in front of the judges. This comes days after leaked wiretap evidence showed a discussion between two of the alleged victims plotting to frame Tate and his brother. They are set to be released from jail on 27 February unless prosecutors file charges or get an extension.

Prosecutors SCOUR Andrew Tates’s Laptop and Phone for Evidence

Andrew Tate and his brother were seen being led to the Romanian prosecutor’s office as authorities scour laptops, phones, and tablets for evidence. With no charges filed, it appears procescutors are desperate for evidence to strengthen a weak case.

Andrew Tate Updates His Will and Says ‘I Would Never Kill Myself

Superstar influencer Andrew Tate has updated his will, and $100 million will be donated “to start a charity to protect men from false accusations,” according to a series of tweets Tate sent from a Romanian jail. Another tweet shortly followed, saying, “I would never kill myself.”

Prosecutors claim Andrew Tate turned women into slaves

Prosecutors Claim Andrew Tate Turned Women into ‘SLAVES,’ but Alleged Victims Claim OTHERWISE

Romanian prosecutors claim Andrew Tate and his brother turned women into “slaves,” according to a court document provided to Reuters and published in a hit piece. Yet, the news agency admits it couldn’t “corroborate the version of events.” The news organization also conceded that it couldn’t reach the six alleged victims named in the document.

On the contrary, two of the six women have spoken publicly on Romanian TV, saying they’re “not victims” and that the prosecution is listing them as accusers against their will.

Prosecutors are also basing their case on allegations that Tate controlled the women’s OnlyFans accounts, a subscription-based website where creators publish erotic or pornographic content for paying users. In the same way, Reuters could not verify the existence of these OnlyFans accounts.

Andrew Tate Loses APPEAL Against Longer Detention in Romania

A Romanian appellate court has upheld the decision to keep Andrew Tate and his brother in custody for at least another month. The Tate brothers were arrested in December on suspicion of human trafficking and rape; however, the prosecution has still not formally charged them.

Andrew Tate’s detention extended by judge

Judge Extended ANDREW TATE’S Detention Based on ‘SUSPICION’ and NOT Evidence

A Romanian judge extended the detention of social media superstar Andrew Tate and his brother for at least another month based only on “a reasonable suspicion,” even admitting the facts presented by the prosecution were unclear. The multimillionaire influencer has been accused of human trafficking and rape, which he vehemently denies.

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