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ANTI-ISRAEL Protests Erupt In Violence Near LA Synagogue

ANTI-ISRAEL Protests Erupt In Violence Near LA Synagogue

A violent anti-Israel demonstration near the Adas Torah synagogue in Los Angeles erupted into chaos on June 23. Clashes between pro-Israel supporters and anti-Israel protesters resulted in at least one arrest. Agitators allegedly blocked the synagogue entrance and harassed congregants.

Adam Swart, CEO of Crowds on Demand, criticized the demonstrators for alienating potential allies among left-leaning Jewish-Americans. “They’re alienating one of their potential major allies,” Swart told Fox News Digital. He argued that these actions do nothing to help the Palestinian cause.

President Biden condemned the violence, calling it “dangerous, unconscionable, antisemitic and un-American.” Demonstrations have intensified since Hamas attacked Israel, killing 1,200 people and kidnapping hundreds more. The conflict has exacerbated a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

ANTI-ISRAEL Protests Erupt at UC Irvine, 50 Arrested

ANTI-ISRAEL Protests Erupt at UC Irvine, 50 Arrested

At least 50 people were arrested after hundreds of anti-Israel protesters swarmed the campus of UC Irvine in California. The university confirmed Thursday that those arrested were disrupting operations and violating state laws.

Police cleared pro-Palestinian demonstrators from the Physical Sciences Lecture Hall on May 15, 2025. UC Irvine could not confirm if those arrested were students or outsiders.

The university moved to remote operations following the chaos. A spokesperson told Fox News Digital that barricades were set up by protesters inside the lecture hall. This is a developing story.

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SEINFELD’S Speech Ignites Protests at Duke: Graduates Challenge His Views

A small group of Duke University graduates protested during comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech in North Carolina. About 30 out of 7,000 students walked out, chanting “free Palestine.” Their protest sparked mixed reactions among the audience.

Seinfeld, who was honored with an honorary doctorate at the event, is known for his support of Israel. This stance has become more pronounced following recent conflicts between Israel and Gaza. The protests at Duke reflect a growing trend of campus activism in the U.S., where students are pushing their institutions to cut ties with Israeli businesses and supporters.

The unrest at Duke is indicative of a broader national movement on college campuses concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This spring alone witnessed nearly 2,900 arrests from protests at over 57 universities across the country. Students have established encampments and organized walkouts to compel their universities to address what they see as injustices in the Middle East.

These demonstrations highlight a significant shift toward more vocal and widespread student activism aimed at influencing university policies on international issues. The incident at Duke underscores the increasing willingness of students to use their voices to effect change on global matters directly impacting their communities and beyond.

ALDERMAN’S Anti-Israel Stance Sparks Outrage

ALDERMAN’S Anti-Israel Stance Sparks Outrage

Chicago Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez was spotted at an anti-Israel gathering at the University of Chicago. This event comes after his participation in a March rally where the American flag was desecrated. Critics are now questioning his ability to uphold American values.

Sigcho-Lopez has received criticism from fellow aldermen and veterans, who are alarmed by his actions. Army veteran Marco Torres expressed dismay, questioning Sigcho-Lopez’s commitment to veterans given his recent behavior. These incidents have raised serious concerns about the alderman’s judgment and priorities as a public servant.

The alderman’s involvement in these events is particularly controversial as it precedes the Democratic National Convention in Chicago this August. His behavior has ignited discussions about whether it is appropriate for someone in his position, especially during such a critical time leading up to elections.

Observers are keenly watching how these controversies might affect both the DNC and Sigcho-Lopez’s political future. The stakes are high for party unity and public trust, with significant interest from local voters and national commentators.

How a Pro-Palestinian Student Group Became a Leader of Campus ...

COLLEGE PROTESTS Intensify: US Campuses Erupt Over Israeli Military Moves in Gaza

Protests are growing on U.S. college campuses as graduation nears, with students and faculty upset about Israel’s military actions in Gaza. They are demanding that their universities cut financial ties with Israel. The tension has led to the setup of protest tents and occasional clashes among demonstrators.

At UCLA, opposing groups have clashed, prompting increased security measures to manage the situation. Despite physical confrontations among protesters, UCLA’s vice chancellor confirmed there were no injuries or arrests resulting from these incidents.

Arrests linked to these demonstrations have almost reached 900 nationwide since a major crackdown began at Columbia University on April 18. On that day alone, over 275 people were detained across various campuses including Indiana University and Arizona State University.

The unrest is also affecting faculty members in several states who are showing their dissent by voting no confidence against university leaders. These academic communities are advocating for amnesty for those arrested during protests, concerned about potential long-term effects on students’ careers and education paths.

How a Pro-Palestinian Student Group Became a Leader of Campus ...

CAMPUS UNREST: Protests Over Israel-Gaza Conflict Threaten US Graduations

Protests sparked by Israel’s military actions in Gaza have spread across U.S. college campuses, putting graduation ceremonies at risk. Students demanding that universities cut financial ties with Israel have led to increased security measures, especially after clashes at UCLA. Fortunately, these incidents have not resulted in any injuries.

The number of arrests has climbed as tensions rise, with about 275 students detained in one day at various institutions including Indiana University and Arizona State University. The total number of arrests linked to these demonstrations has reached nearly 900 after a major police operation at Columbia University earlier this month.

The protests are now focusing on the consequences for those arrested, with increasing calls for amnesty from both students and faculty members. This shift highlights growing concerns over the potential long-term impacts on students’ futures.

In reaction to how these events are being managed, faculty members in several states have shown their disapproval by casting votes of no confidence against university leaders, signaling deepening discontent within the academic community.

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USC CHAOS: Students’ Milestones Disrupted Amid Protests

Grant Oh faced a maze of police blockades at the University of Southern California as officers detained protesters of the Israel-Hamas conflict. This turmoil is just one of many disruptions during his college years, which began amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Oh has already missed crucial events like his high school prom and graduation due to global upheavals.

The university recently canceled its main commencement ceremony, which was expected to host 65,000 attendees, adding another missed milestone to Oh’s college experience. His academic journey has been marked by continuous global crises, from pandemics to international conflicts. “It feels definitely surreal,” Oh commented on his disrupted educational path.

College campuses have long been hubs for activism, but today’s students are encountering unprecedented challenges. These include increased social media influence and isolation caused by pandemic restrictions. Psychologist Jean Twenge notes that these factors significantly contribute to elevated anxiety and depression rates among Generation Z compared to earlier generations.

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TEXAS UNIVERSITY Police Crackdown Sparks Outrage

Police detained over a dozen individuals, including a local news photographer, during a pro-Palestinian protest at the University of Texas at Austin. The operation involved officers on horseback who moved decisively to remove protesters from the campus grounds. This event is part of a larger pattern of protests at various U.S. universities.

The situation intensified rapidly as police wielded batons and applied physical force to break up the assembly. A Fox 7 Austin photographer was forcibly pulled to the ground and detained while documenting the incident. Additionally, an experienced Texas journalist sustained injuries amid the chaos.

The Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed that these detentions were carried out following requests from university leaders and Governor Greg Abbott. One student criticized the police action as excessive, warning it could provoke further protests against this aggressive approach.

Governor Abbott has not yet commented on the incident or the use of force by police during this event.

WHITE HOUSE Slams Dangerous Antisemitic Campus Protests

WHITE HOUSE Slams Dangerous Antisemitic Campus Protests

White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates spoke out against recent protests at universities, emphasizing America’s commitment to peaceful protest while strongly condemning acts of violence and intimidation against the Jewish community. He described these actions as “blatantly Antisemitic” and “dangerous,” declaring such behavior unacceptable, particularly on college campuses.

Recent demonstrations at institutions like UNC, Boston University, and Ohio State have stirred significant controversy. These protests are part of a broader movement seen at Columbia University where over 100 students rallied for the university to sever financial ties with companies associated with Israel. The events have led to heightened tensions and several arrests.

At Columbia University, an encampment was established to show support for Palestine, resulting in multiple arrests including Isra Hirsi, daughter of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Despite facing legal challenges, the encampment expanded as protesters added more tents throughout the weekend. This surge in activity prompted Bates’ statement amid growing concerns over campus safety and decorum.

Bates reiterated the importance of upholding free speech while ensuring that protests remain peaceful and respectful. He underscored that any form of hatred or intimidation has no place in educational environments or anywhere else in America.

ANTI-ISRAEL Protests: The Truth About Jewish Sentiment in America

ANTI-ISRAEL Protests: The Truth About Jewish Sentiment in America

Recently, anti-Israel groups staged an unauthorized protest in Hollywood, causing traffic disruption and demanding a Gaza ceasefire. This demand is not backed by any mainstream Jewish group. Organizations like “Jewish Voice for Peace” and “IfNotNow” have demonstrated their contentious views through actions such as honoring convicted Palestinian terrorists and failing to condemn Hamas terror.

On the other hand, last October saw thousands of Jews from various political backgrounds participate in a lawful, peaceful demonstration in Los Angeles. They marched and rallied to support Israel against terror. In a similar vein, nearly 300,000 Jews attended the largest pro-Israel rally ever held this week in Washington DC.

American sentiment mirrors these pro-Israel rallies. A recent poll revealed two-thirds agree with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s stance against a ceasefire until Hamas is completely defeated. This follows Hamas’s violation of the existing ceasefire agreement on October 7th that resulted in over 1200 Israeli civilian deaths.

In Israel itself, opposition to the war is minimal and primarily advocates for freeing hostages taken by Hamas rather than simply calling for a ceasefire. These demands hold Hamas accountable — something conspicuously absent from the LA protest.

London PRO-PALESTINE Protests Ignite Controversy: Multiple Arrests and Shocking Symbols Unveiled

London PRO-PALESTINE Protests Ignite Controversy: Multiple Arrests and Shocking Symbols Unveiled

Central London witnessed a wave of pro-Palestine demonstrations on Saturday. The majority of the event was peaceful, but nearly 100 protesters were detained. An equal number of hard-right counter-protesters also faced arrests.

The Metropolitan Police are seeking six marchers for questioning, including one woman who displayed a contentious sign. This woman, identified as ex-Labour activist Kate Varnfield, held a placard stating “no British politician should be a ‘friend of Israel’,” with an alarming Swastika-Star of David symbol splattered with red.

Varnfield’s spouse defended the sign’s symbolism, claiming it wasn’t antisemitic but instead represented the emblem for Raelism — a UFO cult from the '70s that purports human life was engineered by extraterrestrials prepping for their return to Earth. Authorities have questioned two individuals regarding this controversial placard.

IDENTITIES SOUGHT: British Transport Police Hunt Men Behind Racial Clash Amid Anti-Israel Protests

IDENTITIES SOUGHT: British Transport Police Hunt Men Behind Racial Clash Amid Anti-Israel Protests

Images of four men involved in a racially charged incident at a London metro station have been released by the British transportation police. The incident took place during anti-Israel protests which drew hundreds of thousands to the city streets.

The London Metropolitan Police had previously recognized videos showing unacceptable abuse, including anti-Semitic language and threatening behavior. The responsibility for investigating these incidents now lies with the British Transport Police (BTP), who oversee safety on the transport system.

On Sunday, BTP publicized four images stating they wish to interview the men shown following an incident at Waterloo Station. They believe these individuals possess critical information for their investigation.

A video making rounds online shows these four men hurling racial slurs and threats at pro-Palestinian demonstrators inside Waterloo Station. One man can be seen confronting another group before being restrained by his friend.

France riots ease

France RIOTS Wind Down After Teen’s Shooting

After five days of chaos, the riots in France have finally begun to subside. Tensions remain high as President Emmanuel Macron has instructed the interior ministry to maintain a strong police presence on the streets. The riots erupted following the shooting of a teenager, Nahel M, by police during a traffic stop.

On Monday, local mayors urged citizens to hold rallies outside town halls to voice opposition against the violence and destruction. Patrick Jarry, the mayor of Nahel’s hometown, Nanterre, expressed relief at the calming situation but stressed the importance of not forgetting the incident that led to the unrest.

Later, hundreds gathered at a rally in L’Haÿ-les-Roses, showing support for Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun, whose house was attacked by rioters. The mob fired rockets at his escaping family, injuring his wife and one of their children.

The riots have inflicted damage costing millions of euros to the public transport system in the Paris region.

Macron Condemns ‘INEXCUSABLE’ Police Shooting Amid Rising Protests

France is on edge as protests erupt after a teen was shot dead by police in a Paris suburb. The government is deploying 2,000 riot police in response. President Macron has condemned the incident as “inexcusable.” Initial police reports claimed self-defense, but a circulating video contradicts this account.

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