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ISRAEL RESCUES Hostages: Dramatic Operation Against Hamas

ISRAEL RESCUES Hostages: Dramatic Operation Against Hamas

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israel Police, and Israel Security Agency (ISA) successfully rescued four hostages from Gaza. The hostages include Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv.

The rescue operation targeted two Hamas buildings above ground. Noa Argamani’s abduction had become a symbol of the October 7 Hamas terror attack, with footage of her kidnapping widely circulated.

The IDF shared a video showing the dramatic moment they freed three of the four hostages. This successful mission underscores Israel’s commitment to bringing its citizens home safely from terrorist captivity.

KING CHARLES III’S Health Battle Leaves Little Room for Prince Harry

KING CHARLES III’S Health Battle Leaves Little Room for Prince Harry

King Charles III, having recently returned to his royal duties after a three-month battle with cancer, is reportedly too occupied to meet with Prince Harry. According to a spokesperson, the Duke of Sussex understands his father’s busy schedule and remains hopeful for a future reunion.

During a quick trip to London triggered by his father’s health news, Prince Harry discussed the ongoing challenges within the royal family. Since his departure from royal life in 2020 and move to California, he has frequently spoken out against what he perceives as unfair media coverage and underlying racism in royal dealings.

Prince Harry also attended an event supporting wounded veterans during his visit — a cause he deeply cares about. He shared in interviews that he hoped his father’s health crisis might help heal their strained relationship. However, the chance for reconciliation seems slim as their schedules continue to clash

This ongoing saga between father and son highlights not just personal family dynamics but also reflects broader issues of duty, media influence, and public perception within the royal family.

Prince Harry, duke of Sussex Biography, Facts, Children ...

Prince Harry’s SECURITY BATTLE: UK Judge Rejects His Appeal for Protection

Prince Harry’s effort to secure police protection while in the UK has hit a new snag. A judge recently ruled against his appeal, limiting his access to government-funded security. This setback is part of the fallout from his decision to step back from royal duties.

The dispute has been ongoing for four years, rooted in Harry’s concerns over media intrusion and threats from online sources. However, High Court Judge Peter Lane upheld the government’s tailored security measures as lawful and appropriate in February.

Facing this latest defeat, Prince Harry’s path forward is now more complicated. To continue his fight, he must directly request permission from the Court of Appeal, as the High Court has denied him an automatic right to appeal.

This legal tussle highlights the unique challenges faced by members of the royal family who seek a different path away from their traditional roles and responsibilities.

NETANYAHU’S Health BATTLE: Deputy Steps Up as Prime Minister Faces Hernia Surgery

NETANYAHU’S Health BATTLE: Deputy Steps Up as Prime Minister Faces Hernia Surgery

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to undergo hernia surgery this Sunday night. The decision comes after a routine medical examination, according to the prime minister’s office.

In Netanyahu’s absence, Yariv Levin, deputy prime minister and justice minister, will step in as acting prime minister. Details about Netanyahu’s diagnosis remain undisclosed.

Despite his health challenges, the 74-year-old leader continues to maintain a busy schedule amidst Israel’s ongoing conflict with Hamas. His resilience follows last year’s health scare that necessitated the implantation of a pacemaker.

Recently, Netanyahu called off a delegation trip to Washington. This move was in response to President Biden’s administration failing to veto a U.N. resolution demanding a Gaza cease-fire without ensuring the release of all hostages held by Hamas.

UN Security Council REJECTS US-Proposed Ceasefire: A Dramatic Shift in Washington’s Stance

UN Security Council REJECTS US-Proposed Ceasefire: A Dramatic Shift in Washington’s Stance

In a surprising turn of events on Friday, the United Nations Security Council failed to adopt a US-proposed resolution for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Russia and China vetoed the measure, marking a significant shift in Washington’s approach towards Israel.

Historically, the US has shown reluctance towards using the term “ceasefire” and has vetoed measures that have included calls for one. However, this recent draft resolution did not explicitly demand that Israel end its campaign in Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel would proceed with attacks on Hamas in Rafah irrespective of US support. This decision is met with opposition from the Biden Administration which has been ramping up public pressure on Israel.

The Democratic Party and Biden Administration initially backed Israel’s self-defensive war following the Hamas terror attack on October 7th. However, their stance seems to have shifted recently.

Lakeview, Ohio - Wikipedia

CENTRAL US RAVAGED: Tornadoes Leave Trail of Destruction and Heartbreak

A series of violent tornadoes tore through the central U.S., causing extensive damage and claiming at least three lives. The storms left a path of devastation, flattening homes and trailers in an RV park, with Ohio’s Logan County bearing the brunt of the destruction. Lakeview and Russells Point villages were among the hardest hit areas.

On Friday, search crews accompanied by cadaver dogs sifted through the debris for any additional victims. Despite challenges posed by gas leaks and fallen trees obstructing some neighborhoods, authorities conducted a thorough second sweep in areas initially checked right after the storm hit.

Sheriff Randy Dodds cautioned that recovery operations would take time but assured that he was not aware of anyone still missing. Meanwhile, residents like Sandy Smith shared chilling accounts of seeking shelter while their homes crumbled around them during the storm’s onslaught.

The aftermath paints a grim picture — twisted metal wrapped around tree tops, damaged campgrounds and laundromats, roofs sheared off houses. Snowplows were dispatched to clear roads strewn with debris as communities begin to grapple with their new reality.

KING CHARLES Undergoes Treatment: Inside His Prostate Health Battle

KING CHARLES Undergoes Treatment: Inside His Prostate Health Battle

King Charles, aged 75, entered the London Clinic private hospital on Friday for a procedure related to an enlarged prostate. Buckingham Palace has confirmed this news, but how long he will stay in the hospital is still unknown.

This same medical facility recently welcomed Catherine, Princess of Wales and Charles’ daughter-in-law, for scheduled abdominal surgery.

Before his own treatment began earlier in the day, King Charles made time to visit Catherine at the hospital. The Palace had previously disclosed this “corrective procedure” for his enlarged prostate last week.

Britain's post-Brexit trade talks with Canada break down as they ...

UK-CANADA Trade Talks GRIND to a Halt: The Beef and Cheese Battle That’s Costing Billions

The UK government has unexpectedly put the brakes on post-Brexit trade talks with Canada. This sudden move follows a two-year stalemate over beef and cheese imports and exports, which began after Britain officially left the European Union.

Trade between these nations, valued at roughly 26 billion pounds ($33 billion) per year, has mostly persisted under the initial agreement made while Britain was still an EU member. However, Canadian negotiators are feeling the heat from their own beef industry and local cheesemakers. The former is pushing for access to the UK market for hormone-fed beef, while cheesemakers are raising alarms about tariff-free imports of British cheese.

The privilege of tariff-free British cheese exports came to a halt at the close of 2023 when a temporary agreement expired. This change led to a staggering 245% duty hike for British producers. Canada’s trade minister Mary Ng firmly stated that Canada “will never agree to a deal that isn’t beneficial for our workers, farmers and businesses.” Minette Batters, president of the National Farmers’ Union in England and Wales praised Britain’s resistance against hormone-fed beef imports.

Despite this hiccup in negotiations, the UK government remains open-minded about future discussions. However, any significant progress appears unlikely at present.

Best of Washington, D.C.: 11 Favorite Moments

2023 RECAP SHOWDOWN: Washington Examiner Editors’ Battle in Year-End Trivia Challenge

As 2023 draws to a close, let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the year’s most noteworthy events in Washington. Join Chris Irvine, Managing Editor, and Jim Antle, Executive Magazine Editor of the Washington Examiner for an engaging recap.

Witness these two seasoned experts as they go head-to-head in a trivia duel. The contest is orchestrated by Investigations Editor Sarah Bedford to determine who holds the upper hand when it comes to knowledge about the West Wing, Supreme Court, and Capitol Hill happenings.

To jog your memory on 2023’s major headlines and more, join our Washington Examiner reporters and editors for this festive end-of-year trivia challenge. It promises to be an enlightening journey through the past year’s key moments.


TOILET To TAP": California’s Bold Move to Battle Drought with Recycled Sewage Water

In a daring attempt to tackle severe droughts, California is contemplating the adoption of a new technology that recycles sewage water. The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) recently unveiled proposed regulations for direct potable reuse — a process that swiftly transforms wastewater into drinking water within hours.

This innovative method stands apart from the current indirect potable reuse system, which gradually enhances treated wastewater through groundwater recharge or dilution with surface water.

The SWRCB is set to review testimonies on these regulations before making their final decision next week. If given the green light, “toilet to tap” projects could soon be underway in Santa Clara County, Los Angeles, and San Diego among other communities.

Anticipating these regulations, water agencies in Santa Clara, San Diego and Los Angeles have already initiated pilot projects. Globally too this concept is gaining traction — countries like Israel are also testing similar ideas while examining potential risks such as pharmaceutical byproducts reentering the public supply post-treatment.

Italian CITIZENSHIP Granted to UK Infant: A RAY Of Hope in Life Support Battle

Italian CITIZENSHIP Granted to UK Infant: A RAY Of Hope in Life Support Battle

In a surprising twist, 8-month-old British infant, Indi Gregory, has been given a lifeline. This comes after a successful appeal against Justice Robert Peel’s decision to remove her from life support against the wishes of her parents.“; ”Indi is battling a degenerative mitochondrial disease. Despite the bleak outlook, the Gregory family remains steadfast in their pursuit of continued treatment abroad.“; ”In an urgent move, the Gregorys joined forces with Vatican officials for Indi’s treatment at Rome’s Bambino Gesù hospital.“; ”The Italian prime minister stepped in directly to grant Indi Italian citizenship. This move aids their struggle against the UK court ruling and offers them hope for continued medical intervention.

TRUMP’S FIGHT: The Fourteenth Amendment Takes Center Stage in Ballot Battle

TRUMP’S FIGHT: The Fourteenth Amendment Takes Center Stage in Ballot Battle

A brewing legal battle is placing the spotlight on the Fourteenth Amendment’s “Insurrection Clause”. Plaintiffs argue that President Trump’s actions on January 6, 2021, should bar him from appearing on future ballots.

This legal challenge is not unique to one state. Similar cases are popping up across the country, including Colorado. Here, Judge Sarah Wallace, an appointee of Democrat Governor Jared Polis, presides over the case. There is a possibility that this issue may escalate to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Trump’s defense team counters by asserting that this amendment doesn’t extend to presidents. They highlight that while it mentions Senators and Representatives among others, it does not explicitly include presidents. The presidential oath has its own separate provision in the Constitution.

ZELENSKYY’S DC Visit: Anticipation Rises Amid Tense Congressional Funding Battle

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is reportedly preparing for a Washington, D.C. visit next week. This follows his recent trip to the United Nations General Assembly in New York. ABC News and Punchbowl News first reported this information, citing sources familiar with the preparations.

Zelenskyy is set to meet key lawmakers during his visit. He might also make appearances at Capitol Hill and the White House, places he has visited before. In fact, last December he met President Biden at the White House and addressed a joint meeting of Congress.

The timing of Zelenskyy’s potential return to Washington aligns with an ongoing heated debate in Congress over government funding. This debate is partly fueled by discussions about U.S. support for Ukraine. As of now, neither Zelenskyy nor Ukrainian officials have commented on this upcoming visit.

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