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Our Refill Program About Us The Body Shop

BODY SHOP Faces Uncertain Future: Insolvency Administrators Step In Amid Financial Crisis

The Body Shop, a renowned British beauty and cosmetics retailer, has enlisted the help of insolvency administrators. This move follows years of financial struggles that have plagued the company. Established in 1976 as a single store, The Body Shop has grown into one of Britain’s most iconic high street retailers. Now, its future hangs in the balance.

FRP, the appointed administrators for The Body Shop, have revealed that past owners’ financial mismanagement has contributed to an extended period of hardship for the company. These issues are exacerbated by a challenging trading environment within the broader retail sector.

Just weeks before this announcement, European private equity firm Aurelius took over The Body Shop. Known for their expertise in revitalizing struggling companies, Aurelius now faces a significant challenge with this latest acquisition.

Anita Roddick and her husband established The Body Shop in 1976 with ethical consumerism at its core. Roddick earned herself the title “Queen of Green” by prioritizing corporate social responsibility and environmentalism long before they became fashionable business practices. Today however, her legacy is threatened by ongoing financial difficulties.

Nicola Bulley second river search

Nicola Bulley: Police Explain SECOND River Search Amid Speculation

Police have criticized “misinformed speculation” surrounding the recent presence of officers and a dive team in the River Wyre, where Nicola Bulley, 45, went missing in January.

A diving team from Lancashire Constabulary was seen downstream from where the police believe the British mother entered the river and have revealed that they have returned to the site on the direction of the coroner to “assess the riverbanks.”

The police emphasized that the team was not tasked to “locate any articles” or to search “within the river.” The search was to assist the coronial inquest into Bulley’s death scheduled for 26 June 2023.

This comes seven weeks after Nicola’s body was found in the water close to where she went missing following an extensive search operation that took officers to the coastline.

No-fly zone for Nicola Bulley’s funeral

NO-FLY Zone Was Introduced for Nicola Bulley’s Funeral

The Secretary of State for Transport implemented a no-fly zone over the church in Saint Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, where the funeral of Nicola Bulley took place on Wednesday. The move was made to prevent TikTok detectives from filming the funeral with drones following the arrest of one TikToker for allegedly filming Nicola’s body being pulled out of the River Wyre.

Curtis Media arrested over Nicola Bulley footage

Nicola Bulley: TikToker ARRESTED for Filming Within Police Cordon

The Kidderminster man (aka Curtis Media) who filmed and published footage of police recovering Nicola Bulley’s body from the River Wyre was arrested on malicious communications offenses. It comes after police are reportedly charging several content creators for disrupting the investigation.

TikToker Who FILMED Nicola Bulley Being Pulled from River Shamed by Media

The man who filmed police removing Nicola Bulley’s body from the river has been identified as a Kidderminster hairdresser.

INQUEST into Nicola Bulley’s Death to be Held in June

The coroner is set to release the body of Nicola Bulley to her family for funeral arrangements, but a full inquest into her death will take place in June. Police officers who handled the case are facing investigation for misconduct, and the lead diver who said she wasn’t in the river is also under scrutiny.

Body Found in River CONFIRMED to be Missing Mother Nicola Bulley

Police confirmed on late Monday that the body found in the River Wyre was missing mother, Nicola Bulley. Police recovered the body at 11:35 GMT on Sunday, 19 February, in the river one mile from St Michael’s on Wyre, where Bulley dissapeared three weeks ago. The police have previously said they believed she went into the river and have been searching the water for the past three weeks without any findings.

Body found in River Wyre

Nicola Bulley: BODY FOUND in River Wyre One Mile from Where She Went Missing

Police said they “sadly recovered a body” at 11:35 GMT on Sunday, 19 February, in the river one mile from St Michael’s on Wyre, where Bulley dissapeared three weeks ago. There has been no formal identification, and police were “unable to say” if it was the 45-year-old mother of two.

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