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White House braces for Hunter Biden charges

White House BRACES for Potential Charges Against Hunter Biden

The White House is preparing for potential political repercussions as federal prosecutors near a decision on whether to charge President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, with tax crimes and lying about his drug use during a handgun purchase.

Hunter Biden’s legal team met with the top federal prosecutor in the case last month, indicating the investigation is close to concluding.

BIDEN Welcomes ICC’s Arrest Warrant for Putin

After the International Criminal Court (ICC) accused President Putin of committing war crimes in Ukraine, namely the unlawful deportation of children, Joe Biden welcomed the news saying these are crimes Putin has “clearly” done.

Don Lemon loses it on CNN

CNN’s Don Lemon Goes NUTS Over ‘Credible Outlet’ Comment Describing the New York Post

CNN host Don Lemon went on an unscripted tirade after Rep. James Comer called the New York Post a “credible outlet.” Lemon delayed the commercial break to express his disagreement and disbelief, saying, “I can’t believe that we’re here.” Notwithstanding, the New York Post’s story on Hunter Biden was entirely accurate.

It comes as the House Oversight Committee is turning up the heat on Hunter Biden. This week, the committee began questioning former Twitter employees over the deliberate suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story published by the New York Post.

MORE Classified Documents Found in Joe Biden’s Home

Six more classified documents have been seized at Biden’s home in Delaware after a 13-hour search of the property by the Department of Justice.

NO Visitor Logs Available for Joe Biden’s Private Home

The White House has said no visitor logs are available for Joe Biden’s private home. Republicans asked for the records after concerns were raised about who had potential access to the classified documents.

Special counsel to investigate Biden

Special Counsel to INVESTIGATE Biden’s Handling of Classified Documents

Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to investigate the finding of classified documents in Biden’s old office and home. Garland said the appointment was to show the “department’s commitment to both independence and accountability.”

Aides to Joe Biden find classified documents in old offices

Aides to Joe Biden Find CLASSIFIED Documents in Old Offices

President Biden is now under investigation by the Justice Department after aides found classified documents that belong in the National Archives while moving boxes from Biden’s old Washington-based think tank offices. Earlier in the year, Donald Trump found himself in a similar situation when the FBI raided his Mar-A-Lago home.

Hunter Biden hires Jared Kushner lawyer

Hunter Biden Hires Former Jared KUSHNER Lawyer for Renewed Investigation from House Republicans

Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has hired the former lawyer of Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as he faces a renewed investigation from House Republicans.

Another attorney for Hunter Biden announced that seasoned Washington lawyer Abbe Lowell had joined the legal team “to help advise” and “address the challenges” the president’s son is facing. Lowell previously represented Jared Kushner in Congress and during the investigation into Russian election interference, but he is more widely known for representing President Bill Clinton in the 1998 impeachment trial.

It comes after new Twitter CEO Elon Musk leaked the bombshell “Twitter files” that reported on how the social media company worked with the Biden campaign to kill the laptop story. To make matters worse for the Biden family, House Republicans won the majority in the midterm elections, meaning Hunter will face a renewed investigation from Congress.

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