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Palestine statehood under consideration by U.S. The Week

EUROPEAN Nations’ SHOCKING Move: Recognize Palestinian State, Israel Fires Back

Norway, Ireland, and Spain have recognized a Palestinian state in a historic but symbolic move. This decision further isolates Israel amid its ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza. Israel immediately denounced the recognition and recalled its ambassadors from these countries.

Palestinians welcomed the announcements as support for their long-standing quest for statehood in east Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip. These territories were seized by Israel during the 1967 Mideast war and remain under Israeli control. The recognition by these European nations could build momentum against Israel’s actions in Gaza.

This week has been challenging for Israel’s international reputation. The International Criminal Court (ICC) chief prosecutor announced plans to seek arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his defense minister over alleged war crimes. Additionally, the International Court of Justice is considering genocide allegations against Israel, which it denies vehemently.

Israel accused the European countries of rewarding Hamas militants responsible for an attack on October 7 that killed 1,200 people and took 250 hostages. Foreign Minister Israel Katz stated that European ambassadors would be shown graphic footage of the attack to underscore their point. Meanwhile, Gaza’s Health Ministry reports over 35,000 Palestinians killed in Israel’s offensive following the assault by Hamas-led militants across the border.

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EUROPEAN NATIONS Recognize Palestine: Israel’s Shocking Response

Norway, Ireland, and Spain announced their recognition of a Palestinian state on Wednesday. This move deepens Israel’s isolation amid its ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza. Israel immediately denounced the decision and recalled its ambassadors from these countries.

Palestinians welcomed the announcements as support for their quest for statehood in territories seized by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war. Over 140 countries already recognize a Palestinian state, but this new support could build momentum against Israel’s actions in Gaza.

This development follows another blow to Israel’s international standing earlier this week when the ICC prosecutor sought arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his defense minister. The International Court of Justice is also examining genocide allegations against Israel, which it denies.

Israel accused the European nations of rewarding Hamas for its October 7 attack that killed 1,200 people and took 250 hostages. Foreign Minister Katz said European ambassadors would be shown video footage of the attack as part of Israel’s response to these recognitions.

ISLAMIC STATE Plot to Kill Jews in England Foiled

ISLAMIC STATE Plot to Kill Jews in England Foiled

Two men accused of plotting to gun down Jews in an Islamic State-inspired attack were held without bail Tuesday after appearing in a London court. Walid Saadaoui, 36, and Amar Hussein, 50, planned to use automatic weapons to kill Jews, police, and military personnel. The charges cover activities from Dec. 13 until last Thursday.

The arrests come amid a surge in antisemitic incidents in the U.K., which hit record highs last year. This spike followed Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel and Israel’s subsequent military actions in Gaza. Community Security Trust reported these troubling trends as part of their advocacy against antisemitism.

Amanda Bomsztyk, northern regional director of the trust, emphasized the need for extensive security measures for the Jewish community due to such threats. “This is one of a number of recent and ongoing cases that demonstrate why the Jewish community needs such extensive security measures,” she said.

A third man, Bilel Saadaoui, 35, was also charged with making arrangements for his brother Walid Saadaoui’s expected death during the plot’s execution. The case underscores ongoing security concerns for Jewish communities worldwide amid rising extremist threats.

Puyallup River - Wikipedia

US BRIDGES on the BRINK: The Shocking State of America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

The Fishing Wars Memorial Bridge, a long-standing structure in Tacoma, Washington, is once again off-limits. Despite its reopening in 2019 after a year-long closure and even earning a national award, federal officials have expressed concerns about its aging section. The bridge previously carried around 15,000 vehicles daily. Now it remains closed indefinitely as the city scrambles to fund necessary cleaning and inspection.

Bridges are crucial elements of our infrastructure that often go unnoticed until they fail us. A recent example is the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore due to an unfortunate cargo ship collision. However, this incident only scratches the surface as thousands of other bridges across the country are in far worse condition.

Reportedly, about 42,400 US bridges are currently in poor condition and bear around 167 million vehicles each day. A staggering four-fifths of these structures have issues with their supporting components. An Associated Press analysis reveals that over 15,800 were also deemed poor a decade ago.

A prime example is a persistently deteriorating bridge on Interstate 195 over Rhode Island’s Seekonk River which was abruptly shut down last year causing significant delays for drivers. In March it was announced that this bridge — carrying approximately 96,000 westbound vehicles daily — needs to be demolished

Biden WARNED: Israeli Defense Leaders URGE Against Recognizing Palestinian State

Biden WARNED: Israeli Defense Leaders URGE Against Recognizing Palestinian State

A group of Israeli defense and security leaders have issued a stern warning to President Biden. Their message is clear — do not recognize a Palestinian state. They believe this move could endanger Israel’s existence and indirectly support regimes known for sponsoring terrorism, such as Iran and Russia.

The Israel Defense and Security Forum (IDSF) sent this urgent letter on February 19th. They caution that recognizing Palestine would be interpreted as rewarding violent actions by Hamas, global terrorist organizations, Iran, and other rogue states.

Brigadier General Amir Avivi, founder of the IDSF, spoke to Fox News Digital about the situation. He stressed that it’s crucial for the U.S., at this juncture, to stand by its key ally in the Middle East and uphold American interests in the region.

In a rare display of consensus on Wednesday, Israel’s Knesset (parliament) unanimously dismissed foreign pressures to single-handedly recognize a Palestinian state.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice signs strict abortion ban into law ...

TEXAS Supreme Court DISMISSES Abortion Challenge: Pregnant Woman with Fetal Anomaly Forced to Leave State

Kate Cox, a pregnant woman from Texas, found herself in a dire situation when her unborn child was diagnosed with trisomy 18 — a fatal condition. With the state’s strict abortion ban in place, she had no choice but to leave Texas and seek an abortion elsewhere. This happened just before the Texas Supreme Court rejected her challenge against the stringent abortion legislation.

Cox spent nearly a week trying to get court approval for ending her pregnancy due to health risks and potential fertility issues in the future. However, Attorney General Ken Paxton argued that Cox didn’t provide enough evidence that her pregnancy complications were life-threatening.

Even after leaving Texas, Cox’s case was dismissed by the state Supreme Court. The court ruled that while Cox’s pregnancy complications were severe, they didn’t pose an immediate threat to her life as required by law for an exception.

The Center for Reproductive Rights represented Cox during this ordeal. They reported that she had been frequently visiting emergency rooms due to health concerns related to her pregnancy. However, they did not reveal where she eventually went for the procedure.

STATE DEPARTMENT’S ‘Worldwide Caution’: The Shocking Implications for American Holiday Travelers

STATE DEPARTMENT’S ‘Worldwide Caution’: The Shocking Implications for American Holiday Travelers

As the holiday season draws near, the State Department’s recent “Worldwide Caution” travel advisory has sparked anxiety among many Americans. However, experts reassure that conditions in most popular tourist spots remain stable.

James Hess, a professor at the School of Security and Global Studies at American Public University System, encourages alertness during international travel. Despite a seemingly delicate global security scene due to the Israel-Hamas conflict, he believes that Americans are savvy travelers.

The advisory came in response to escalating conflict in Gaza and was reissued last week. It cautions about potential terrorist attacks or violent incidents targeting U.S. citizens and interests overseas.

Despite these warnings, Hess underscores that tourism is a vital economic lifeline for many nations who strive to make American tourists feel secure during their visits.

State Department URGES Americans to LEAVE Haiti Immediately

State Department URGES Americans to LEAVE Haiti Immediately

The U.S. State Department has issued an urgent warning to all U.S. citizens to leave Haiti as soon as possible. This comes amid worsening security conditions and infrastructure issues in the Caribbean nation. Commercial and private flights from Haiti’s international airports are available for departure.

Seats on these flights are filling up quickly and may only be available several days or weeks in advance. The alert provided a list of commercial airlines servicing Haiti, including American Airlines, JetBlue, Spirit, Air Caraibe, and Sunrise Airways. U.S. citizens were advised to monitor local news and only depart when considered safe.

The State Department stressed the need for extreme caution while traveling around the country. They advised avoiding demonstrations and large gatherings of people, and to turn around if encountering a roadblock. The guidance also warned of increased risks of kidnapping, hostage-taking, theft, and serious injury in high-risk areas.

U.S. citizens are encouraged to make and practice contingency plans for sheltering in place and accessing airports.

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WASHINGTON Officers CLEARED: The Shocking Verdict in the Manuel Ellis Case Unveiled

Three Washington state police officers were recently absolved of all charges pertaining to the 2020 demise of Manuel Ellis. Officers Matthew Collins and Christopher Burbank, who were facing second-degree murder and manslaughter charges, along with Timothy Rankine charged with manslaughter, have been acquitted.

The courtroom reacted noticeably as the jury declared all three officers not guilty. Rankine was visibly touched by the outcome, while Collins shared an embracing moment with his attorney.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson expressed appreciation for everyone involved in the case. On a different note, the Washington Coalition for Police Accountability viewed this verdict as a sign of a malfunctioning system.

After hearing the verdict, Ellis’s family promptly exited. The state’s Office of Independent Investigations refrained from commenting directly on this result but extended their condolences to Ellis’s family.

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