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BRITISH PM Storms NATO Summit With Bold Ukraine Support

Newly elected British Prime Minister Keir Starmer made a strong debut at the NATO summit in Washington. He met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, reaffirming Britain’s unwavering support for Ukraine against Russia’s invasion. Starmer emphasized that his Labour government would ensure NATO’s unified backing for Kyiv.

Starmer aimed to send a clear message to Russian President Vladimir Putin about NATO’s strength and unity. He stated that NATO is now bigger and more united than ever, fully aware of the threat posed by Russian aggression.

In addition to meeting Zelenskyy, Starmer will have a one-on-one discussion with President Joe Biden to reaffirm the “special relationship” between the U.S. and Britain. Their extended handshake at the summit arrival ceremony highlighted this enduring partnership.

Starmer’s visit follows his landslide victory on July 4, signaling a new chapter for Britain after years of political turmoil over Brexit. His message to the world is clear: “We’re back.”

Unexpected Contender: The Significance of Masoud Pezeshkian’s ...

REFORMIST VICTORY: Iran’s New President Promises Change

Reformist candidate Masoud Pezeshkian won Iran’s runoff presidential election, defeating hard-liner Saeed Jalili. Pezeshkian promised to reach out to the West and ease enforcement on the mandatory headscarf law. He secured 16.3 million votes compared to Jalili’s 13.5 million in an election with a 49.6% turnout.

Pezeshkian assured no radical changes to Iran’s Shiite theocracy, acknowledging Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as the final authority. Despite his modest aims, he faces challenges from hard-liners and ongoing geopolitical tensions, including Western concerns over Iran’s uranium enrichment program.

Supporters celebrated in Tehran and other cities as Pezeshkian’s lead grew over Jalili. The heart surgeon and longtime lawmaker addressed journalists at Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s mausoleum, emphasizing his commitment to honesty and fulfilling promises made during his campaign.

Pezeshkian’s victory comes at a delicate time with high tensions in the Mideast and an upcoming U.S. election that could impact relations between Tehran and Washington. His win wasn’t a landslide, indicating he must navigate Iran’s complex internal politics carefully as he lacks experience in high-level security roles.

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JUDGE BLOCKS Public Release of Nashville Shooter’s Writings

A judge in Nashville ruled that the writings of Audrey Hale, who killed six people at a Christian school, cannot be released to the public. Judge I’Ashea Myles determined that the victims’ families hold the copyright to Hale’s works. The families argued they should control access to these materials.

The decision stems from a novel legal argument using federal Copyright Act exceptions. Hale’s parents transferred ownership of her property to the victims’ families, who then fought in court for this ruling. This case marks a unique interpretation of copyright law as it applies to public records.

Interest in these documents is high due to theories about Hale’s motives, including possible hate crimes against Christians. Police reported that Hale may have identified as transgender, adding another layer of controversy and speculation around her writings.

Victims’ families praised the ruling, stating it denies notoriety to the shooter and brings them some relief. Cindy Peak’s family expressed gratitude for preventing Hale’s “vile and unfiltered thoughts” from being released publicly. The case is expected to be appealed soon.

The FT’s UK general election model explained

LABOUR PARTY Surges Amid UK Election Betting Scandal

The U.K. general election on July 4 is approaching, with the Labour Party expected to defeat Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives. Polls indicate Labour leader Keir Starmer will likely form the next government.

The Conservative campaign has struggled, facing allegations of election betting involving figures close to Sunak. This scandal has further dampened their already lackluster efforts.

In the U.K., the prime minister decides election dates, unlike fixed schedules in countries like the U.S. This unique system has led to a market for predicting election dates and outcomes.

Police officers and Conservative insiders are under investigation for their involvement in this betting scandal, adding another layer of controversy as over 50 countries prepare for elections in 2024.

CONSERVATIVE Officials in HOT Water Over Election Betting Scandal

CONSERVATIVE Officials in HOT Water Over Election Betting Scandal

Nick Mason is the fourth Conservative official to be investigated by the U.K.’s Gambling Commission for allegedly betting on election timing before the date was announced. Dozens of bets with potential winnings worth thousands of pounds are under scrutiny.

Two other Conservative candidates, Laura Saunders and Craig Williams, are also being investigated. Tony Lee, Saunders’ husband and Conservative director of campaigning, has taken a leave of absence amid similar allegations.

The scandal comes just two weeks before the national election, dealing a blow to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s party. Sunak expressed anger over the allegations and stated that lawbreakers should be expelled from the party.

Saunders has pledged full cooperation with investigators. Williams served as Sunak’s parliamentary private secretary in addition to being a candidate.

ISRAEL RESCUES Hostages: Daring IDF Operation Saves Lives

ISRAEL RESCUES Hostages: Daring IDF Operation Saves Lives

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) successfully rescued four hostages captured by Hamas during the October 7 attacks. This marks the largest hostage recovery operation since the war with Hamas began in Gaza. The hostages, held for 246 days, included Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Shlomi Ziv, and Andrey Kozlov.

The complex daytime operation took place in Nuseirat, central Gaza. Special anti-terror units from Yamam and Shin Bet agents conducted simultaneous raids on two Hamas buildings to secure the hostages’ release. Argamani was rescued at one location while Meir Jan, Kozlov, and Ziv were freed from another site.

Noa Argamani has been a widely recognized figure since her abduction from a music festival in southern Israel. A video of her capture showed her pleading for her life as she was taken away on a motorcycle by two men. Her mother, Liora Argamani, who has stage four brain cancer, had publicly pleaded to see her daughter before she dies.

HEARTBREAKING Gang Attack in Haiti Claims Lives of AMERICAN Missionaries

HEARTBREAKING Gang Attack in Haiti Claims Lives of AMERICAN Missionaries

Two American Christian missionaries, Davy and Natalie Lloyd, were killed by gang violence in Haiti on Thursday. Missouri State Rep. Ben Baker confirmed the tragic news, revealing that his daughter Natalie was among the victims. “My heart is broken in a thousand pieces,” Baker wrote on Facebook.

The couple had been serving with Missions In Haiti, Inc., a nonprofit founded by Davy’s parents, David and Alicia Lloyd. The organization has been active in Haiti since 2000. Davy and Natalie joined the mission after their marriage in June 2022.

According to Missions In Haiti, the attack occurred during a youth group gathering at church. The gang ambushed them with three trucks full of men. “Davy was taken to the house tied up and beat,” stated the nonprofit.

Rep. Baker urged for prayers for both his family and the Lloyd family during this devastating time. He expressed an overwhelming sense of loss and pain over social media, asking for strength from their community of supporters.

Ann Arbor, Michigan - Wikipedia

POLICE BREAK UP PRO-Palestinian Camp At University Of Michigan

Police dismantled a pro-Palestinian camp at the University of Michigan early Tuesday. Officers in helmets and face shields cleared the Diag, a historic protest site. Video showed police using an irritant spray to disperse demonstrators.

The camp had been set up in late April, coinciding with spring commencement activities. Protesters placed fake body bags on a school official’s lawn and displayed posters taunting university leaders. President Santa Ono cited safety concerns, including overloaded power sources and open flames, as reasons for the removal.

Nearby buildings were closed after the camp was cleared, affecting students who came to study. Ono stated that organizers ignored safety directives following a fire marshal’s inspection. He emphasized that the encampment violated rules ensuring the Diag remains accessible to everyone.

Protesters demanded divestment from companies linked to Israel, but the university claims it has minimal indirect investments totaling less than 0.1% of its endowment in such funds.


DEADLY Houston STORMS Leave City in Ruins, Power Restoration Underway

Deadly storms ravaged Houston last week, leaving seven dead and causing widespread damage. Thunderstorms and hurricane-force winds destroyed businesses, uprooted trees, and shattered glass in downtown skyscrapers. A tornado also touched down near Cypress.

By Sunday evening, 88% of Houston area customers had power restored, according to CenterPoint Energy spokesperson Paul Lock. “We expect everyone to be back on by end of business Wednesday,” Lock stated. Over 289,000 homes and businesses in Texas remained without electricity Sunday evening.

More than 3,900 customers in Louisiana were also without power due to strong winds and a suspected tornado. CenterPoint Energy deployed 2,000 employees and over 5,000 contractors to restore power in the Houston area. Lynnae Wilson emphasized the urgency given the high temperatures: “Getting the lights and air conditioning back on is even more important.”

DEADLY NHS Scandal: 3,000 Lives Lost to HIV and Hepatitis

DEADLY NHS Scandal: 3,000 Lives Lost to HIV and Hepatitis

A scandal involving Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has led to the deaths of around 3,000 people from HIV and hepatitis infections. The report is expected to criticize pharmaceutical companies, medical practitioners, civil servants, and politicians. Many involved have already passed away due to the passage of time.

The scandal could result in a massive compensation bill for the British government. Tireless campaigners exposed the scale of this tragedy, which might have remained hidden otherwise. Jason Evans, whose father died from infected blood plasma in 1993, played a key role in establishing the inquiry in 2017 under Prime Minister Theresa May.

Infected blood transfusions during the 1970s and 1980s exposed thousands to hepatitis and HIV. Evans hopes that with Monday’s report release, he and countless others can find some closure after decades of suffering and loss.


HOUSTON BATTLES Deadly Heat And Smog After Storms

Houston is working to restore power to hundreds of thousands after deadly storms left at least seven dead. The area faces a smog warning and scorching temperatures.

National Weather Service meteorologist Marc Chenard forecasts highs around 90 degrees through the start of the week, with heat indexes approaching 100 degrees by midweek. “We expect the impact of the heat to gradually increase,” Chenard said.

The weather service warns residents not to overexert themselves during cleanup efforts. Poor air quality could also pose health risks over the weekend in Houston.

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SEINFELD’S Speech Ignites Protests at Duke: Graduates Challenge His Views

A small group of Duke University graduates protested during comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech in North Carolina. About 30 out of 7,000 students walked out, chanting “free Palestine.” Their protest sparked mixed reactions among the audience.

Seinfeld, who was honored with an honorary doctorate at the event, is known for his support of Israel. This stance has become more pronounced following recent conflicts between Israel and Gaza. The protests at Duke reflect a growing trend of campus activism in the U.S., where students are pushing their institutions to cut ties with Israeli businesses and supporters.

The unrest at Duke is indicative of a broader national movement on college campuses concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This spring alone witnessed nearly 2,900 arrests from protests at over 57 universities across the country. Students have established encampments and organized walkouts to compel their universities to address what they see as injustices in the Middle East.

These demonstrations highlight a significant shift toward more vocal and widespread student activism aimed at influencing university policies on international issues. The incident at Duke underscores the increasing willingness of students to use their voices to effect change on global matters directly impacting their communities and beyond.

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TEXAS UNIVERSITY Police Crackdown Sparks Outrage

Police detained over a dozen individuals, including a local news photographer, during a pro-Palestinian protest at the University of Texas at Austin. The operation involved officers on horseback who moved decisively to remove protesters from the campus grounds. This event is part of a larger pattern of protests at various U.S. universities.

The situation intensified rapidly as police wielded batons and applied physical force to break up the assembly. A Fox 7 Austin photographer was forcibly pulled to the ground and detained while documenting the incident. Additionally, an experienced Texas journalist sustained injuries amid the chaos.

The Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed that these detentions were carried out following requests from university leaders and Governor Greg Abbott. One student criticized the police action as excessive, warning it could provoke further protests against this aggressive approach.

Governor Abbott has not yet commented on the incident or the use of force by police during this event.

**NPR BIAS Scandal: Calls for Defunding Surge as Political Imbalance Revealed**

NPR BIAS Scandal: Calls for Defunding Surge as Political Imbalance Revealed**

Senator Marsha Blackburn aligns with former President Trump, advocating for the defunding of NPR due to perceived bias. This push gains momentum following the resignation of NPR editor Uri Berliner, who exposed a stark political imbalance within the organization’s Washington, DC office. Berliner disclosed that among 87 registered voters at NPR, not one is a registered Republican.

NPR’s chief news executive Edith Chapin contested these allegations, asserting the network’s dedication to nuanced and inclusive reporting. Despite this defense, Senator Blackburn condemned NPR for its lack of conservative representation and scrutinized the justification for funding it with taxpayer dollars.

Uri Berliner, while opposing defunding efforts and commending his colleagues’ integrity, resigned amid concerns over media impartiality. He expressed his hope that NPR would maintain its commitment to significant journalism amidst ongoing debates about its political orientation.

This controversy spotlights broader issues regarding media bias and taxpayer funding in public broadcasting sectors, questioning whether public funds should support organizations perceived as politically skewed.

UK MP’S SHOCKING Scandal: Trapped in a Honeytrap

UK MP’S SHOCKING Scandal: Trapped in a Honeytrap

William Wragg, a prominent figure in the UK Parliament, has confessed to leaking fellow members’ contact details following a blackmail scheme. He was ensnared by a scammer on a gay dating app after sharing personal photos with someone he thought was trustworthy. This ordeal left him feeling “scared” and “manipulated,” according to his own words.

Nigel Farage blasted Wragg’s actions as “unforgivable” on social media, underlining the serious breach of trust involved. The scandal has ignited debates over personal behavior and security protocols for public officials. Treasury minister Gareth Davies recommended that affected parties report to the police, acknowledging Wragg’s apology but emphasizing the seriousness of his error.

The tactic employed to blackmail Wragg is identified as “spear phishing,” an advanced form of cyber-attack designed to filch sensitive data by pretending to be reliable sources. This event highlights the escalating menace of cyber scams aimed at high-profile individuals and their potential risks to national safety.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities facing those in power and underscores the importance of stringent security measures and personal vigilance in safeguarding against such threats.

Hopes reportedly fading to set up lull in Gaza fighting before ...

Israeli Airstrike TRAGICALLY Claims Lives of International Aid Workers: The SHOCKING Aftermath Unveiled

Late Monday, an Israeli airstrike claimed the lives of four international aid workers and their Palestinian driver. These individuals, associated with World Central Kitchen charity, had just completed a food delivery to northern Gaza. This region is on the brink of famine due to Israel’s military actions.

The victims were identified at Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah. Among them were passport holders from Britain, Australia, and Poland. The nationality of the fourth victim remains unknown at this time. They were discovered wearing protective gear that bore their charity’s logo.

In response to this unfortunate event, the Israeli military has launched a review to understand what led to this incident. Simultaneously, World Central Kitchen has announced its intention to release more information once all facts are collected.

This latest event adds another layer of tension in Gaza and prompts questions about safety measures for those providing aid in conflict zones.

Japan Royal Family: All About the Imperial House of Japan

JAPAN’S Royal Family Storms Instagram: The Impact of Their Debut on the Digital Stage

In a strategic move to resonate with younger generations, Japan’s Imperial family made a striking debut on Instagram this past Monday. The Imperial Household Agency, which manages the family’s affairs, uploaded 60 photos and five videos showcasing Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako’s public engagements over the last quarter.

The agency expressed its intention to offer the public an in-depth view of the family’s official responsibilities. By Monday nightfall, their certified account Kunaicho_jp had drawn in more than 270,000 followers. The opening photo featured the royal couple alongside their 22-year-old daughter Princess Aiko ringing in New Year’s Day.

The posts also highlighted interactions with international figures such as Brunei Crown Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah and his spouse. A clip of Naruhito extending greetings to well-wishers during his Feb. 23 birthday festivities amassed over 21,000 views within a day.

Although current posts are confined to official duties only, there are plans underway to feature activities of other royal members soon. This digital venture has been warmly welcomed by followers like Koki Yoneura who expressed joy at getting a closer look at their activities.

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NETANYAHU DEFIES UN Cease-Fire: Vows to Continue Gaza War Amidst Global Tensions

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has openly criticized a United Nations Security Council resolution for a cease-fire in Gaza. According to Netanyahu, the resolution, which the United States did not veto, has only served to empower Hamas.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is now in its sixth month. Both parties have consistently rejected cease-fire efforts, escalating tensions between the U.S. and Israel regarding war conduct. Netanyahu maintains that an expanded ground offensive is necessary to dismantle Hamas and free hostages.

Hamas seeks a lasting cease-fire, Israeli forces’ withdrawal from Gaza, and freedom for Palestinian prisoners before releasing hostages. A recent proposal that didn’t meet these demands was dismissed by Hamas. In response, Netanyahu argued that this rejection demonstrates Hamas’ lack of interest in negotiations and underlines the harm inflicted by the Security Council’s decision.

Israel expresses dissatisfaction with the U.S.“s abstention from voting on a Security Council resolution calling for a cease-fire — marking it as the first time since the onset of the Israel-Hamas war began. The vote passed unanimously without U.S.”s involvement.

ITALY’S Meloni Demands Justice Over Deepfake Porn Scandal

ITALY’S Meloni Demands Justice Over Deepfake Porn Scandal

Giorgia Meloni, the leader of Italy’s Brothers of Italy party, is seeking justice after falling victim to a degrading deepfake pornography scandal. She has demanded €100,000 ($108,250) in damages following the discovery of explicit videos featuring her likeness online.

These disturbing videos were reportedly crafted by a father-son duo from Sassari, Italy back in 2020 before Meloni ascended to the prime minister’s office. The two are now facing serious accusations of defamation and video manipulation — they allegedly replaced the face of a porn actress with that of Meloni and subsequently published this content on an American website.

The offensive material was recently unearthed by Meloni’s team leading to an immediate filing of a complaint. According to Italian law, defamation can be treated as a criminal offense and carries potential sentencing. The Italian Prime Minister is scheduled to testify in court on July 2nd about this shocking incident.

“The compensation I have requested will be donated to charity,” stated Meloni’s attorney as reported by la Repubblica.

BRISTOL NIGHTMARE: Teen Lives Shattered in Brutal Stabbing, Suspects Caught

BRISTOL NIGHTMARE: Teen Lives Shattered in Brutal Stabbing, Suspects Caught

A vicious group stabbing late Saturday night on Bristol’s Ilminster Avenue has tragically ended the lives of two teenagers. The attackers allegedly sped away from the scene in a car after the incident that occurred around 11:15 pm. Despite paramedics’ swift response, both boys, aged 15 and 16, sadly passed away early Sunday morning.

Bristol Police have apprehended two suspects — a man aged 44 and a boy of just 15 — who are currently detained. A vehicle was also confiscated during this arrest operation. At this time, police have yet to release the identities of either victims or suspects.

An official police spokesperson confirmed that officers were on site within minutes after receiving the initial distress call and immediately provided first aid to victims.

The investigation is spearheaded by Bristol’s Major Crime Investigation Team. Superintendent Mark Runacres expressed his shock and sadness at what he described as an “incredibly shocking and tragic” incident.

President Noboa SNUBS Maduro’s Aid, COURAGEOUSLY Seeks US Assistance Instead

President Noboa SNUBS Maduro’s Aid, COURAGEOUSLY Seeks US Assistance Instead

Ecuador’s leader, President Noboa, has decisively spurned an offer of support from Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro. Instead, he has chosen to seek aid from the United States. This decision follows Maduro’s suggestion that Noboa should accept his help rather than succumb to what he labels as U.S. Southern Command’s “interventionism” and “colonialism”.

During a recent interview on Tuesday, Noboa responded to Maduro’s proposition with a firm “Thank you, but no thank you.” He went on to clarify that his decision was not based on personal disagreement with Maduro but stemmed from the need to address pressing issues within his own nation.

Earlier this week, President Noboa engaged in talks with U.S. officials about potential security collaborations. He sought weapons, technology and training for Ecuador’s security forces from the U.S., while also exploring options for refinancing Ecuador’s external debt.

Despite warnings from Maduro about inviting the “devil” into Ecuador — referring indirectly to the United States — and despite criticism at home over his anti-gang policies, President Noboa remains unwavering in his pursuit of American assistance.

Supreme Court: Last RESORT for CUNY Professors Suing Union Over Alleged Antisemitism

Supreme Court: Last RESORT for CUNY Professors Suing Union Over Alleged Antisemitism

A collective of professors from the City University of New York (CUNY) is taking legal action against a teachers union, Professional Staff Congress/CUNY (PSC). They accuse PSC of fostering antisemitism. The professors see their ultimate hope in the Supreme Court’s intervention. Despite their resignation from the union due to its perceived anti-Jewish bias, state law obliges them to maintain an association with it.

The dispute ignited when PSC endorsed a “Resolution in Support of the Palestinian People” in 2021. This resolution was interpreted as antisemitic and anti-Israel by six professors, prompting their withdrawal from the union. Nonetheless, New York State law dictates that these same professors must be represented by this union in collective bargaining discussions.

Avraham Goldstein, a mathematics professor and one of the six dissenters, voiced his distress over being compelled to align with a union he believes issues antisemitic statements without his approval.

This legal battle follows on from a significant Supreme Court ruling in Janus v. AFSCME (2018). The court decided that public employees who are not members can’t be forced to pay fees to a union as it infringes upon their First Amendment rights.

REVISITING the ‘MIRACLE On The Hudson’: How Sully’s Bravery Saved 155 Lives

REVISITING the ‘MIRACLE On The Hudson’: How Sully’s Bravery Saved 155 Lives

It’s been over a decade since Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger heroically landed US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River in an event now known as the “Miracle on the Hudson”. This unprecedented feat, which saved all 155 passengers and crew members, wasn’t part of any specific training program.

Sullenberger’s vast knowledge, extensive training, and years of experience allowed him to make this crucial decision when it was needed most.

In a recent interview with American Veterans Center provided to Fox News Digital, Sullenberger revealed that their only preparation for such an emergency was a classroom discussion. Yet despite this minimal training, he skillfully guided the plane onto the river after both engines failed due to a bird strike shortly after departing from LaGuardia Airport.

As their plane rapidly descended at two floors per second, Sullenberger and co-pilot Jeff Skiles swiftly issued a mayday call. The successful water landing of Flight 1549 remains one of New York City’s most unforgettable events and continues to captivate attention even after all these years.

Civilians will pay price for biggest challenge to Israel since ...

LEBANON STRIKES: Hezbollah’s Deadly Missile Attack Rattles Israel Amidst Gaza Conflict

A lethal anti-tank missile, launched from Lebanon, claimed the lives of two civilians in northern Israel this past Sunday. This alarming incident has ignited concerns over a potential second front emerging amidst the ongoing clash between Israel and Hamas.

This strike marks a grim milestone — the 100th day of a war that has tragically taken nearly 24,000 Palestinian lives and forced approximately 85% of Gaza’s population from their homes. The conflict was sparked by an unexpected Hamas incursion into southern Israel last October, leading to around 1,200 fatalities and roughly 250 hostages.

The region remains on edge as daily fire exchanges persist between Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah group. Meanwhile, Iranian-backed militias target U.S. interests in Syria and Iraq as Yemen’s Houthi rebels threaten international shipping lanes.

Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, remains defiant vowing to persist until a Gaza cease-fire is established. His declaration comes as countless Israelis evacuate northern border regions due to escalating aggression.

NHP - In conversation with former energy minister Claire Perry O ...

FORMER UK Energy Minister RESIGNS: Climate Policy U-Turn Sparks Outrage

Chris Skidmore, the former energy minister of Britain, has declared his resignation from the Conservative Party and his position as a lawmaker. He attributes this decision to the government’s sudden shift away from its environmental commitments.

Skidmore expressed strong disapproval for an impending bill that would sanction new oil and gas drilling in the North Sea. Describing the U.K.“s deviation from its climate objectives as ”a tragedy', he asserted he could not endorse a bill that encourages new oil and gas production.

Having authored a government-commissioned review detailing how Britain could attain net zero carbon emissions by 2050 while fostering green jobs, Skidmore voiced frustration with the current administration’s decisions. He reproached Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for diluting green objectives due to 'unacceptable costs’ burdening ordinary citizens.

Sunak has postponed a prohibition on selling new gas and diesel cars, abolished an energy-efficiency regulation, and authorized hundreds of fresh North Sea oil and gas licenses. Skidmore intends to formally resign when Parliament resumes next week following its Christmas recess.

NHP - In conversation with former energy minister Claire Perry O ...

Ex-Energy Minister RESIGNS Over UK’S GREEN Betrayal: A Conservative Crisis Looms

Former Energy Minister, Chris Skidmore, has dropped a bombshell by resigning from the Conservative Party and his parliamentary seat. His decision comes in response to the government’s U-turn on environmental commitments.

Skidmore, known for his strong advocacy for reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, voiced disappointment over an upcoming bill. This controversial legislation promotes new North Sea oil and gas drilling which Skidmore sees as a glaring departure from the UK’s climate objectives.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is reportedly watering down several green initiatives due to 'unacceptable costs’ for ordinary citizens. Actions include pushing back a ban on new gas and diesel vehicles, scrapping an energy-efficiency regulation, and green-lighting numerous North Sea oil and gas licenses.

Skidmore is set to officially step down when Parliament reconvenes after its Christmas break next week. His exit indicates a rising wave of dissatisfaction within conservative circles over the government’s shifting environmental policies.

POLICE: Arrest made related to Perry High School shooting rumors ...

IOWA SCHOOL Shooting: Innocent Lives Lost in Heart-Wrenching Attack, Community in Shock

A day of learning turned into a nightmare when a 17-year-old student unleashed gunfire at Perry High School in Iowa. The first day back from winter break was marred by the death of a sixth-grader and injuries to five others, including the school’s principal, Dan Marburger. The shooter, Dylan Butler, also died due to what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The tranquil town of Perry, home to approximately 8,000 people and situated about 40 miles northwest of Des Moines, was plunged into turmoil by the shocking incident. Families were reunited at the McCreary Community Building after the shooting that has left this close-knit community devastated.

Authorities disclosed that during his assault Butler was armed with both a pump-action shotgun and a small-caliber handgun. A crude homemade explosive device was also discovered on-site but was safely deactivated by authorities.

This latest episode of gun violence once again puts America’s gun ownership rights under the microscope. As such events persistently occur nationwide, they cast an ever-growing shadow over other fundamental rights.

KHAN’S SHOCKING Claim: Mobile Phone Thefts Fuel London’s Knife Crime Surge

KHAN’S SHOCKING Claim: Mobile Phone Thefts Fuel London’s Knife Crime Surge

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has drawn sharp criticism for linking the city’s surge in knife crime to mobile phone thefts. In a recent Sky News interview, Khan argued that despite a decrease in knife crime rates, the issue of mobile phone robberies remains significant.

Khan compared the situation with efforts made by car manufacturers to curb stereo and GPS thefts. He stated, “The biggest personal robbery is of mobile phones.” When probed about the connection between these thefts and knife crimes, he simply responded, "That’s because they try to steal the mobile phones.”

This explanation sparked outrage online. Following the interview, commentator Lee Harris posted: "After a few easy questions about #NewYear2024, Sadiq Khan gets grilled on his failure to address the alarming rise in knife and gun crime in London under his leadership. Even Sky News seems fed up with him! I don’t think he saw that coming.”

Khan’s controversial comments have added fuel to an already heated debate on how best to tackle London’s persistent issue of violent crime.

ROCHESTER’S Horrific Start: Tragic Car Explosion Claims Three Lives on New Year’s Day

ROCHESTER’S Horrific Start: Tragic Car Explosion Claims Three Lives on New Year’s Day

The dawn of 2024 was tainted with a grisly incident in Rochester, New York. A Ford Expedition, laden with gas canisters, collided with a Mitsubishi Outlander, resulting in the death of three individuals and injuring several others.

The fatal accident occurred at 12:50 a.m. on January 1st near the iconic Kodak Theater. The driver of the Ford was identified as Michael Avery, a Syracuse resident aged 35 years. He later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

Avery’s family revealed to investigators that he might have been grappling with undiagnosed mental health issues. The collision ignited an intense fire that took firefighters an hour to subdue.

The Outlander’s two occupants met their untimely end at the scene while Avery breathed his last later in hospital care.

Opinion | Germany's First Lady Problem - The New York Times

NEW YEAR’S EVE Revelations: Bidens Discuss Holiday Cheer and 2024 Ambitions

During a New Year’s Eve interview with Ryan Seacrest, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden opened up about their holiday festivities and future aspirations. The chat was part of Dick Clarke’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show, which had a friendly atmosphere but wasn’t devoid of political implications.

President Biden took the opportunity to highlight his administration’s achievements, with a special focus on job creation. He proudly pointed out the resurgence of factory jobs that were once outsourced overseas. The President claimed that since his inauguration, his administration has been responsible for creating 14 million jobs.

Furthermore, Biden expressed his desire for Americans to appreciate their nation’s current strength as we usher in the new year. He hopes this awareness will spur unity and progress as we approach 2024.

Biden administration bypasses Congress on weapons sales to Israel ...

EMERGENCY Weapons Sale to Israel: BIDEN’S Bold Move Amidst Foreign Aid Stalemate

Once again, the Biden administration has greenlit an emergency sale of weapons to Israel. The State Department made this announcement on Friday, stating that the move is designed to support Israel in its ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken notified Congress about a second emergency determination that approves over $147.5 million in equipment sales. These sales encompass necessary components for 155 mm shells previously bought by Israel, including fuses, charges, and primers.

This decision was executed under an emergency provision of the Arms Export Control Act. This provision enables the State Department to sidestep Congress’ review role concerning foreign military sales. Interestingly enough, this move coincides with President Joe Biden’s request for nearly $106 billion in aid for countries like Israel and Ukraine being held up due to border security management debates.

“The United States remains dedicated to ensuring the security of Israel against threats it encounters,” declared the department.

President MILEI’S BOLD Plan to Revive Argentina: Sweeping Reforms Unveiled

President MILEI’S BOLD Plan to Revive Argentina: Sweeping Reforms Unveiled

Argentina’s leader, President Javier Milei, has introduced a detailed 351-page bill named “Law of Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines.” The President’s Office says this bill is designed to “restore the economic and social order,” as outlined by Argentina’s constitution. Its goal is to tackle obstacles that impede the functioning of a market economy and contribute to national poverty.

This extensive bill reportedly includes two-thirds of Milei’s reform ideas and calls for a public emergency in multiple sectors until December 31, 2025. This period can be extended by up to two years at the discretion of the executive branch. The proposal builds on last week’s Necessity and Urgency Decree (DNU) signed by Milei, which changed or removed over 350 socialist policies.

The DNU’s contents are formalized in this new bill through codification. It also addresses subjects an executive order cannot touch upon, such as criminal law, taxation, and electoral matters. If Congress rejects the DNU, Milei has announced plans for a national vote for its approval.

In terms of state reforms, the proposed legislation advocates privatizing all roughly 40 state-owned enterprises including oil company YPF and Aerolíneas Argentinas airline. Furthermore, it suggests that

MAJOR SHIFT in POT Policy: President to Redefine Cannabis Classification

MAJOR SHIFT in POT Policy: President to Redefine Cannabis Classification

The President is reportedly planning a significant shift in cannabis policy, according to The Guardian. The move involves downgrading cannabis from the most restrictive Schedule I to the least stringent Schedule III under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). This change could potentially ease tax burdens for legal cannabis businesses and modify law enforcement’s stance on marijuana laws.

David Culver, Senior VP of Public Affairs for the U.S. Cannabis Council, sees this as a potential turning point for the industry. However, some critics argue that it’s merely a symbolic move that won’t significantly alleviate challenges faced by private cannabis sellers and growers.

Despite approval for medical or commercial use in 38 states, federal restrictions on cannabis remain akin to those on heroin. Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of Norml, warns that reclassification won’t resolve existing inconsistencies between state and federal laws. Meanwhile, Kevin Sabet, president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, fears this move might adversely affect public health.

Israel strikes dense Gaza camp, says it kills Hamas commander ...

GAZA UNDER Fire: Israeli Strike Leaves No Safe Haven, Claims 68 Lives

In a recent Israeli assault in central Gaza, health officials report the death toll has reached at least 68. The casualties, including women and children, were hurriedly transported by distraught Palestinians to a nearby hospital. The Israeli military remains silent on the incident.

Ahmad Turokmani mourns the loss of several family members in this attack, including his daughter and grandson. He voiced his despair over the absence of safety in Gaza, stating that no one was spared from this onslaught. Initial reports from the Health Ministry estimated an even higher death toll at 70.

As Christmas Eve fell upon a region scarred by war, Bethlehem called off its holiday festivities while smoke shrouded Gaza. Concurrently, Egypt pursued potential negotiations with Israel for a hostage exchange deal. This relentless conflict has uprooted nearly all of Gaza’s 2.3 million inhabitants and taken approximately 20,400 Palestinian lives.

The Maghazi refugee camp situated east of Deir al-Balah bore the brunt of this latest strike’s impact. Preliminary hospital data indicate that among those killed were at least twelve women and seven children. This harrowing event highlights the mounting human toll of this ongoing conflict.

Joe Biden: The President | The White House

UNSHAKEN BIDEN Keeps Hunter Close Amidst Impeachment Storm: A Bold Statement or Blind Love?

President Joe Biden remains steadfast in his support for his son, Hunter Biden, despite the ongoing impeachment investigation into Hunter’s overseas business dealings. On Monday, the Bidens were spotted sharing a meal with friends before Hunter accompanied the first family on their return flight from Delaware on Air Force One and Marine One.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refuted claims that the administration was trying to hide Hunter by not listing him on passenger rosters shared with journalists. She underscored that it has been a longstanding tradition for presidents’ family members to travel with them, and this custom is not going away anytime soon.

Hunter’s public appearances in front of press photographers and reporters could signify President Biden’s readiness to openly back his son. This support is unwavering even as Hunter faces potential criminal charges and defies a congressional subpoena. Throughout his presidency, President Biden has consistently voiced pride in his son.

Joe Biden: The President | The White House

BIDEN’S Motorcade Shocked in Unexpected CAR Crash: What Really Happened?

On Sunday evening, an unforeseen event took place involving President Joe Biden’s motorcade. As the President and First Lady Jill Biden were departing from the Biden-Harris 2024 headquarters, their convoy was struck by a car. This incident transpired in Wilmington, Delaware.

A silver sedan bearing Delaware license plates collided with an SUV that was part of the presidential convoy. The impact produced a loud bang which reportedly caught President Biden off guard.

Immediately following the collision, agents surrounded the driver with firearms at ready while members of the press were quickly moved away from the scene. Despite this startling occurrence, both Bidens were safely escorted away from the location of impact.

SENATE SCANDAL: Staffer Dismissed After Shocking Footage Surfaces

SENATE SCANDAL: Staffer Dismissed After Shocking Footage Surfaces

A scandal has erupted in the Senate. Breitbart News recently exposed footage of a staffer, Aidan Maese-Czeropski, involved in explicit sexual acts within a Senate hearing room. This room is typically used for significant events like Supreme Court nominations.

The implicated staffer was part of Sen. Ben Cardin’s (D-MD) office and has been let go since the incident. After his dismissal, Cardin’s office released a brief statement: “We will not comment further on this personnel issue.”

In reaction to the controversy, Maese-Czeropski posted a statement on LinkedIn blaming the backlash on homophobia. He admitted that some past actions may have shown poor judgment but insisted he would never disrespect his workplace.

Maese-Czeropski also stated that any attempts to distort his actions are false and declared intentions to explore legal avenues concerning these issues.

OBERLIN College DUMPS Former Iran Official Amid Shocking Mass Murder Scandal

OBERLIN College DUMPS Former Iran Official Amid Shocking Mass Murder Scandal

Ohio’s Oberlin College has dismissed Mohammad Jafar Mahallati, a former Iranian official and religion professor. This decision comes after a persistent three-year campaign by Iranian Americans. They were outraged by Mahallati’s alleged involvement in the cover-up of the mass execution of at least 5,000 Iranian political prisoners in 1988.

Mahallati was also scrutinized by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. He was accused of harassing Jewish students and supporting Hamas, a group recognized as a terrorist organization by both the U.S. and EU. On November 28, Oberlin College spokesperson Andrea Simakis confirmed that Mahallati had been put on indefinite administrative leave.

In less than four weeks, Oberlin College removed all traces of Mahallati from its website. This included his profile and a fact sheet that allegedly downplayed his reported crimes against humanity, antisemitism, and genocidal rhetoric targeting Iran’s Baha’i community. His nameplate was also removed from his office door — another signal pointing to the college’s disassociation with him.

This move is seen as an acknowledgment by Oberlin College President Carmen Twillie Ambar that her defense for Mahallati over three years was unsustainable. The administration has been dealing with various controversies involving Mahallati

Timeline: How the deadly Tennessee tornado unfolded

HEARTBREAKING Havoc: Tennessee TORNADO Claims Six Lives, Leaves Dozens Wounded

Tennessee was struck by a series of deadly tornadoes over the weekend, leaving six people dead and dozens injured. The violent storms wreaked havoc across central Tennessee communities, causing extensive damage to buildings and vehicles.

Among the victims were Floridema Gabriel Pérez and her young son Anthony Elmer Mendez. Tragically, their mobile home was obliterated when another was thrown onto it during the storm’s peak. Two other children from the family miraculously survived with only minor injuries.

In Montgomery County alone, three more lives were lost including that of a child. Local medical facilities treated approximately 60 people for various injuries related to the storm. Nine of these individuals were in such critical condition they had to be transferred to a Nashville hospital.

The aftermath of the storms saw power outages affecting tens of thousands and residents picking through debris on Sunday morning. Now, emergency workers alongside community members are left with an enormous task of cleaning up in wake of this devastating event.

UPenn President’s CAREER on the BRINK: Antisemitism Controversy Ignites Firestorm of Criticism

UPenn President’s CAREER on the BRINK: Antisemitism Controversy Ignites Firestorm of Criticism

University of Pennsylvania’s President, Liz Magill, finds her position teetering on the edge after a surge of criticism regarding her handling of antisemitism. Her job stability is now in doubt following an ill-received congressional testimony. University donors, bipartisan lawmakers, alumni, and Jewish groups have voiced their displeasure.

The Penn Board of Trustees is set to meet this Sunday at 5 p.m., where they may decide Magill’s future. The board faces the challenge of determining whether she can effectively lead and fundraise for the university amidst this storm since the October 7 attack on Israel.

Magill has faced mounting calls for resignation after failing to unequivocally state that calls for Jewish genocide are considered bullying or harassment under UPenn’s code during a congressional hearing. This lukewarm response has sparked widespread public outrage and demands for her stepping down.

Magill’s management of antisemitism has been met with severe criticism from Pennsylvania’s Democratic governor, the Wharton School board, and high-profile donors. One alumnus even threatened to retract a $100 million donation unless there is a shift in leadership.

Dr. Mark R. Ginsberg named Towson University's 15th President ...

PENN PRESIDENT Steps Down: Donor Pressure and Congressional Testimony Fallout Takes Its Toll

Under mounting pressure from donors and facing backlash over her congressional testimony, Liz Magill, the University of Pennsylvania’s president, has tendered her resignation.

During a U.S. House committee hearing on antisemitism in colleges, Magill was unable to confirm whether advocating for Jewish genocide would breach the school’s conduct policy.

The university announced Magill’s resignation late Saturday afternoon. Despite relinquishing her presidential role, she will retain her tenured faculty position at the Carey Law School. She will also continue to serve as Penn’s leader until an interim president is appointed.

Calls for Magill’s resignation amplified following her Tuesday testimony. She faced questioning alongside presidents from Harvard University and MIT regarding their respective universities’ inability to safeguard Jewish students amidst escalating global antisemitism fears and repercussions from Israel’s escalating conflict in Gaza.

PARAGRAPH 5: "When Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., asked if “calling for the genocide of Jews” would violate Penn’s code of conduct, Magill responded that it would be a “context-dependent decision,” igniting further controversy.

Putin says BRICS could help reach political settlement in Gaza ...

PUTIN’S POWER Play: Announces Candidacy Amidst Turmoil, Aiming to Cement His Iron Grip on Russia

Vladimir Putin has announced his intention to run in the upcoming presidential election in March. This move is seen as an attempt to prolong his authoritarian rule over Russia. Despite instigating a costly war in Ukraine and enduring internal conflicts, including an attack on the Kremlin itself, Putin’s support remains unshaken after nearly 24 years at the helm.

In June, a rebellion led by mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin stirred up rumors of Putin’s control waning. However, Prigozhin’s death in a suspicious plane crash two months later only served to reinforce the image of Putin’s absolute authority.

Putin made his decision public following a Kremlin award ceremony where war veterans and others encouraged him to seek reelection. Tatiana Stanovaya from the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center pointed out that this understated announcement is likely part of the Kremlin’s strategy to emphasize Putin’s humility and commitment rather than making loud campaign declarations.

Acropolis Museum: Everything You Need to Know (Guide & Highlights)

ACROPOLIS MUSEUM Showcases British Museum’s Prized Greek Jug Amidst Heated Parthenon Marbles Dispute

The Acropolis Museum in Greece recently showcased a renowned ancient Greek water jug, known as the Meidias Hydria. This artifact, on loan from the British Museum, has become a focal point amidst an escalating dispute over Greece’s demand for the return of Parthenon temple sculptures currently housed in the British Museum.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently stirred controversy by cancelling a meeting with his Greek counterpart Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Sunak accused Mitsotakis of trying to “grandstand” by publicly demanding the return of the Parthenon Marbles during his visit to Britain. The UK government remains firm on its stance, with no plans to revisit this issue or change legislation blocking their repatriation.

Despite this roadblock, Mitsotakis maintains that international attention drawn by Sunak’s cancellation has strengthened their campaign for the marbles’ return. Nikolaos Stampolidis, director of The Acropolis Museum, remains hopeful about maintaining 'excellent relations’ with the British Museum and is confident about eventual repatriation of these artifacts.

The Meidias Hydria was discovered in southern Italy and is considered a masterpiece created by Athenian potter Meidias. It was added to the British Museum collection 250 years ago and this

Glenys Kinnock - Wikipedia

FORMER Minister Glenys Kinnock’s LEGACY: A Life of Service and Scandal at 79

Glenys Kinnock, a former British cabinet minister and European Parliament member, has died at age 79. She passed away in her London residence on Sunday after a six-year struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Kinnock’s journey from schoolteacher to influential politician was marked by her service as a cabinet minister under ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown. She gained recognition for her relentless fight against poverty and hunger in Africa and beyond.

Despite her achievements, Kinnock’s political career was not devoid of scandal. During her time in Brussels, she found herself entangled in an allowance controversy involving several European Parliament members.

These members were accused of signing in daily to collect a hefty £175 allowance before swiftly exiting the premises. The scandal cast a shadow over Kinnock’s otherwise commendable political career.

Former UK leader Johnson takes new role at GB News broadcaster ...

MASSIVE Stand Against ANTISEMITISM: Boris Johnson Joins Thousands in Historic London March

On Sunday, an unprecedented number of people, including former U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, took to the streets of London to protest against antisemitism. The march was strategically organized a day after a large pro-Palestinian rally and amidst rising tensions due to the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza. Organizers hailed it as the most significant demonstration against antisemitism in nearly a century.

The crowd was a sea of Israeli flags and Union Jacks, with participants bearing powerful placards like “Never Again Is Now” and “Zero Tolerance for Antisemites.” Alongside Johnson, U.K. Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and other high-ranking government officials marched in unity with the Jewish community.

Notably detained at the event was Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, better known as Tommy Robinson, former leader of the far-right English Defence League. Earlier this month, Robinson had an altercation with police during an Armistice Day march in London after refusing to leave despite warnings that his presence could distress others.

Among those marching was 75-year-old Malcolm Canning from London who voiced his concerns about current anti-Jewish sentiment. He expressed his alarm at how anything associated with Judaism feels under attack now and lamented reaching such a stage in this country.

ULTRA-MARATHONER Disqualified: Scottish Runner’s Cheating Scandal Unravels, Blames ‘Miscommunication’

ULTRA-MARATHONER Disqualified: Scottish Runner’s Cheating Scandal Unravels, Blames ‘Miscommunication’

Scottish ultra-marathon runner Joasia Zakrzewski has been banned from racing for a year by UK Athletics. This decision came after she was found to have cheated during the GB Ultras Manchester to Liverpool 50-mile race on April 7, 2023.

Zakrzewski was initially awarded third place in the race. However, officials later discovered inconsistencies in her performance data. It showed that she completed one mile of the race in a mere 1:40 minutes — an impossible feat, leading to her disqualification and subsequent ban.

The runner claimed it was all a “miscommunication.” She stated that due to severe leg pain, she accepted a ride from a friend intending to withdraw from the race at the next checkpoint. Despite this intention, Zakrzewski decided to continue non-competitively and accepted the third-place medal upon finishing.

IRAN’S Death March: Over 100 Lives Silenced Since Hamas Attack

IRAN’S Death March: Over 100 Lives Silenced Since Hamas Attack

Since the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7, Iran has silenced over a hundred lives, drawing global scrutiny. This alarming surge in executions, referred to as Tehran’s “execution spree,” was spotlighted by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) on November 15, 2023.

The NCRI revealed this disturbing trend while the United Nations General Assembly’s Third Committee was contemplating a resolution to condemn Iran’s human rights abuses. Despite numerous UN rebukes for their “systematic and widespread violation of human rights,” the Iranian regime remains undeterred in its brutal execution campaign.

The council implored the international community to isolate Iran as a response to these heinous actions. The NCRI denounced any form of appeasement with Iran, notorious for its record-breaking executions and warmongering activities. They argued that such tolerance clearly contradicts international human rights standards.

Independent news outlet Al-Monitor reported that since October 7, Iran has executed 114 people for “fabricated crimes,” including vague charges like “corruption on Earth” and “enmity against God.” While the NCRI estimates slightly fewer executions at around 107 so far, they anticipate this number will continue to escalate in the coming days and weeks. This grim situation emphasizes an urgent call-to-action against Iran’s ongoing human rights

Why does Joe Biden call climate change an 'enormous opportunity ...

President BIDEN’S RELENTLESS Coughing During Climate Speech Stirs Concerns

During his Tuesday speech, President Joe Biden was seized by a persistent cough. He was discussing his administration’s efforts to tackle climate change and marking the anniversary of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Biden’s coughing fit disrupted his conversation about the CHIPS and Science Act, a law he ratified last year. This act is designed to establish America as a forerunner in semiconductor manufacturing and innovation — vital for clean energy progression.

The president also relayed insights from his visit to the White House “Demo Day”. Here, he interacted with scientists engaged in projects funded by his administration. However, a recent poll from The Wall Street Journal indicates that two-thirds of Democrats believe Biden, at 80 years old, is too aged to be president.

Should he win reelection, Biden would be 82 at the onset of his second term and 86 at its conclusion. This would render him the oldest individual ever to assume presidency for a second tenure.

GAZA CITY Under Siege: Israeli Forces Close In — Civilians Struggle Amidst Escalating Tensions

GAZA CITY Under Siege: Israeli Forces Close In — Civilians Struggle Amidst Escalating Tensions

Gaza City, the Gaza Strip’s most populous area, is caught in the crossfire as Israeli ground forces reportedly advance. Local Palestinians have reported witnessing these forces approaching from various directions, sparking a mass evacuation. Essential resources like food and water are rapidly depleting.

While the Israeli army remains silent about their specific troop movements, they’ve pledged to dismantle Hamas following its lethal attack on Israel on October 7. Residents claim that Israeli forces have infiltrated central neighborhoods of Gaza City under heavy bombardment.

Violent clashes are unfolding alarmingly close to Shifa, the territory’s main hospital and a significant point of contention in this war. The Israeli military asserts that Hamas’ primary command center is housed within this hospital complex, with high-ranking leaders using it as protection. Both Hamas representatives and hospital staff refute these allegations.

For those living in Gaza, Shifa Hospital represents civilian distress during this conflict. It’s struggling to cope with an unending stream of injured individuals while facing dwindling electricity and medical supplies shortages. Countless displaced individuals seek refuge within its vicinity.

ISRAEL CRUSHES Hamas: Unearths Valuable Intel Amidst Terrorist Takedown

ISRAEL CRUSHES Hamas: Unearths Valuable Intel Amidst Terrorist Takedown

Israel successfully seized control of a Hamas stronghold in Jabaliya, eliminating around 50 terrorists during the operation. This strategic move coincided with an airstrike on a high-ranking Hamas commander, leading to the collapse of several underground tunnels.

The global community has criticized Israel for allegedly targeting a “refugee camp”. However, these so-called camps are frequently utilized by Hamas for their operations. These are not newly established tent cities for displaced individuals but dense residential areas settled by Palestinian refugees following the Arab-Israeli wars in 1948 and 1967.

Upon capturing the stronghold, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) discovered crucial intelligence data. This includes operational orders and personal details of Hamas commanders and terrorists. The IDF is currently analyzing this information to aid in future counter-terrorism efforts.

The IDF has publicized photos displaying some of the materials uncovered during their operation within the stronghold.

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY Hit with Staggering $14M Fine: Campus Crime Cover-Up Exposed

Liberty University, a Christian institution, has been slapped with an unprecedented $14 million fine by the U.S. Department of Education. The school failed to disclose crucial information about crimes on its campus, particularly concerning its handling of sexual assault survivors.

This penalty is the heaviest ever imposed under the Clery Act — a law that mandates federally funded colleges to collect and disseminate data on campus crime. Liberty University, often touted as one of the country’s safest campuses, is home to over 15,000 students in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Between 2016 and 2023, Liberty’s police department operated with only one officer investigating crimes and minimal oversight. The Department of Education uncovered numerous instances where crimes were either misclassified or underreported. This was particularly prevalent for sexual offenses such as rape and fondling.

In one shocking case spotlighted by investigators, a woman reported being raped but her case was dismissed by Liberty’s investigator based on her alleged “consent”. However, her statement revealed she had “given in” out of fear from the perpetrator.

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