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2024 Election: Voters Give ONE-WORD Descriptions of Presidential Candidates

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 | By Richard AhernA recent survey for the Daily Mail revealed how voters really feel about the potential 2024 presidential candidates. The poll invited voters to assign one-word descriptions to Republican and Democratic candidates, and the results were very entertaining.

Here’s what unfolded…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis faced both positive and negative labels from a selection of all voters. “Fascist,” “racist,” and “evil” were popular, but also “leader” and “hopeful” appeared, as well as some neutral words like “unsure.”

Fresh into the race, Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey who is riding on an anti-Trump campaign, is seen as either “fat,” “unsure,” or a “joke.”

For Donald Trump, we see a very polarized picture…

Amongst all voters, “criminal” holds the top spot, likely due to the intense media coverage of the former president’s legal battles — “liar,” “leader,” “dangerous,” and “patriot” are also popular.

For Republican voters, Trump’s word cloud is the most positive of all the candidates, showing his grip on the GOP remains strong. Voters described him as “awesome,” “patriot,” “leader,” “amazing,” “strong,” and “businessman.”

That’s just half of the story…

When turning the gaze toward the likely Democratic rivals, the word palette remains gloomy.

Gavin Newsom, the Democratic governor of California, is viewed as “unknown,” “unsure,” and “crazy.” Newsom has been considered as a younger alternative for Democrats if Joe Biden is unable to run for a second term. Unfortunately for Newsom, his word cloud had very few positive words other than “smart,” and most voters had no idea who he was.

As for Joe Biden, who will be 81 next year, all voters describe the current president as “old,” “incompetent,” “corrupt,” and “senile.”

Here’s the kicker:

When surveying only Democrat voters, the sentiment towards Joe Biden remains relatively similar, with “old” holding the top spot and “incompetent” still floating around. Of course, some Democrats view Biden in a more positive light, with the general sentiment being “steady,” “honest,” and “acceptable.”

While each candidate naturally received warmer feedback from their respective party’s voters, independent voters leaned toward overwhelmingly negative language. James Johnson, the co-founder of JL Partners who conducted this poll for the Daily Mail, stressed that this wasn’t simply about deriding leaders — it reflects broader voter sentiments.

Johnson said, “The key group to the next election — independent voters — are unsatisfied with any of the current choices available.” Biden is a near-certainty for the Democratic nomination, barring unforeseen circumstances, while Trump remains the clear frontrunner on the Republican side.

Here’s the bottom line…

When some Democrats describe their current president, they use words like “steady” and “competent,” yet another swath describes him as “old” and “incompetent.” Meanwhile, Republicans reach for “patriot,” “leader,” and “awesome” to characterize Trump, and very few see the former president in a negative light.

The data clearly shows that Trump has more robust backing from his own party compared to Biden — as for independent voters — they hate everybody!

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