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Israel-Palestine CONFLICT: What’s Happening in Gaza Right NOW

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The U.N. Security Council endorses a cease-fire plan to halt the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza, marking its first resolution on the matter.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro announces the suspension of coal exports to Israel in response to the conflict in Gaza. The move is seen as a significant gesture of support for Palestinians amidst escalating tensions in the region.

Palestinian officials seek to join South Africa’s case against Israel for alleged genocide in Gaza at the U.N. court. The move raises concerns about potential bias and politicization of international legal proceedings.

A protester disrupting the women’s European Championship qualifier between Scotland and Israel at Hampden Park caused a delay by chaining themselves to a goalpost.

Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva recalls his ambassador to Israel following ongoing tensions related to the conflict in Gaza.

Dave Chappelle stirs controversy by declaring a “genocide” in Gaza during his show in the UAE, drawing applause from the audience. His comments come amidst escalating tensions between Israel and Hamas.

FIFA plans to consult independent legal counsel before convening an urgent council meeting by July 20 to address a Palestinian request to suspend Israel from global soccer due to the Hamas conflict.

Israel’s defense minister announces plans to deploy additional troops to Rafah, a city on Gaza’s southern border with Egypt. The move comes as clashes intensify in northern Gaza, where Hamas is regrouping its forces.

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Malmo, Sweden demonstrate against Israel’s involvement in the Eurovision Song Contest.

President Biden issues a warning to Israel, stating that the US will not provide weapons for an attack on Rafah, a Hamas stronghold in Gaza. Biden expresses concern for the safety of over 1 million civilians seeking shelter in the area.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro announces the termination of diplomatic ties with Israel starting Thursday, amid escalating tensions stemming from the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Hamas has long claimed it could consider a temporary two-state compromise with Israel, a stance they have maintained for over 15 years.

Pro-Palestinian student protesters at U.S. colleges demand divestment from Israel, claiming investments support Gaza conflict. Campuses nationwide witness growing demonstrations urging universities to sever ties with Israel over alleged involvement in the conflict.

Israel and Iran engage in direct strikes this month, showcasing the capabilities of both militaries. This series of confrontations provides new insights into their strategic operations.

Iran retaliates with an attack on Saturday, following a suspected Israeli strike on an Iranian consular building in Damascus two weeks prior, which resulted in the deaths of two Iranian generals.

Israel initiates a new crossing for aid trucks into northern Gaza, enhancing humanitarian aid delivery to the region.

The Israeli military admits to critical errors in drone strikes that resulted in the deaths of seven World Central Kitchen workers.

A Polish aid worker’s death in Gaza sparks a diplomatic clash between Poland and Israel. The incident has escalated tensions, leading to a fresh diplomatic crisis.

The United Nations’ highest court demands Israel to increase land crossings into Gaza, aiming to alleviate severe shortages of food, water, and fuel in the conflict-stricken region.

The United Nations’ highest court mandates Israel to increase the number of land crossings into Gaza for essential supplies. This legally binding order calls for more access points for food, water, fuel, and other necessities.

The leader of a Lebanese Sunni militant group, previously at odds with the Shiite group Hezbollah, admits that their shared hostility towards Israel has fostered an unlikely alliance. This development raises concerns about increasing unity among anti-Israel factions on Lebanon’s border.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken returns from the Middle East without achieving his objectives. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disregards American requests to halt a planned ground invasion of Rafah, a city in southern Gaza.

Approximately 60,000 Israelis, forced to evacuate their homes near the Lebanese border, are left uncertain about when they can return.

The US slaps sanctions on three Israeli West Bank settlers, accusing them of pressuring Palestinians into leaving their land through harassment and attacks. The settlers are labeled as extremists in the official statement.

President Joe Biden openly criticizes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s handling of the Gaza crisis, suggesting it’s causing harm to Israel. Biden also reveals having serious discussions with Netanyahu about the escalating humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Haley’s withdrawal from the GOP race delays the possibility of a female president in America. Despite her political ascent, the presidency remains elusive.

Turkey aligns with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan in criticizing Israel for firing on Palestinians awaiting aid. The Turkish foreign ministry labels the incident as a “crime against humanity”.

President Joe Biden is set to meet with the top four congressional leaders at the White House. The agenda includes discussions on emergency aid for Ukraine and Israel, along with strategies to prevent a government shutdown next month.

In a first, the White House honors living former President Jimmy Carter with an official Christmas ornament. At 99 years old, Carter adds this unique distinction to his legacy.

Israeli forces continue operations in Gaza, resulting in 18 casualties overnight. Meanwhile, the US, a staunch ally of Israel, announces it will veto any UN cease-fire resolution. Instead of a UN resolution, the US aims to negotiate a cease-fire agreement directly.

A policy adviser from the Department of Education steps down, citing disagreement with the administration’s backing of Israel in the Gaza conflict and its management of related domestic and international repercussions.

An Israeli civilian faces charges for posing as a soldier and unlawfully acquiring military weapons. He infiltrated an army unit and participated in combat against Hamas, despite never having served in the military.

An Israeli woman, recently freed from Gaza captivity, reports enduring weeks of fear and inappropriate touching by her Palestinian captor.

Gaza’s health officials, under Hamas control, reported on Friday that Palestinian fatalities have now exceeded 20,000.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas marks the most lethal and damaging clash since 2007, when Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli citizens rally, pushing their government to reopen talks with Gaza’s Hamas leaders, despite Israel’s firm stance against the group.

The Israeli military uncovers a significant tunnel shaft in Gaza, alarmingly close to a key crossing point with Israel.

Israel and the U.S. face their most pronounced public discord yet over the ongoing conflict with Hamas, as international pressure for a cease-fire grows.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan leverages a human rights speech to attack the West. He labels Western countries as “barbaric” for their position on the Israel-Hamas conflict and alleged acceptance of Islamophobia.

Britain’s High Court is facing a legal challenge from human rights groups. They demand an end to the U.K.'s practice of issuing licenses for arms exports to Israel.

Israel’s military expands its operations to Khan Younis, Gaza’s second-largest city, in pursuit of hidden Hamas leaders. This strategic move prompts evacuation orders in surrounding areas, reflecting Israel’s ongoing efforts to neutralize the threat.

The seven-day cease-fire agreement has ended, with no word on an extension from mediator Qatar. Israel’s military confirms it has returned to active combat.

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas escalates, antisemitism in Europe is on the rise, causing concern among Jewish communities. Meanwhile, Hamas has released a third batch of hostages, including 14 Israelis and one American. This comes as part of a four-day truce which the US hopes to extend.

Negotiations for hostage release hit a roadblock as Hamas proves uncooperative, even as Israel continues its strategic operations in Gaza.

The Gaza Strip is facing a severe fuel crisis, causing a complete shutdown of all internet and phone networks. This information comes directly from the primary Palestinian service provider.

The Israeli military is conducting a focused operation against Hamas militants in a specific section of Shifa hospital, Gaza’s largest medical facility. The army insists its actions are precise and targeted.

In a show of solidarity, tens of thousands gather in Washington to support Israel. The crowd, echoing the phrase “never again”, stands united against Hamas. This massive rally underscores the strong bond between American citizens and Israel.

Health officials report that severely injured patients, including newborns, along with their caregivers are stuck with limited supplies and no power.

Yemen’s internet service abruptly went down on Friday, leaving the conflict-ridden nation without connectivity for hours. Officials later attributed the outage to unexpected “maintenance work”.

Massive pro-Palestinian protests sweep across Washington, Paris, Berlin, and other European cities. The demonstrators demand an end to Israel’s response in Gaza. Their numbers are reported to be in the tens of thousands.

House Republicans challenge the IRS, insisting that emergency aid for Israel must be balanced with budget cuts in other areas.

The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees is sounding the alarm over a potential reduction in relief operations across the Gaza Strip due to fuel shortages. They blame the blockade, but fail to mention the escalating bombings in the region.

Hostage release talks are progressing, with Hamas giving a “positive response” during the negotiations to release approximately 50 hostages in exchange for a ceasefire.

An explosion at Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza kills almost 500 people and injures more than 300. Some media sources rushed to judgment by blaming an Israeli airstrike. However, most reports now conclude it was a misfired rocket by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). Investigations continue.


Israel declares a state of war for the first time in 50 years and ordered residents of the Gaza Strip to evacuate.

Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip invaded Israel, massacring 260 people enjoying the Supernova techno music festival. The militants also took an unconfirmed number of hostages.

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