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TRUMP’S Ex-Fixer Cohen Directly Implicates, GOP Allies Rally, and US Airlines Challenge Biden: Legal Battles Erupt | Roaring Kitty Fuels GameStop, Democratic Ad Campaign Divides, and Controlled

In a pivotal hush money trial, Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen directly incriminates the ex-president. GOP allies rally as Cohen implicates Trump, stirring up controversy and legal battles. US airlines challenge Biden’s fee transparency rule, sparking a clash between industry and administration. Roaring Kitty reemerges, fueling GameStop and AMC stock surges in a volatile market trend. A Democratic ad campaign targets rural Trump supporters, highlighting ongoing political divisions in America. Controlled demolition progresses at Baltimore bridge collapse site amid investigations into the tragic incident. In other news, Melinda French Gates steps down from Gates Foundation leadership role following her divorce from Bill Gates.

The emergence of a compact Chinese EV called the Seagull poses a competitive threat to the US auto industry, signaling potential shifts in the electric vehicle market. Vice President Harris sparks controversy with profanity-laden advice to Asian American and Pacific Islander youth, drawing mixed reactions from different communities. Notable events include jury hearings on secret recordings involving Michael Cohen and Trump discussing hush money payments, as well as dramatic rescues of horses trapped in Connecticut mud.

Hundreds flee Ukrainian border areas amid escalating Russian strikes, highlighting ongoing tensions in Eastern Europe. Amid global concerns about mental health services for traumatized children in conflict zones like Haiti and Gaza, efforts are made to address these critical needs despite challenges.

In sports news, Bronny James receives medical clearance for NBA play while tennis star Swiatek pursues victories in Madrid-Rome double matches against top competitors like Keys.

As geopolitical tensions persist with China and Russia, questions arise about US interest rates combating inflation while hedge fund operators face trials following financial collapses like Archegos’. GM’s Cruise begins testing robotaxis with human drivers onboard in Phoenix as stock markets fluctuate near record highs.

Finally: Frozen peas add zest to weeknight risotto recipes; WNBA players receive charter flight perks; Liam and Olivia remain popular baby names; Ohio approves adult-use marijuana sales; Lisa Bluder retires as Iowa women’s basketball coach after NCAA success; Wisconsin Senate plans veto overrides on multiple bills including PFAS funding; Roku streams MLB games without device restrictions; Scottie Scheffler competes at PGA Championship after welcoming newborn son.