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AUSTRALIAN Activist’s SHOCKING Sentence in China Sparks Global Outrage

AUSTRALIAN Activist’s SHOCKING Sentence in China Sparks Global Outrage

— Yang Hengjun, an Australian pro-democracy activist and former Chinese government worker, faces a surprising sentence in China. Born as Yang Jun in 1965, he served the Chinese government before moving to Australia in 2002. He also spent time as a visiting scholar at Columbia University.

Yang was arrested during a family trip to China in 2019. His arrest happened during the height of the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement and amidst tense relations between Australia and China. The Australian government and human rights groups have consistently condemned his detention, calling him a political prisoner.

The trial has been slammed for its secrecy, with claims of torture and forced confessions emerging. Yang reportedly faced a secret trial on vague espionage charges three years ago. In August 2023, he voiced fears of dying from an untreated kidney cyst while waiting for his verdict

The sentencing has ignited international outrage with Australia condemning it as an “appalling” obstacle to better relations with China. Human Rights Watch Asia Director Elaine Pearson labelled Yang’s treatment as making a mockery of legal proceedings.

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