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NATO’S BIG Move: Ukraine’s UNSTOPPABLE Path to Membership

NATO - Topic: NATO Headquarters

— NATO’s 32 members declared Ukraine on an “irreversible” path to membership in the alliance. This announcement came during their summit in Washington, emphasizing a commitment to Ukraine’s defense.

The U.S., Netherlands, and Denmark announced that Ukrainian pilots would receive NATO-provided F-16s by summer. President Zelenskyy expressed gratitude for the support amid ongoing deadly strikes from Russia.

NATO also committed to long-term security assistance and established a new center to ensure reliable arms and training for Ukraine. However, these commitments fall short of what Ukraine says it needs to defeat Russia.

The final statement labeled China as a “decisive enabler” of Russia’s war against Ukraine. NATO reaffirmed its support for Ukraine’s democratic, economic, and security reforms needed for full membership in the alliance.

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