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SOUTH KOREAN Election Shocker: Voters Lean Left in Historic Turn

SOUTH KOREAN Election Shocker: Voters Lean Left in Historic Turn

— South Korean voters, upset by the economic slump, are showing their disapproval towards President Yoon Suk-yeol and his ruling People Power Party (PPP). Early exit polls indicate a dramatic tilt in the National Assembly, with the opposition DP/DUP coalition on track to win between 168 and 193 of the 300 seats. This would leave Yoon’s PPP and its partners trailing with just 87-111 seats.

A record-breaking turnout of 67 percent — the highest for a midterm election since 1992 — reflects widespread voter engagement. South Korea’s unique proportional representation system aims to give smaller parties a chance but has resulted in a crowded field that confuses many voters.

PPP leader Han Dong-hoon has publicly recognized the disappointing exit poll figures. He pledged to honor the electorate’s decision and wait for the final tally. The election results could mark a pivotal change in South Korea’s political landscape, hinting at broader shifts ahead.

This electoral outcome underscores growing public discontent with current economic policies and signals a desire for change among South Korean voters, potentially reshaping the nation’s policy direction in years to come.

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