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WATCH Biden EMBARRASS America on the World Stage With These Gaffes

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 | By Richard AhernVideos showing President Joe Biden fumbling and bumbling during the G7 summit in Hiroshima have gone viral on social media, creating a treasure trove of gaffes for Republicans.

The president flew to Japan on Thursday to partake in the weekend gathering of the world’s leading democratic nations. After the summit, President Biden canceled his plans to visit Papua New Guinea and Australia to return to Washington, D.C., to discuss the debt limit.

Biden, now 80 years old, is notorious for his gaffes, which appear to be worsening. Yet, recently, he has expressed his intention to run for a second term in 2024! Meaning that when he runs for reelection, he will be 82 years old, and by the time he leaves office (if he won), he will be the ripe old age of 86!

Early on Sunday, a video circulated of Biden discussing the debt ceiling, in which he delivered an entirely perplexing statement.

In the unintelligible speech to reporters, Biden explains, “For example, the idea that we’re… in terms of taxes that they refuse to…for example, we, I was able to balance the budget and pass everything from the global warming bill anyway, I was able to cut by $1.7 billion in the first two years the deficit that we are, were accumulating and because I was able to say to that the fifty-five corporations in America that made forty-four hundred billion dollars or forty billion dollars, four hundred billion dollars, that they pay zero in tax, zero.

Joe Biden is also well known for his physical gaffes — tumbling off his bike and falling down the stairs of Air Force One are all memorable examples. At the summit, Biden did not disappoint when he almost fell down some steps but managed to stabilize himself just in time.

In the videos and photographs of the G7 leaders, Biden is frequently seen with his signature confused look, likely wondering where he is and who these people are.

With the election around the corner, the G7 summit was a goldmine of gaffes for Republicans to question Biden’s age, health, and mental suitability. Democrats will also surely ask whether Biden is the sensible candidate when his presence on the world stage is widely mocked at a time when America must appear its strongest.

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