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Biden’s BORDER Crisis: SHOCKING Numbers Reveal the Truth

The border crisis under President Biden is getting worse. New data shows a record number of illegal crossings. Many Americans are worried about the impact on our country’s safety and economy.

In August alone, over 200,000 illegal immigrants were caught crossing the southern border. This is a huge increase from previous months. Border Patrol agents are overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with the surge.

Critics say Biden’s policies are to blame for this crisis. They argue that his administration has been too lenient on immigration laws. This has encouraged more people to try and enter the U.S. illegally, putting strain on resources and communities near the border.

Supporters of stricter immigration laws believe that tougher measures are needed now more than ever. They call for stronger enforcement at the border and policies that discourage illegal crossings altogether. The situation remains tense as America watches how this issue will unfold in the coming months under Biden’s leadership.

BRITAIN HALTS Arrests: Chaos Looms Amid Prison Crisis

BRITAIN HALTS Arrests: Chaos Looms Amid Prison Crisis

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) has advised British police to suspend “non-priority arrests” and halt operations that could lead to many arrests, according to the Times of London. The NPCC memo stressed that public protection remains a priority but suggested pausing certain activities to ease pressure on the criminal justice system.

The advice includes not jailing suspects for alleged burglaries if on-the-scene forensics or CCTV reviews are pending. Non-intelligence operations that can be delayed should be postponed. However, large-scale protests and public events should still be prioritized by police forces.

This guidance comes as male prisons face potential overcrowding by June due to judicial delays from COVID-19 lockdowns and barrister strikes. To address this, the government extended an emergency early-release scheme allowing some prisoners, excluding sex offenders and terrorists, to be released up to 70 days early starting Thursday.

Additionally, the government approved delaying court cases, meaning some suspects will be released on bail while awaiting trial rather than being held in custody. The Ministry of Justice has not disclosed how many prisoners have been freed under these measures since their implementation in October.

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GANTZ THREATENS To Resign: Israel’s War Cabinet in Turmoil

Benny Gantz, a key member of Israel’s War Cabinet, threatened to resign if the government doesn’t adopt a new Gaza war plan within three weeks. His six-point plan includes returning hostages, ending Hamas’ rule, and demilitarizing Gaza. He set a June 8 deadline for these changes.

Prime Minister Netanyahu criticized Gantz’s ultimatum, calling his conditions “euphemisms” for Israel’s defeat. Gantz joined the coalition at the war’s start to promote national unity but now faces deepening divides within the leadership. His resignation would force Netanyahu to rely more on far-right allies.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant also expressed opposition to reoccupying Gaza and called for plans for a Palestinian administration. The internal conflict among Israel’s leaders complicates efforts to achieve their goals in Gaza.

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SUMMER 2023: RECORD-Breaking Heat Shocks Scientists

The summer of 2023 was the hottest in the Northern Hemisphere in over 2,000 years, according to a new study. Weather agencies had already declared it the hottest month, summer, and year on record based on thermometer data.

Scientists used tree rings to calculate temperatures dating back to year 1 AD and found no hotter summer than last year’s. Lead author Jan Esper from Gutenberg Research College confirmed that before industrial emissions, the hottest year was 246 AD.

This period marked the start of medieval history when Roman Emperor Philip the Arab fought along the Danube River. The study highlights significant climate changes linked to human activities like burning fossil fuels.

Ocean Plastic Pollution Explained The Ocean Cleanup

PLASTIC WARFARE: Nations Clash Over New Global Treaty in Ottawa

For the first time, global negotiators are crafting a treaty aimed at ending plastic pollution. This marks a significant shift from mere discussions to actual treaty language. The talks are part of the fourth in a series of five international plastics summits.

The proposal to limit global plastic production is causing friction among nations. Plastic-producing countries and industries, particularly those linked to oil and gas, strongly oppose these limits. Plastics primarily derive from fossil fuels and chemicals, intensifying the debate.

Industry representatives advocate for a treaty that emphasizes plastic recycling and reuse rather than production cuts. Stewart Harris of the International Council of Chemical Associations highlighted the industry’s commitment to cooperate on implementing such measures. Meanwhile, scientists at the summit aim to counteract misinformation by providing evidence on plastic pollution impacts.

The final meeting is set to address unresolved issues around plastic production limits before concluding negotiations on this groundbreaking treaty. As discussions continue, all eyes are on how these contentious points will be resolved in the upcoming final session.

ISRAEL’S Military Strikes in Gaza Spark US Alarm: Humanitarian Crisis Looms

ISRAEL’S Military Strikes in Gaza Spark US Alarm: Humanitarian Crisis Looms

The U.S. has voiced serious concerns over Israel’s military operations in Gaza, particularly in the city of Rafah. This area is crucial as it serves as a center for humanitarian aid and provides shelter to over a million displaced individuals. The U.S. is worried that increasing military activities could cut off vital aid and deepen the humanitarian crisis.

Public and private communications have been made by the U.S. with Israel, focusing on the protection of civilians and the facilitation of humanitarian assistance. Sullivan, actively engaged in these discussions, has emphasized the need for effective plans to ensure civilian safety and access to essential resources such as food, housing, and medical care.

Sullivan stressed that American decisions will be guided by national interests and values amid this conflict. He confirmed that these principles would consistently influence U.S actions, demonstrating a commitment to both American standards and international humanitarian norms during ongoing tensions in Gaza.

SCOTTISH LEADER Faces Political Turmoil Amid Climate Dispute

SCOTTISH LEADER Faces Political Turmoil Amid Climate Dispute

Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf has firmly stated he will not step down, even though he faces a no-confidence vote. This situation arose after he terminated a three-year collaboration with the Greens, leaving his Scottish National Party in control of a minority government.

The conflict started when Yousaf and the Greens disagreed on how to handle climate change policies. As a result, the Scottish Conservatives have put forward a no-confidence motion against him. This critical vote is set for next week in the Scottish Parliament.

With the withdrawal of support from the Greens, Yousaf’s party now lacks two seats to hold a majority. If he loses this upcoming vote, it could lead to his resignation and potentially prompt an early election in Scotland, which isn’t scheduled until 2026.

This political instability highlights deep divisions within Scottish politics over environmental strategies and governance, posing significant challenges for Yousaf’s leadership as he navigates these turbulent waters without sufficient backing from former allies.

OJ Simpson’s TWISTED Fate: From Freedom to Prison

OJ Simpson’s TWISTED Fate: From Freedom to Prison

More than two decades after O.J. Simpson walked free in a murder case that grabbed headlines worldwide, a Nevada jury found him guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping. The conviction was for trying to take back personal items in Las Vegas. Some say the tough 33-year sentence at 61 years old was because of his earlier trial and his fame.

The trial in Los Angeles, coming after the Rodney King incident, ended with Simpson not guilty. But many think this result made his punishment for the Las Vegas crimes harsher later on. “Celebrity justice swings both ways,” said media lawyer Royal Oakes, pointing out how Simpson’s star status affected his legal troubles.

Released on parole in 2017 after nine years behind bars, Simpson’s journey is much different from his first trial’s verdict. His cases have started talks about how fame can tilt the scales of justice and possible jury bias due to race. These events show the tricky mix of fame, societal issues, and law in America.

Simpson’s story continues to be a powerful example of how celebrity can impact legal outcomes differently over time, raising questions about fairness and justice in high-profile cases.

PORT CRISIS Triggered by Baltimore Bridge Collision: Full Recovery Weeks Away, Temporary Channels Opened

PORT CRISIS Triggered by Baltimore Bridge Collision: Full Recovery Weeks Away, Temporary Channels Opened

The MV Dali’s catastrophic collision with the Francis Scott Key Bridge continues to wreak havoc on Baltimore’s port operations. The primary shipping channel, designed to handle large Evergreen A-class container carriers, is still obstructed by remnants of the bridge. However, a smaller secondary route has been temporarily opened for use.

This new pathway is not dredged and only reaches a depth of 11 feet. It passes under the first standing span of the destroyed bridge. The Tugboat Crystal Coast marked its inaugural journey along this alternate route near the Dali container vessel site while pushing a fuel barge. This narrow passage will primarily serve barges and tugs involved in clean-up operations.

Governor Wes Moore from Maryland has revealed plans for another temporary channel south of the disaster area with a marginally deeper draft at 15 feet. Despite these advancements, obstacles and limited air drafts continue to hinder full port reopening efforts. Rear Admiral Gilreath from Coast Guard has stressed that reinstating access to the central deep water channel remains his main concern.

The incident has forced significant changes in East Coast ports as they accommodate cargo redirected from Baltimore harbor. Salvage specialists are now tasked with clearing debris from what was once an integral bridge serving thousands daily. With six people feared dead and two survivors rescued from Patapsco River

DAWKINS Picks CHRISTIANITY Over Islam: A Shocking Twist From the Renowned Atheist

DAWKINS Picks CHRISTIANITY Over Islam: A Shocking Twist From the Renowned Atheist

Richard Dawkins, a celebrated author and emeritus fellow of New College, Oxford, recently shared his surprising preference for Christian society over Islamic nations. In a conversation with LBC Radio’s Rachel Johnson, he revealed that despite being an atheist, he identifies as a “cultural Christian” and feels more comfortable in the Christian ethos.

Dawkins expressed his disapproval of Ramadan lights replacing Easter ones in London. He firmly believes that the UK is culturally rooted in Christianity and showed strong opposition towards the idea of substitifying it with any other religion.

While recognizing Christianity’s decline in the UK — a trend he supports — Dawkins emphasized his concern over losing cathedrals and other cultural elements tied to living in a Christian country. “If I had to pick between Christianity and Islam,” Dawkins stated emphatically, “I’d choose Christianity every single time.”

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NETANYAHU DEFIES UN Cease-Fire: Vows to Continue Gaza War Amidst Global Tensions

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has openly criticized a United Nations Security Council resolution for a cease-fire in Gaza. According to Netanyahu, the resolution, which the United States did not veto, has only served to empower Hamas.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is now in its sixth month. Both parties have consistently rejected cease-fire efforts, escalating tensions between the U.S. and Israel regarding war conduct. Netanyahu maintains that an expanded ground offensive is necessary to dismantle Hamas and free hostages.

Hamas seeks a lasting cease-fire, Israeli forces’ withdrawal from Gaza, and freedom for Palestinian prisoners before releasing hostages. A recent proposal that didn’t meet these demands was dismissed by Hamas. In response, Netanyahu argued that this rejection demonstrates Hamas’ lack of interest in negotiations and underlines the harm inflicted by the Security Council’s decision.

Israel expresses dissatisfaction with the U.S.“s abstention from voting on a Security Council resolution calling for a cease-fire — marking it as the first time since the onset of the Israel-Hamas war began. The vote passed unanimously without U.S.”s involvement.

NETANYAHU DEFIES Global Outrage, Sets Sights on Rafah Invasion

NETANYAHU DEFIES Global Outrage, Sets Sights on Rafah Invasion

Despite international outcry, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is determined to press ahead with plans to invade Rafah, a city in the Gaza Strip. This decision comes in the face of protests from the United States and other world powers.

The Israeli Defense Force is slated to lead this operation as part of broader military initiatives in the region. This move will proceed even if there’s a potential cease-fire agreement with Hamas, Netanyahu’s office confirmed on Friday.

Alongside these invasion plans, an Israeli delegation is preparing for a trip to Doha. Their mission? To negotiate for hostage release. But before they can proceed, they need full consensus from the security cabinet.

The announcement has heightened tensions as Palestinians gather for Ramadan prayers at Al-Farouq Mosque ruins in Rafah — a site ravaged by ongoing conflicts between Israel and militant group Hamas.

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PUTIN’S Dark Turn: From Authoritarian to Totalitarian — The Shocking Evolution of Russia

In the wake of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov’s assassination in February 2015, shock and anger rippled through over 50,000 Muscovites. Yet, when well-known opposition figure Alexei Navalny died behind bars in February 2024, those mourning his loss faced riot police and arrests. This change signals a chilling transformation in Vladimir Putin’s Russia — from merely tolerating dissent to brutally crushing it.

Since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, arrests, trials and long prison sentences have become the norm. The Kremlin now targets not just political rivals but also human rights organizations, independent media outlets, civil society groups and LGBTQ+ activists. Oleg Orlov, co-chair of Memorial — a Russian human rights organization — has branded Russia as a “totalitarian state”.

Orlov himself was arrested and sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for criticizing the military’s actions in Ukraine just one month after his damning statement. According to Memorial’s estimates, there are nearly 680 political prisoners currently held captive in Russia.

Another organization called OVD-Info reported that as of November there were over a thousand

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BODY SHOP Faces Uncertain Future: Insolvency Administrators Step In Amid Financial Crisis

The Body Shop, a renowned British beauty and cosmetics retailer, has enlisted the help of insolvency administrators. This move follows years of financial struggles that have plagued the company. Established in 1976 as a single store, The Body Shop has grown into one of Britain’s most iconic high street retailers. Now, its future hangs in the balance.

FRP, the appointed administrators for The Body Shop, have revealed that past owners’ financial mismanagement has contributed to an extended period of hardship for the company. These issues are exacerbated by a challenging trading environment within the broader retail sector.

Just weeks before this announcement, European private equity firm Aurelius took over The Body Shop. Known for their expertise in revitalizing struggling companies, Aurelius now faces a significant challenge with this latest acquisition.

Anita Roddick and her husband established The Body Shop in 1976 with ethical consumerism at its core. Roddick earned herself the title “Queen of Green” by prioritizing corporate social responsibility and environmentalism long before they became fashionable business practices. Today however, her legacy is threatened by ongoing financial difficulties.

Denver’s MAYOR ATTACKS Republicans, Declares Service Cutbacks Amid Migrant Crisis

Denver’s MAYOR ATTACKS Republicans, Declares Service Cutbacks Amid Migrant Crisis

Mayor Mike Johnston (D-CO) has openly chastised Republican leadership for obstructing a migration deal proposed by Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY). This agreement would have permitted a large influx of migrants and allocated $5 billion for their resettlement across various cities and towns. Having already assisted 35,000 undocumented migrants, Johnston labeled the blocked deal as a “plan for shared sacrifice”.

Following the failure of this deal, Johnston declared that Denver will need to implement budget cuts to cover the costs associated with incoming migrants. He pointed fingers at Republicans for these reductions, asserting that their refusal to approve regime change will strain city budgets and services offered to newcomers. The mayor cautioned that more cutbacks are on the horizon.

The Congressional Budget Office highlighted in February that such migration policies redirect family wages and workplace investment towards Wall Street and government sectors while shifting attention away from American communities. In Denver specifically, an influx of impoverished migrants resulted in 20,000 hospital visits which led to a partial shutdown of a city hospital earlier this year.

Johnston’s announcement included service reductions at the DMV and Park & Recs departments with the aim of freeing up resources for undocumented immigrants. This decision has sparked criticism as it directly affects services available to Denver residents.

AUSTRALIAN Activist’s SHOCKING Sentence in China Sparks Global Outrage

AUSTRALIAN Activist’s SHOCKING Sentence in China Sparks Global Outrage

Yang Hengjun, an Australian pro-democracy activist and former Chinese government worker, faces a surprising sentence in China. Born as Yang Jun in 1965, he served the Chinese government before moving to Australia in 2002. He also spent time as a visiting scholar at Columbia University.

Yang was arrested during a family trip to China in 2019. His arrest happened during the height of the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement and amidst tense relations between Australia and China. The Australian government and human rights groups have consistently condemned his detention, calling him a political prisoner.

The trial has been slammed for its secrecy, with claims of torture and forced confessions emerging. Yang reportedly faced a secret trial on vague espionage charges three years ago. In August 2023, he voiced fears of dying from an untreated kidney cyst while waiting for his verdict

The sentencing has ignited international outrage with Australia condemning it as an “appalling” obstacle to better relations with China. Human Rights Watch Asia Director Elaine Pearson labelled Yang’s treatment as making a mockery of legal proceedings.

BRAVE ESCAPE: Coast Guard Rescues 20 from Lake Erie Ice Floe Trap

BRAVE ESCAPE: Coast Guard Rescues 20 from Lake Erie Ice Floe Trap

The U.S. Coast Guard executed a daring rescue mission on Monday, saving 20 people stuck on an ice floe in Lake Erie. The group found themselves stranded approximately half a mile away from Catawba Island State Park near Port Clinton, Ohio.

The rescue operation began around 10:20 a.m., involving two Coast Guard airboats and a helicopter, as reported by Petty Officer Jessica Fontenette. The Coast Guard successfully rescued nine individuals from the perilous situation.

In addition to the efforts of the Coast Guard, the Put-in-Bay Fire Department also played a critical role in rescuing four more people.

The final seven stranded individuals managed to reach shore using their own airboat. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in this incident that showcases the courage and effectiveness of our nation’s first responders.

US STRIKES BACK: Protecting Commercial Ships from Houthi Missiles in Yemen

US STRIKES BACK: Protecting Commercial Ships from Houthi Missiles in Yemen

The US has launched strikes on roughly a dozen missiles owned by the Houthi rebels in Yemen, an official stated. These missiles were reportedly being primed to target commercial ships navigating the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

This move comes after a previous US strike on a stockpile of anti-ship ballistic missiles, owned by the Houthis. The action was taken in direct retaliation to a missile fired at US vessels present in the Red Sea.

Houthi forces have openly claimed responsibility for ongoing attacks on merchant vessels and have issued threats against US and British ships. Their campaign is part of their support for Hamas against Israel.

This recent attack by the Houthis is the first one acknowledged by the US since they initiated strikes last Friday. This follows weeks of relentless assaults on shipping within the Red Sea region. Stay tuned as we continue to provide updates on this developing story.

TRUMP’S MAGA Wave Sparks Global Conservative Populist Triumphs

TRUMP’S MAGA Wave Sparks Global Conservative Populist Triumphs

In a recent interview at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump stated that his MAGA-Trump movement is driving a global surge of conservative populist victories. He pointed to Argentina’s new president, Javier Milei, as an example. Milei reportedly thanked Trump for laying the groundwork with his policies. The former US president playfully suggested that Milei’s “Make Argentina Great Again” slogan could also be shortened to MAGA.

Trump’s 2016 triumph over Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton was not a singular occurrence. It was preceded by significant wins for conservative populists worldwide, such as the Brexit referendum in the UK and Jimmy Morales’s victory in Guatemala’s presidential race. These successes helped ignite the movement that ultimately led to Trump’s ascendancy.

As we approach 2024, conservative populists are making further strides globally. Italy now boasts Giorgia Meloni as Prime Minister and Geert Wilders’ PVV party leads polls in Netherlands. With these victories and more expected throughout the year, it appears a global sweep for conservative populists is on the cards leading up to Trump’s anticipated rematch with Democrat President Joe Biden.

NHP - In conversation with former energy minister Claire Perry O ...

Ex-Energy Minister RESIGNS Over UK’S GREEN Betrayal: A Conservative Crisis Looms

Former Energy Minister, Chris Skidmore, has dropped a bombshell by resigning from the Conservative Party and his parliamentary seat. His decision comes in response to the government’s U-turn on environmental commitments.

Skidmore, known for his strong advocacy for reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, voiced disappointment over an upcoming bill. This controversial legislation promotes new North Sea oil and gas drilling which Skidmore sees as a glaring departure from the UK’s climate objectives.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is reportedly watering down several green initiatives due to 'unacceptable costs’ for ordinary citizens. Actions include pushing back a ban on new gas and diesel vehicles, scrapping an energy-efficiency regulation, and green-lighting numerous North Sea oil and gas licenses.

Skidmore is set to officially step down when Parliament reconvenes after its Christmas break next week. His exit indicates a rising wave of dissatisfaction within conservative circles over the government’s shifting environmental policies.

Principal Financial Group employees to return to Des Moines offices

SELFLESS Iowa Principal SHIELDS Students from Gunfire: A Heroic Tale of Bravery

Perry High School Principal Dan Marburger was critically injured on Thursday. He was shielding students from a teenage shooter in a harrowing incident. The 17-year-old student, armed with both a shotgun and handgun, injured six other staff members and students before ending his own life.

Marburger’s act of bravery has been praised by the state Department of Public Safety. Currently, he is receiving treatment in a Des Moines hospital. The principal is being hailed for his selfless decision to place himself in harm’s way to protect his students.

The small town of Perry is mourning this devastating event. Classes across the district have been suspended until next Friday as the community grapples with this shocking incident.

Perry Superintendent Clark Wicks spoke about the pain and grief impacting their school community. Counseling has taken precedence over classes as they take time to remember those affected by this senseless act of violence.

From BETTING FRENZY to Prison: Andy May’s £13M Gamble and His Fight Against Addiction

From BETTING FRENZY to Prison: Andy May’s £13M Gamble and His Fight Against Addiction

Andy May, once a finance manager from Norfolk, squandered his family’s house deposit in a gambling frenzy. After seven years of abstinence from betting, the allure of a “free bet” during the 2014 World Cup lured him back into the destructive habit.

May’s addiction spiraled out of control as he misused his company credit card to gamble away £1.3 million. This reckless act led him straight to prison. Now released after two years, he has teamed up with GambleAware to share his cautionary tale and raise awareness about gambling addiction.

During his four-and-a-half-year betting spree, May wagered on everything conceivable. He even resorted to paying off personal credit card debts using company funds. His illicit activities eventually caught up with him in 2019 when he was found guilty of stealing over £1.3 million from his employer.

Despite losing his job and deceiving his family about it, May confesses that he might be tempted by gambling again but fights daily against this urge. He underscores that no amount of potential winnings could enhance his life while everything is

IRAN’S Ruthless ACT: Woman Forced into Child Marriage Executed Despite Global Pleas

IRAN’S Ruthless ACT: Woman Forced into Child Marriage Executed Despite Global Pleas

Samira Sabzian, an Iranian woman who was compelled into a child marriage and later incarcerated for her husband’s murder, was executed on Wednesday. This event occurred despite fervent pleas from international human rights groups for leniency. The execution was carried out in Ghezelhesar Prison according to reports from the Norway-based Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO).

Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, Director of IHRNGO, referred to Sabzian as a victim of “gender apartheid, child marriage, and domestic violence.” He expressed strong criticism towards the Iranian regime’s management of the case.

Amiry-Moghaddam made it clear that Sabzian had become a target of an “inefficient and corrupt regime’s killing apparatus.” He demanded accountability from Ali Khamenei and other leaders within the Islamic Republic. Sabzian had spent ten years in prison following her arrest for her husband’s murder.

Israel's Netanyahu closer to hard-right government with new ...

ISRAEL’S Warfare Crisis: Growing Pleas for Peace Amid Rising Civilian Deaths and Humanitarian Despair

Israel is grappling with escalating global demands for a ceasefire. This comes in the wake of a string of fatal shootings, including an accidental incident that claimed the lives of three Israeli hostages. The ongoing conflict in Gaza, now into its tenth week, has raised serious questions about Israel’s military actions. Despite the U.S.'s crucial military and diplomatic backing, Israel may face increased scrutiny during Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s imminent visit.

The brutal war has led to substantial civilian losses with thousands dead and vast areas of northern Gaza reduced to rubble. An estimated 1.9 million Palestinians, constituting nearly 90% of Gaza’s population, have been forced to flee southwards within the beleaguered territory. Struggling Palestinians are surviving on scant humanitarian aid while some are seen crowding around aid trucks at Egypt’s Rafah crossing point.

Even though Israel has permitted direct aid into Gaza for the first time since the war commenced, relief workers argue it falls short considering the magnitude of destruction. The U.N agency responsible for Palestinian refugees estimates over half of Gaza’s infrastructure lies in ruins due to this conflict.

On a

Israeli defense minister:

Israel’s Defense Minister STANDS FIRM Amid Global Outcry Over Gaza Strip Offensive

Yoav Gallant, Israel’s Defense Minister, has remained unyielding in the face of international pleas to halt the military offensive in the Gaza Strip. Despite escalating criticism over a significant civilian death toll and extensive damage from the two-month campaign, Gallant holds his ground. The United States continues to provide unwavering diplomatic and military support to Israel while encouraging efforts to minimize civilian casualties. This operation was initiated following a Hamas militant attack on Israel’s southern border that led to an estimated 1,200 fatalities and 240 abductions. The campaign has resulted in over 17,000 Palestinian deaths and forced nearly 85% of Gaza’s residents out of their homes. Nonetheless, Gallant maintains that this stage of intense ground combat could persist for weeks or even months. In a statement affirming his commitment to safeguarding Israel’s future, Gallant indicated that subsequent stages would involve less intense skirmishes against “pockets of resistance”. This approach necessitates Israeli troops maintaining operational flexibility.

Putin says BRICS could help reach political settlement in Gaza ...

PUTIN’S POWER Play: Announces Candidacy Amidst Turmoil, Aiming to Cement His Iron Grip on Russia

Vladimir Putin has announced his intention to run in the upcoming presidential election in March. This move is seen as an attempt to prolong his authoritarian rule over Russia. Despite instigating a costly war in Ukraine and enduring internal conflicts, including an attack on the Kremlin itself, Putin’s support remains unshaken after nearly 24 years at the helm.

In June, a rebellion led by mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin stirred up rumors of Putin’s control waning. However, Prigozhin’s death in a suspicious plane crash two months later only served to reinforce the image of Putin’s absolute authority.

Putin made his decision public following a Kremlin award ceremony where war veterans and others encouraged him to seek reelection. Tatiana Stanovaya from the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center pointed out that this understated announcement is likely part of the Kremlin’s strategy to emphasize Putin’s humility and commitment rather than making loud campaign declarations.

Belt and Road Initiative

ITALY’S Bold Exit from China’s Belt and Road Initiative: A Triumph for Western Independence

Italy recently declared its departure from China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), signifying a major shift in Western attitudes towards Beijing’s economic clout. After four years of involvement, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani noted that nations not participating in the initiative have seen superior results.

The official withdrawal notice was issued by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s administration this week, well before the initial agreement expires next year. This decision sets the stage for an upcoming summit hosted by China with European Union leaders who have lately adopted a more wary stance towards Beijing.

In response to mounting skepticism, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi advocated for mutually beneficial relationships between Europe and China to boost global development. However, such views are increasingly met with suspicion in Europe as Western societies strive to steer clear of economic connections that might give Beijing an upper hand during political upheavals.

Stefano Stefanini, former Italian Ambassador, underscored an official G7 policy termed “de-risking”, spotlighting U.S.'s opposition against Italy’s participation in BRI. Despite U.S warnings labeling it as a “predatory” lending scheme aimed at controlling strategic infrastructure, Italy joined the initiative back in 2019.

They burn our souls': Mother of two hostages returns to Nir Oz for ...

Hamas TERROR Unleashed: Vulnerable ISRAELI Family’s Nightmare Amid Hostage Crisis

Eyal Barad and his family faced a chilling ordeal during a Hamas attack. Taking shelter in their safe room in Nir Oz, Israel, they were forced into silence as armed intruders prowled outside. The cries of Barad’s autistic daughter risked giving away their hiding place, pushing him to contemplate extreme measures for survival.

This incident unfolded on October 7th amidst the Israel-Gaza war. Hamas militants brutally killed and captured a significant portion of Nir Oz’s inhabitants. An examination of residents’ messages and security footage indicates that Hamas had intentionally aimed at civilians — a disturbing change in strategy that greatly impacted the war’s trajectory.

The recent liberation of Israeli hostages has cast fresh light on this frightful day. The lack of Israeli military presence coupled with the capture and killing of defenseless citizens highlighted Israel’s vulnerability. Over 100 Palestinian militants departed Nir Oz with approximately 80 residents — nearly half of all released Israelis and one-third of all hostages taken.

Today, Nir Oz symbolizes this vulnerability as over 30 residents are still presumed to be captives in Gaza. This unprecedented operation by Hamas underscores its new hostage : HEAD Racquetball Goggles - Impulse Anti Fog & Scratch ...

DEFENDING Our Skies: Innovative EYEWEAR Shields Aircrew from Surge in Laser Attacks

The Human Systems Division of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center is on a mission. They’re developing state-of-the-art protective eyewear for aircrew operators, a response to the alarming rise in laser pointer incidents. Based at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, the division is focusing on the Block 3 product line. This new gear will offer both laser and ballistic protection — a first in its field.

Capt. Pete Coats, who leads the division’s Aircrew Laser Eye Protection Program, stressed how vital eye health is for pilots. He warned that being hit by a laser without adequate protection could endanger not just safe flying and landing but also jeopardize a pilot’s career itself. The innovative eyewear will come in eight different models, each tailored to specific mission needs and other key factors.

Mark Beer, deputy program manager of the same program, clarified that aircrews engaged in low-speed missions or hovering would gain most from this dual ballistic and laser protection feature. However, those piloting fighter aircraft or high-altitude bombers might not need as much ballistic coverage. In just this year alone, pilots have reported nearly 9,500 laser strikes to the Federal Aviation

UK Hospital’s SHOCKING Negligence: Mother Dies from Overhydration as Staff Glued to PHONES

UK Hospital’s SHOCKING Negligence: Mother Dies from Overhydration as Staff Glued to PHONES

In a chilling incident, Michelle Whitehead, a mother of two, tragically died due to overhydration in an English hospital. The 45-year-old woman was admitted to the Millbrook Mental Health Unit after suffering a mental health crisis in May 2021. She developed psychogenic polydipsia, a condition characterized by excessive water drinking that led to dangerously low sodium levels and brain swelling.

Despite the common occurrence of this disorder among psychiatric patients, the hospital staff overlooked Whitehead’s condition. Alarmingly, she continued to have unrestricted access to water which worsened her state. After being sedated, she fell into a coma — a state misinterpreted by staff as sleep.

The Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust confessed numerous shortcomings during their investigation into Whitehead’s death. These included poor patient monitoring largely due to staff engrossed in their personal mobile phones — an activity banned on the ward.

Other oversights included ceasing monitoring after sedating Whitehead and considerable delays in medical response times.

Lt. Gen. Eric M. Smith - 2023 Defense News Conference

MARINE CORPS Commandant’s Sudden Hospitalization: Uncertainty and Political Turmoil Ensue

Marine Corps Gen. Eric M. Smith was urgently hospitalized following a medical crisis on Sunday evening. The specifics of the emergency are still concealed, but USNI News suggests that Smith suffered a heart attack.

Currently, Lt. Gen. Karsten Heckl is holding the fort as acting commandant during Smith’s absence. Under normal circumstances, the assistant commandant would step in if the commandant is unable to perform his duties, but this role remains unoccupied due to political deadlock.

President Biden’s pick for assistant commandant, Lt. Gen. Christopher Mahoney, is one among over 300 nominations held up by Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-AL) objection against a Department of Defense policy related to abortion services for military personnel and their dependents.

Tuberville along with other Republicans assert that the department has exceeded its jurisdiction with this policy; however, the department maintains that its intention is to guarantee equal healthcare access for all military personnel.

Immigration CRISIS: Biden’s Policies Cause SURGE at Border

The number of people attempting to cross the US-Mexico border has seen a dramatic increase recently. This surge is believed to be a result of President Biden’s immigration policies.

Many believe that Biden’s decision to reverse several of Trump’s immigration policies has led to this increase. Critics argue that these changes have encouraged more people to attempt the risky journey.

In response, the White House has defended its policies, stating they are more humane and fair than those of the previous administration. However, this defense has done little to quell concerns about the rising numbers at the border.

As we move forward, it remains unclear how this situation will evolve. What is clear though is that immigration will continue to be a hot-button issue in American politics.

ASIAN MARKETS in Chaos: Evergrande Crisis and Wall Street Woes Trigger Shockwaves

ASIAN MARKETS in Chaos: Evergrande Crisis and Wall Street Woes Trigger Shockwaves

Asian stock markets experienced a significant downturn on Monday, with Tokyo standing as the sole major regional market to register gains. This follows on the heels of Wall Street’s most dismal week in half a year, which subsequently boosted U.S. futures and oil prices.

Investor confidence was shaken due to multiple factors including worries over China’s real estate sector, a potential shutdown of the U.S. government, and an ongoing strike by American auto industry workers. European markets weren’t spared either with Germany’s DAX, Paris’ CAC 40, and Britain’s FTSE 100 all experiencing a 0.6% drop.

China Evergrande Group saw its shares plummet nearly 22% after it disclosed its inability to secure additional debt due to an ongoing investigation into one of its subsidiaries. This revelation threatens the restructuring of its staggering debt that exceeds $300 billion. In response, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng dropped 1.8%, Shanghai Composite index fell by 0.5%, while Japan’s Nikkei 225 managed to climb by 0.9%.

Elsewhere in Asia, Seoul’s Kospi dipped by 0.5%. On a brighter note though, Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 managed to claw back some ground ending with a modest

POLIO ERADICATION Stumbles: Key Goals Missed, Global Effort Faces Setbacks

POLIO ERADICATION Stumbles: Key Goals Missed, Global Effort Faces Setbacks

The worldwide endeavor to eliminate polio has hit a bump in the road. According to an independent assessment, two critical objectives set for this year are unlikely to be met. The targets were set for 2023 and aimed at stopping the spread of wild polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan — the only two countries where it’s still prevalent. A similar goal was set for a variant called “vaccine-derived” polio causing outbreaks elsewhere.

The Independent Monitoring Board supervising the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), backed by the U.N., declared that neither objective would be reached this year. GPEI agreed with this assessment, pointing out security issues in crucial regions as one of the remaining obstacles. They highlighted that halting vaccine-derived outbreaks will probably take longer than expected.

Despite reducing cases by over 99% since 1988 through mass vaccination drives, total eradication remains a tough nut to crack. Aidan O’Leary, director of polio eradication at the World Health Organization (WHO), maintains that it’s achievable and insists on persisting with efforts. Only seven instances of wild polio have been reported this year — five in Afghanistan and two in Pakistan.

O’Leary anticipates an interruption of transmission by early 2024 — just slightly behind

BORDER CHAOS Escalates: Migrants from Around the Globe Swarm Southern Border, Agents Struggle to Cope

BORDER CHAOS Escalates: Migrants from Around the Globe Swarm Southern Border, Agents Struggle to Cope

In a remote corner of Southern California, a diverse group of migrants hailing from countries such as China, Ecuador, Brazil, and Colombia have surrendered to Border Patrol agents. Their makeshift desert campsite is a stark symbol of the recent surge in asylum-seekers that has put immense pressure on various parts of the U.S.-Mexico border. This influx has led to shutdowns at border crossings in Eagle Pass (Texas), San Diego and El Paso.

The Biden administration finds itself scrambling for solutions following a brief dip in illegal crossings due to new asylum restrictions introduced in May. With Democrats pushing for more resources to accommodate asylum-seekers and Republicans using this issue as ammunition for the upcoming 2024 elections, Temporary Protected Status has been granted to an estimated 472,000 Venezuelans already residing in the U.S., adding to the 242,700 who had previously qualified.

In response to this crisis, an additional 800 active-duty military personnel have been deployed at the border joining an existing force of 2,500 National Guard members. Furthermore, holding facilities are being expanded by an additional capacity of 3,250 spaces. The administration

America’s BORDER CRISIS: A Deep Dive into Biden’s Disastrous Immigration Policies

The ongoing border crisis in America is a direct result of President Biden’s disastrous immigration policies. His decisions have led to an unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants, putting immense strain on border patrol agents and local communities.

President Biden reversed many of Trump’s strict immigration policies upon taking office. This has resulted in a surge of migrants attempting to cross the border illegally, with numbers reaching their highest levels in over two decades.

Local communities near the border are feeling the impact. Schools are overwhelmed, crime rates are rising, and public resources are stretched thin. Yet, the administration seems indifferent to their plight.

Biden’s approach to immigration is not just flawed; it’s catastrophic. It undermines national security and disregards the rule of law. It’s time for America to wake up and hold him accountable for this crisis.

UK Dog’s MIRACULOUS Recovery: Vets Successfully Remove LETHAL Fishing Hook from Throat

UK Dog’s MIRACULOUS Recovery: Vets Successfully Remove LETHAL Fishing Hook from Throat

In a recent incident that has left many astounded, a UK-based dog named Betsy managed to survive swallowing an entire fishing line, hook included. The event was brought to light by SWNS, a British news service. Betsy’s owners rushed her to Milton Keynes Veterinary Group when they noticed the fishing wire ominously hanging out of her mouth.

Veterinary surgeon Matthew Lloyd took on the challenging task of removing the line and sharp hook lodged deep in Betsy’s throat. With the help of specialist equipment, he carried out the procedure flawlessly without causing any additional harm to Betsy.

An x-ray image provided a clear view of the hook embedded in Betsy’s esophagus. Lloyd found Betsy’s case as “interesting”, underlining its rarity and complexity.

G20 SUMMIT SHOCKER: Global Leaders Slam Ukraine Invasion, Ignite NEW Biofuels Alliance

G20 SUMMIT SHOCKER: Global Leaders Slam Ukraine Invasion, Ignite NEW Biofuels Alliance

The second day of the G20 Summit in New Delhi, India, ended with a powerful joint statement. World leaders united to condemn the invasion of Ukraine. Although Russia and China objected, the consensus was reached without explicitly naming Russia.

The declaration read, “We … welcome all relevant and constructive initiatives that support a comprehensive, just, and durable peace in Ukraine.” The statement underscored that no state should use force to breach another’s territorial integrity or political independence.

President Joe Biden renewed his push for the African Union’s permanent membership in the G20. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi warmly received Comoros President Azali Assoumani at the summit. In a landmark move, Biden teamed up with Modi and other world leaders to kickstart the Global Biofuels Alliance.

This alliance aims to secure biofuel supply while ensuring affordability and sustainable production. The White House announced this initiative as part of a shared commitment towards cleaner fuels and achieving global decarbonization goals.

INDIA’S G-20 Summit: A Golden Opportunity for US to Reclaim Global Supremacy

INDIA’S G-20 Summit: A Golden Opportunity for US to Reclaim Global Supremacy

India is preparing to host its inaugural G-20 summit in New Delhi on September 9. This important event gathers leaders from the world’s most powerful economies. These nations represent a staggering 85% of the world’s GDP, 75% of all international trade, and two-thirds of the global population.

Elaine Dezenski, a representative from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, views this as a golden chance for America to reclaim its position as a global leader. She stressed the importance of fostering transparency, development and open trade rooted in democratic rules and principles.

Yet, Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine pose a significant challenge likely to cause division among attendees. Western nations supporting Ukraine may find themselves at odds with countries like India that maintain a more neutral stance. Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor, underscored that Russia’s war has inflicted severe social and economic damage on less affluent countries.

Despite unanimous condemnation at last year’s Bali summit declaration over Ukraine’s situation, disagreements persist within the G-20 group.

CONVICTED KILLER on the Loose: Danelo Cavalcante’s Daring Escape from Pennsylvania Prison

CONVICTED KILLER on the Loose: Danelo Cavalcante’s Daring Escape from Pennsylvania Prison

Convicted murderer, Danelo Cavalcante, is now a fugitive. After a daring escape from Chester County Prison in Pennsylvania, he has successfully evaded capture. The U.S Marshals Service has confirmed that Cavalcante, sentenced to life for the 2021 murder of his ex-girlfriend, is also implicated in a homicide case in Brazil.

Acting Warden Howard Holland unveiled surveillance footage of Cavalcante’s escape during a press briefing. The video captures the moment when Cavalcante scales a wall and braves through razor wire to make his audacious exit.

Cavalcante’s breakout commenced at 8:33 a.m., as he mingled with other inmates in the exercise yard. By 9:45 a.m., prison officers reported him missing—an unsettling indication of severe lapses in prison security measures.

FUKUSHIMA FALLOUT: Tepco Begins Controversial Release of Radioactive Water into Pacific, Sparks Global Outrage

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) started discharging treated radioactive water from the devastated Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean on Thursday. The flow began around 1 p.m. local time, with plans to continue the release for 17 days. TEPCO executives assured they would stop the release if any problems arose.

The decision has sparked global protests, including in Japan and South Korea. China issued a harsh statement on Thursday, condemning Japan’s “selfish and irresponsible” actions. Beijing warned of a potential “man-made secondary disaster” if Japan proceeded with the water dumping.

In Tokyo, hundreds of protestors gathered near TEPCO’s headquarters. Despite not being allowed to approach the building, their determined presence was a stark contrast to the tranquility of the nearby Imperial Palace. Their demands included calls to “protect our rights.”

Among the crowd was Terumi Kataoka, a woman in her sixties from Fukushima. She held a banner adorned with fish, her message clear: “No Dumping Radioactive Water into The Ocean.” The demonstration was peaceful, with journalists and a minimal police presence on hand.

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Biden’s BORDER Crisis: How It’s IMPACTING American Communities

The situation at the U.S.-Mexico border is becoming more dire every day. Many believe President Biden’s policies are to blame. The border crisis is not just a political issue — it affects real people and communities across America.

Local law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed by the surge in illegal crossings. They lack the resources to handle the influx, leading to increased crime rates and strained public services. Residents in border towns feel unsafe and abandoned by their government.

Small businesses are also suffering due to the chaos at the border. Many owners report theft, vandalism, and a drop in customers because people fear for their safety. The economic impact of these issues cannot be ignored as it threatens livelihoods and local economies alike.

It’s clear that something needs to change quickly before more harm is done. Many Americans are calling for stronger immigration policies and better support for affected communities. They believe that securing our borders should be a top priority for this administration if they truly care about American citizens’ well-being and safety.

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