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From REAGAN to TRUMP: Unraveling the Impact of Conservative Policies on the World Stage

The Year 1983 is Marked by President Ronald Reagan’s Bold Declaration of the Soviet Union

Ronald Reagan The White House, Creating a conservative climate change

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The year 1983 is marked by President Ronald Reagan’s bold declaration of the Soviet Union as an “Evil Empire.” This statement, a testament to his firm conservative stance against communism and authoritarianism, reverberated globally.

Fast forward to the new millennium, 2000, a time defined by President Bill Clinton’s progressive policies. In November, he led the passage of legislation establishing permanent normal trade relations with China. This significant decision impacted American manufacturing jobs and economic balance.

In 2004, Iraq’s Governing Council took a significant step toward democracy by ratifying an interim constitution. This achievement was made possible through the persistent efforts of President George W. Bush’s administration.

However, not all actions were met with approval. In 2008, Bush faced criticism for vetoing a bill aimed at banning the CIA from using harsh interrogation techniques, including waterboarding, on terror suspects. While liberals condemned this move, others saw it as essential in the ongoing fight against terrorism.

Fast forward again: Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, President Joe Biden announced a blanket ban on all Russian oil imports. This move intensifies Russia’s economic woes amidst a humanitarian crisis in Mariupol.

Beyond Ukraine’s borders, ongoing clashes between Israel and Hamas have ignited a growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza due to Israeli airstrikes. Despite this bleak situation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to negotiate with Hamas until all hostages are released.

In another development: VA Secretary Denis McDonough reversed a controversial decision that aimed to ban displays of the iconic “V-J Day in Times Square” photograph at VA facilities. The photograph was accused of portraying “a non-consensual act.” Thankfully, this attempt at revising history was stopped before causing significant harm.

In a final key development: The Supreme Court unanimously decided to reinstate former President Donald Trump’s eligibility for the 2024 presidential primary ballots. This ruling effectively dismisses attempts from Colorado, Illinois, and Maine to hold Trump accountable for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, ending efforts to exclude him from these states’ ballots — a victory for conservatives.

In conclusion, from Reagan’s firm opposition to communism, Bush’s unwavering fight against terrorism, Netanyahu’s steadfast stance on Hamas, McDonough’s reversal on political correctness at VA facilities, to SCOTUS reinstating Trump’s eligibility — conservative principles of liberty and justice continue to shape our world.

However, this narrative only represents one side of the story. The real question is how we will navigate this turbulent political landscape moving forward. Only time will tell.

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