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Madeleine McCann Case: Police RETRIEVE Potential Evidence from Portuguese Reservoir

German and Portuguese police retrieved numerous items potentially connected to the Madeleine McCann case during a three-day operation at the Arade reservoir in Portugal. The search was requested by German investigators who believed Madeleine was dead and that suspect Christian B was likely responsible.

Madeleine McCann police to search dam

Madeleine McCann: Police to SEARCH Dam in Portugal 50km Away from Disappearance

Twenty police officers are planning to search a dam located 50 kilometers away from where Madeleine McCann disappeared in Portugal. This search is part of renewed efforts by German authorities who are traveling to Portugal to investigate a newly identified site related to the case.

The search site has been prepared with forensic tents, and heavy machinery from Portugal’s Department of Civil Protection will be transported to the site.

The area around the Arade Dam, in the municipality of Silves, was previously searched in 2008 under the guidance of Portuguese lawyer Marcos Aragao Correia. Correia alleges that he was informed by a gang that McCann’s body was discarded in a reservoir shortly after her disappearance. He claims the current search area corresponds to the description provided by his informant.

The McCann family has been informed about these new search efforts but has not publicly acknowledged them.

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