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Vladimir Putin - Wikipedia

PUTIN’S NUCLEAR Warning: Russia Ready to Defend Sovereignty at All Costs

President Vladimir Putin has issued a stern warning, asserting that Russia stands ready to employ nuclear weapons if its statehood, sovereignty, or independence come under threat. This statement emerges just before a presidential vote this week where Putin is anticipated to clinch another six-year term.

During an interview with Russian state television, Putin underscored the full readiness of Russia’s nuclear forces. He confirmed that the nation is militarily and technically prepared and would resort to nuclear action if its existence or independence was threatened.

Despite his continuous threats since launching the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Putin refuted any plans of using battlefield nuclear weapons in Ukraine as there hasn’t been any necessity for such drastic measures so far.

U.S President Joe Biden was characterized by Putin as an experienced politician who comprehends the potential dangers of escalation. He voiced optimism that the U.S would avoid actions that could potentially ignite a nuclear conflict.

Vladimir Putin - Wikipedia

PUTIN’S NUCLEAR Warning: Russia Ready to Defend Sovereignty at ANY Cost

In a stark warning, President Vladimir Putin has declared that Russia stands ready to employ nuclear weapons if its statehood, sovereignty or independence comes under threat. This alarming statement comes on the eve of a presidential election this week where Putin is anticipated to secure another six-year term.

During an interview with Russian state television, Putin underscored the full readiness of Russia’s nuclear forces. He confidently affirmed that from a military-technical standpoint, the nation is primed for action.

Putin further explained that according to the country’s security doctrine, Moscow would not hesitate to resort to nuclear measures in response to threats against “the existence of the Russian state, our sovereignty and independence”.

This isn’t Putin’s first mention of his willingness to use nuclear weapons since initiating the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. However, when queried about deploying battlefield nuclear weapons in Ukraine during the interview, he asserted there was no necessity for such drastic measures.

Boris Nemtsov - Wikipedia

PUTIN’S Dark Turn: From Authoritarian to Totalitarian — The Shocking Evolution of Russia

In the wake of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov’s assassination in February 2015, shock and anger rippled through over 50,000 Muscovites. Yet, when well-known opposition figure Alexei Navalny died behind bars in February 2024, those mourning his loss faced riot police and arrests. This change signals a chilling transformation in Vladimir Putin’s Russia — from merely tolerating dissent to brutally crushing it.

Since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, arrests, trials and long prison sentences have become the norm. The Kremlin now targets not just political rivals but also human rights organizations, independent media outlets, civil society groups and LGBTQ+ activists. Oleg Orlov, co-chair of Memorial — a Russian human rights organization — has branded Russia as a “totalitarian state”.

Orlov himself was arrested and sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for criticizing the military’s actions in Ukraine just one month after his damning statement. According to Memorial’s estimates, there are nearly 680 political prisoners currently held captive in Russia.

Another organization called OVD-Info reported that as of November there were over a thousand

Putin says BRICS could help reach political settlement in Gaza ...

PUTIN’S POWER Play: Announces Candidacy Amidst Turmoil, Aiming to Cement His Iron Grip on Russia

Vladimir Putin has announced his intention to run in the upcoming presidential election in March. This move is seen as an attempt to prolong his authoritarian rule over Russia. Despite instigating a costly war in Ukraine and enduring internal conflicts, including an attack on the Kremlin itself, Putin’s support remains unshaken after nearly 24 years at the helm.

In June, a rebellion led by mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin stirred up rumors of Putin’s control waning. However, Prigozhin’s death in a suspicious plane crash two months later only served to reinforce the image of Putin’s absolute authority.

Putin made his decision public following a Kremlin award ceremony where war veterans and others encouraged him to seek reelection. Tatiana Stanovaya from the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center pointed out that this understated announcement is likely part of the Kremlin’s strategy to emphasize Putin’s humility and commitment rather than making loud campaign declarations.

Wagner Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin CONFIRMED Dead With DNA Results

According to results from genetic tests on the ten bodies found at the scene, Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin was confirmed dead by Russia’s Investigative Committee after a plane crash near Moscow.

Putin Demands Loyalty OATH from Wagner Mercenaries

President Vladimir Putin mandated an allegiance oath to the Russian state from all employees of Wagner and other Russian private military contractors involved in Ukraine. The immediate decree followed an incident where Wagner leaders were presumably killed in a plane crash.

Putin ‘Mourns’ Loss of Wagner Chief Prigozhin After Plane CRASH

Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to the family of Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, who led a mutiny against Putin in June and is now presumed dead in a plane crash north of Moscow. Acknowledging Prigozhin’s talent, Putin noted their relationship dating back to the 1990s. This crash tragically claimed the lives of all ten passengers on board.

China Eyes BRICS Expansion to CHALLENGE G7

China is urging the BRICS bloc, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, to rival the G7, especially as the Johannesburg summit witnesses the largest proposed expansion in over a decade. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has called over 60 world leaders to the table, with 23 countries expressing interest in joining the group.

Luna-25 crash

Russia’s Historic Moon Mission Ends in CRASH

Russia’s Luna-25 spacecraft, their first Moon mission in nearly half a century, crashed into the lunar surface. It was intended to be the inaugural craft to land on the Moon’s south pole, an area believed to contain frozen water and valuable elements.

After facing issues during its pre-landing orbit, Russia’s State Space Corporation confirmed they lost contact with the 800kg lander, which later collided with the Moon.

Russian BOMBERS Intercepted by RAF Near Scotland

RAF Typhoons swiftly responded to Russian bombers north of Scotland on Monday. Launched from Lossiemouth, the jets engaged two long-range Russian aircraft near the Shetland Islands. This incident occurred within NATO’s northern air policing zone.

UK Targets Putin’s War Machine with 25 New SANCTIONS

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly announced 25 new sanctions today, aimed at crippling Putin’s access to foreign military equipment crucial for Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine. This bold action targets individuals and businesses in Turkey, Dubai, Slovakia, and Switzerland who are bolstering Russia’s war efforts.

Ukraine Stops ASSASSINATION Plot Against President Zelenskyy

Ukraine’s security service announced on Monday that it had detained a woman sharing intelligence with Russia in a plot to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The informant was preparing an enemy airstrike on the Mykolaiv region during a recent visit by Zelenskyy.

Russia ACCUSES Ukraine of Mirroring 9/11 Tactics in Repeated Moscow Attacks

Russia has sharply accused Ukraine of using terrorist methods akin to the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks after an alleged drone strike on a Moscow building for the second time in three days. Over the weekend, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that the war was “gradually coming back to Russian territory” but didn’t claim responsibility for the attacks.

Putin OPEN to Peace Talks on Ukraine Amid Drone Attack on Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin has indicated a willingness to consider peace talks regarding the Ukraine crisis. After meeting with African leaders in St Petersburg, Putin suggested that African and Chinese initiatives might help guide the peace process. However, he also stated that a ceasefire would not be possible while the Ukrainian army remained aggressive.

Japan defense exports

Is Japan ARMING Ukraine? PM Kishida’s Proposal Ignites Speculation Amid Defense Industry Revival

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan discussed the possibility of supplying defense technology to other countries, leading many to speculate that Japan is considering providing Ukraine with lethal arms.

In a meeting held Tuesday, the idea of supplying defense technology and equipment to other countries was proposed. The intent is to breathe life back into Japan’s defense industry, currently languishing due to an export ban rendering research and development unprofitable.

Putin Bows Out of BRICS Summit Amid ARREST Fears

Vladimir Putin has decided to forgo the upcoming BRICS summit in South Africa amidst growing concerns over a potential arrest for alleged war crimes in Ukraine. After engaging in multiple discussions with the Kremlin, South Africa’s presidential office confirmed this decision. As an International Criminal Court (ICC) member, South Africa could be obliged to facilitate Putin’s arrest.

Crimea bridge explosion

Russia ACCUSES Ukraine of Drone Attack on Crimea Bridge

Russia’s Anti-Terrorist Committee alleges that Ukrainian drones on the water surface led to the reported explosions on the bridge connecting Crimea with Russia. The Committee attributed the attack to Ukrainian “special services” and announced the initiation of a criminal investigation.

Despite these claims, Ukraine denies responsibility, hinting at potential Russian provocation.

Ukraine to join NATO

NATO Pledges Pathway for Ukraine but Timing Still UNCLEAR

NATO has stated that Ukraine can join the alliance “when allies agree and conditions are met.” President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed frustration over the absence of a concrete timeframe for his country’s entry, suggesting it might become a bargaining chip in negotiations with Russia.

US sends cluster bombs to Ukraine

Allies OUTRAGED at Biden’s Controversial Decision to Supply CLUSTER Bombs to Ukraine

The US’s decision to supply Ukraine with cluster bombs has caused international unrest. On Friday, President Joe Biden acknowledged it as a “very difficult decision.” Allies such as the UK, Canada, and Spain have voiced opposition to the weapons’ use. Over 100 countries condemn cluster bombs due to the indiscriminate harm they can cause to civilians, even years after a conflict ends.

Wagner Group Boss is in RUSSIA, Belarus Leader Lukashenko Says

Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the Wagner Group and recently involved in a brief rebellion in Russia, is reportedly in St. Petersburg, Russia, not Belarus. This update comes from Belarus’s leader, Alexander Lukashenko.

Trump Says Putin is ‘WEAKENED’ by Failed Mutiny

The former US president and top Republican contender, Donald Trump, believes Vladimir Putin is vulnerable after the failed Wagner Group mutiny in Russia. He urged the US to broker peace between Russia and Ukraine, saying, “I want people to stop dying over this ridiculous war,” during a telephone interview.

Wagner Group retreats

Wagner Leader REVERSES Course and Halts Advance on Moscow

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of Wagner Group, has called off his troops’ advance towards Moscow. After talks with Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, Prigozhin said his fighters would return to camps in Ukraine, avoiding “spilling Russian blood.” This reversal came hours after he had incited rebellion against the Russian army.

Ramaphosa to Putin: END Ukraine War and RETURN Children

In a recent peace mission in St Petersburg, South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa called on Vladimir Putin to end the war in Ukraine. In addition, he urged for the return of prisoners of war and children relocated by Russia. The latter request comes amidst accusations from the International Criminal Court of war crimes against Putin for the forced transfer of hundreds of Ukrainian children, an action Putin claims was protective.

South African President Faces Pressure to ARREST Putin Amidst ICC Arrest Warrant

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is under pressure to “arrest” Russian leader Vladimir Putin if he attends the upcoming BRICS summit in Johannesburg. Digital billboards saying “arrest Putin,” sponsored by global campaign organization Avaaz, have been seen along the South African highway in Centurion.

Putin ally claims Yellowstone Volcano is about to erupt

Putin Ally Claims US Wants to Take Over Russia Because Yellowstone Volcano is About to ERUPT

Nikolai Patrushev, a close ally of Vladimir Putin, claims the US is plotting to take over Russia to save itself from an apocalyptic eruption of the Yellowstone megavolcano in Wyoming. Patrushev cited alleged research that suggested the volcano was about to erupt soon, causing the “death of all living creatures in North America.”

The Yellowstone Caldera is a megavolcano located in Yellowstone National Park in the United States, mainly in Wyoming. It is 43 by 28 miles in size and was formed by three massive eruptions over the past 2.1 million years.

The most recent eruption happened about 640,000 years ago, and based on the interval of previous eruptions, some scientists believe the next eruption is approaching.

A Yellowstone eruption would spread ash and debris across all of North America, resulting in a nuclear winter across the entire continent.

Ukraine DENIES Attacking Moscow or Putin With DRONE

Ukraine’s President Zelensky denies involvement in an alleged drone attack on the Kremlin, which Russia claims was an assassination attempt on President Putin. Russia reports that two drones were downed and threatens to retaliate when necessary.

Suspect ARRESTED Over Leaked Classified Intelligence Relating to RUSSIA

The FBI has identified Jack Teixeira, a Massachusetts Air Force National Guard member, as a suspect in leaking classified military documents. The leaked documents include a rumor that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is undergoing chemotherapy.

Putin has blurred vision and numb tongue

NEW Report Claims PUTIN Suffers from ‘Blurred Vision and Numb Tongue’

A new report suggests that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s health has worsened, with him suffering from blurred vision, numbness of the tongue, and severe headaches. According to the General SVR Telegram channel, a Russian media outlet, Putin’s doctors are in a state of panic, and his relatives are “worried.”

Putin Twitter account returns

Putin’s Twitter Account RETURNS Along With Other Russian Officials

Twitter accounts belonging to Russian officials, including the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, have resurfaced on the platform after a year of restriction. The social media company limited Russian accounts around the time of the invasion of Ukraine, but now with Twitter under the control of Elon Musk, it appears the restrictions have been lifted.

Putin and South African president

ICC Arrest Warrant: Will South Africa ARREST Vladimir Putin?

After the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for the Russian president, questions have arisen about whether South Africa will arrest Putin when he attends the BRICS summit in August. South Africa is one of the 123 signatories to the Rome Statute, which means they are mandated to arrest the Russian leader if he sets foot on their soil.

Putin and Xi to DISCUSS China’s 12-Point Ukraine Plan

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he will discuss China’s 12-point plan for Ukraine when Xi Jinping visits Moscow. China released the 12-point peace plan to resolve the Ukraine conflict last month, and now, Putin has said, “We’re always open for a negotiation process.”

BIDEN Welcomes ICC’s Arrest Warrant for Putin

After the International Criminal Court (ICC) accused President Putin of committing war crimes in Ukraine, namely the unlawful deportation of children, Joe Biden welcomed the news saying these are crimes Putin has “clearly” done.

ICC issues arrest warrant for Putin

ICC Issues ARREST Warrant for Putin Alleging ‘Unlawful Deportation’

On March 17, 2023, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued arrest warrants for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova, Commissioner for Children’s Rights in the Office of the President of the Russian Federation.

The ICC accused both of committing the war crime of “unlawful deportation of population (children)” and claimed there are reasonable grounds to believe each bears individual criminal responsibility. The aforementioned crimes were allegedly committed in Ukrainian-occupied territory from around February 24, 2022.

Considering Russia doesn’t recognize the ICC, it is far-fetched to think we will see Putin or Lvova-Belova in handcuffs. Yet, the court believes that the “public awareness of the warrants may contribute to the prevention of the further commission of crimes.”

Russian warship carrying hypersonic missiles approaches English Channel

TOO CLOSE for Comfort: Russian Warship Carrying HYPERSONIC Missiles Approaches English Channel

Vladimir Putin has sent a Russian warship armed with cutting-edge hypersonic missiles on a course that will take it through the English Channel and into the Atlantic Ocean for “combat duty.” This will be the first Russian ship to be armed with hypersonic weapons that are capable of delivering nuclear warheads at speeds ten times the speed of sound, or almost 8,000mph.

Putin CANCELS Annual Press Conference for First Time in Decade

Vladimir Putin has canceled Russia’s traditional annual press conference for the first time in a decade, leading to speculation that Putin is reluctant to face questions over the war in Ukraine or that his health is deteriorating.

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Coincidence? Wagner Chief Prigozhin Presumed DEAD After Plane Crash

Several clips have emerged on social media platforms. One particularly harrowing video showcases a plane resembling a private jet spiraling downwards. Another graphic clip displays the flaming remains of the crash, with at least one body discernible.

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