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US, UK, European officials said pushing Israel to let more Gaza ...

US AID FINALLY Reaches Gaza Amid Israeli Offensive

Trucks carrying vital aid for Gaza crossed a new U.S. pier on Friday, despite Israeli border restrictions and ongoing conflict. This marks the first delivery in an operation that could scale up to 150 truckloads daily, as Israel continues its seven-month offensive against Hamas in Rafah. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirmed “more than 300 pallets” of aid were handed to the U.N. for distribution, with some already moving into Gaza.

However, the U.S., U.N., and aid groups caution that this floating pier project cannot replace land deliveries needed for sufficient food, water, and fuel supplies in Gaza. Before the war, over 500 truckloads entered daily on average. The operation faces risks from militant attacks and logistical challenges amid a severe fuel shortage caused by Israel’s blockade since Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on southern Israel that killed 1,200 people and took 250 hostages.

The Israeli offensive has resulted in over 35,000 Palestinian deaths in Gaza according to local health officials, with hundreds more killed in the West Bank. Aid agencies report dwindling food supplies in southern Gaza while famine grips the north of the territory according to U.S. and U.N sources.;

UKRAINE DEFENDS Against Russian Onslaught in Kharkiv

UKRAINE DEFENDS Against Russian Onslaught in Kharkiv

Ukrainian troops fought off a Russian military attack in Kharkiv. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy described the conflict as intense, with Russia using missiles, drones, and artillery. The White House stands firmly behind Ukraine’s ability to endure these attacks.

Russian military sources said they aimed at Ukrainian ammo depots and troops. Yet, Kharkiv’s regional leader, Oleh Syniehubov, confirmed that his forces kept control of all territory. He noted that Russian scouts tried to enter Ukraine but were pushed back successfully.

The European Union is thinking about using money from frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine during this tough time. This plan would strengthen Ukrainian defenses and aid their recovery as the situation worsens in the area.

This move by the EU could provide crucial support for Ukraine while also putting additional pressure on Russia by targeting its financial resources.

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RUSSIA’S Nuclear Warning: UK Military Sites in Crosshairs Amid Escalating Tensions

Russia has heightened tensions by threatening to target UK military bases. This aggressive stance follows Britain’s decision to supply weapons to Ukraine, which Russia alleges have been used against its territory. This threat emerges as Russia prepares for President Vladimir Putin’s fifth term inauguration and the national Victory Day celebrations.

In a bold response to what it describes as Western provocations, Russia is set to conduct military drills that simulate the use of tactical nuclear weapons. These exercises are unique because they focus on battlefield nuclear capabilities, unlike typical maneuvers involving strategic nuclear forces. Tactical nuclear weapons are intended for localized impact, minimizing broader destruction.

The global community has expressed deep concern over these developments. U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric voiced worries about the increasing talk of nuclear arms usage, describing the current risks as “alarmingly high.” He emphasized the need for nations to refrain from actions that might lead to misjudgments or catastrophic consequences.

These events underscore a critical moment in international relations, highlighting the delicate balance between national defense and global security threats. The situation calls for careful diplomatic engagement and a reassessment of military strategies by all involved nations to prevent further escalation of tensions.

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UK TROOPS Could Soon DELIVER Critical Aid in Gaza

British forces might soon join efforts to deliver aid in Gaza through a new offshore pier constructed by the U.S. military. Reports from the BBC suggest that the U.K. government is contemplating this move, which would involve troops transporting aid from the pier to shore using a floating causeway. However, a final decision on this initiative has yet to be made.

The idea of British involvement remains under consideration and has not been officially proposed to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, as per sources cited by the BBC. This comes after a senior U.S. military official stated that American personnel would not be stationed on the ground for this operation, potentially opening opportunities for British forces.

The United Kingdom is significantly contributing to the construction of the pier with a Royal Navy ship set to house hundreds of U.S. soldiers and sailors involved in this project. British military planners are actively engaged both in Florida at U.S Central Command and Cyprus where aid will be screened before being sent to Gaza.

U.K.'s Defense Secretary Grant Shapps stressed the importance of creating additional humanitarian aid routes into Gaza, underscoring collaborative efforts with the U.S., and other international partners aimed at facilitating these crucial deliveries.

UK’S RECORD Military Aid to UKRAINE: A Bold Stand Against Russian Aggression

UK’S RECORD Military Aid to UKRAINE: A Bold Stand Against Russian Aggression

Britain has unveiled its largest military aid package for Ukraine, totaling £500 million. This significant boost raises the UK’s total support to £3 billion for the current financial year. The comprehensive package includes 60 boats, 400 vehicles, over 1,600 missiles, and nearly four million rounds of ammunition.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stressed the critical role of supporting Ukraine in Europe’s security landscape. “Defending Ukraine against Russia’s brutal ambitions is crucial not just for their sovereignty but also for the safety of all European nations,” Sunak remarked before his discussions with European leaders and NATO’s chief. He cautioned that a victory for Putin could pose threats to NATO territories as well.

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps emphasized how this unprecedented aid would bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities against Russian advances. “This record package will equip President Zelenskiy and his courageous nation with essential resources to repel Putin and bring back peace and stability to Europe,” stated Shapps, reaffirming Britain’s dedication to its NATO allies and European security overall.

Shapps further underscored Britain’s unwavering commitment to support its allies by enhancing Ukraine’s military strength which is vital in maintaining regional stability and deterring future aggression from Russia.

ZELENSKY’S Warning: Support Ukraine or Face Russian Dominance

ZELENSKY’S Warning: Support Ukraine or Face Russian Dominance

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has delivered a clear message to the U.S. Congress: without further military aid, Ukraine might lose to Russia. In discussions with House Speaker Mike Johnson, Zelensky will argue against any hesitation in providing the funds needed to fight Moscow’s forces. This plea comes despite Ukraine already receiving over $113 billion in aid from Kyiv.

Zelensky is asking for billions more, but some House Republicans are hesitant. He warns that without additional support, Ukraine’s fight becomes “difficult.” The delay in Congress not only puts Ukrainian strength at risk but also challenges worldwide efforts to counter Russian hostility.

On the 120th anniversary of the Entente Cordiale alliance, leaders from Britain and France joined Zelensky’s call for support. Lord Cameron and Stéphane Séjourné emphasized that meeting Ukraine’s requests is crucial for maintaining global security and preventing Russia from gaining further ground. Their agreement shows how vital U.S. decisions are for international peace and stability.

By backing Ukraine, Congress can send a strong message against aggression and protect democratic values worldwide. The choice is stark: provide the necessary aid or risk enabling a Russian victory that could destabilize global order and undermine efforts to promote freedom and democracy across borders.

Hopes reportedly fading to set up lull in Gaza fighting before ...

Israeli Airstrike TRAGICALLY Claims Lives of International Aid Workers: The SHOCKING Aftermath Unveiled

Late Monday, an Israeli airstrike claimed the lives of four international aid workers and their Palestinian driver. These individuals, associated with World Central Kitchen charity, had just completed a food delivery to northern Gaza. This region is on the brink of famine due to Israel’s military actions.

The victims were identified at Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah. Among them were passport holders from Britain, Australia, and Poland. The nationality of the fourth victim remains unknown at this time. They were discovered wearing protective gear that bore their charity’s logo.

In response to this unfortunate event, the Israeli military has launched a review to understand what led to this incident. Simultaneously, World Central Kitchen has announced its intention to release more information once all facts are collected.

This latest event adds another layer of tension in Gaza and prompts questions about safety measures for those providing aid in conflict zones.

War in Europe as Russia Attacks Ukraine Vanity Fair

RUSSIA’S Unprecedented Attack: Ukraine’s Energy Sector Devastated, Widespread Outages Ensue

In a shocking move, Russia launched a colossal strike on Ukraine’s electrical power infrastructure, targeting the country’s most significant hydroelectric plant among others. This assault led to sweeping power outages and claimed at least three lives, as confirmed by officials this Friday.

The Energy Minister of Ukraine, German Galushchenko painted a grim picture of the situation, describing the drone and rocket attacks as “the most severe onslaught on the Ukrainian energy sector in recent history.” He speculated that Russia aimed to inflict substantial disruption to Ukraine’s energy system akin to last year’s events.

The Dnipro Hydroelectric Station — a key electricity supplier to Europe’s largest nuclear power installation — Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant was set ablaze due to these attacks. The primary 750-kilovolt power line was severed while a lower-power backup line remains functional. Despite Russian occupation and ongoing skirmishes around the plant, officials assure there is no immediate threat of a nuclear disaster.

Thankfully, the dam at the hydroelectric station held strong against these attacks averting potential catastrophic flooding reminiscent of last year when Kakhovka dam gave way. However, this Russian attack did not pass without human cost — one person lost their life and at least eight suffered injuries.

War in Europe as Russia Attacks Ukraine Vanity Fair

RUSSIA UNLEASHES Devastating Attack on Ukrainian Energy Sector: The Shocking Aftermath

Russia has initiated a severe attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. This assault led to widespread power outages and claimed the lives of at least three individuals. The offensive, conducted under the cover of night using drones and rockets, targeted numerous power facilities, including Ukraine’s largest hydroelectric plant.

The Dnipro Hydroelectric Station was among those hit during the attacks. This station supplies electricity to Europe’s largest nuclear power plant — the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. The main 750-kilovolt line connecting these two vital installations was cut off during the assault, according to International Atomic Energy Agency head Rafael Grossi. However, a lower-power backup line is currently functioning.

The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant is under Russian control and has been an ongoing concern due to potential nuclear accidents amid continuous conflict. Despite this alarming situation, Ukraine’s hydroelectric authority assures that there is no immediate threat of dam breach at the Dnipro Hydroelectric Station.

A breach could not only disrupt supplies to the nuclear plant but also potentially trigger severe flooding similar to last year’s incident when a major dam at Kakhovka collapsed. Ivan Fedorov, Zaporizhzhia regional governor reported one death and at least eight injuries resulting from Russia’s aggressive actions.

Sloviansk Ukraine

UKRAINE’S Downfall: The Shocking Inside Story of the Most Devastating Ukrainian Defeat in a Year

SLOVIANSK, Ukraine — Ukrainian soldiers found themselves in an unrelenting battle, defending the same industrial block for months with no relief. In Avdiivka, troops had been stationed for nearly two years of the war without any sign of replacements.

As ammunition dwindled and Russian airstrikes intensified, even fortified positions were not safe from advanced “glide bombs”.

The Russian forces employed a strategic onslaught. They first sent lightly armed soldiers to exhaust Ukraine’s ammunition reserves before deploying their well-trained troops. Special forces and saboteurs staged ambushes from tunnels, adding to the chaos. During this turmoil, a battalion commander mysteriously vanished according to law enforcement documents seen by The Associated Press.

In less than a week, Ukraine lost Avdiivka — a city that had been defended long before Russia’s full-scale invasion began. Outnumbered and nearly surrounded, they chose withdrawal over facing another deadly siege like Mariupol where thousands of troops were either captured or killed. Ten Ukrainian soldiers interviewed by The Associated Press painted a grim picture of how dwindling supplies, overwhelming Russian force numbers and military mismanagement led to this catastrophic defeat.

Viktor Biliak is an infantryman with the 110th Brigade who has been stationed since March 2022 said that

UK and France’s HIDDEN Soldiers in Ukraine: Germany ACCIDENTALLY Spills the Beans

UK and France’s HIDDEN Soldiers in Ukraine: Germany ACCIDENTALLY Spills the Beans

In a surprising turn of events, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz unintentionally disclosed that both the UK and France have troops stationed in Ukraine. This revelation came about as he defended his decision not to provide Ukraine with Taurus cruise missiles. According to Scholz, these troops are supervising the deployment of their nations’ long-range missiles on Ukrainian soil. His comments hint at a fear of escalating tensions with Russia.

Following Scholz’s unexpected revelation, a leaked audio recording surfaced featuring top-ranking German military officials confirming the active involvement of British soldiers in Ukraine. The recording suggests that British forces are assisting Ukrainians in targeting and firing UK-provided missiles at specific Russian targets. While the German Defence Ministry has verified the authenticity of this recording, it has left some questions unanswered regarding potential editing prior to its release by Russia.

Despite not disputing the legitimacy of this leaked audio, Berlin has tried to downplay it as Russian “disinformation”. Miguel Berger, Germany’s ambassador to Britain, described it as “a Russian hybrid attack” designed to destabilize Western allies. Berger asserted there is “no need for an apology” towards either UK or France.

This unforeseen disclosure raises questions about Western involvement in Ukraine beyond diplomatic protection and underscores Germany’s prudent approach towards direct military engagement with Russia.

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UKRAINIAN FAMILY’S Heartwarming Reunion After Two-Year Russian Captivity Nightmare

Kateryna Dmytryk and her toddler son, Timur, experienced a joyous reunion with Artem Dmytryk after nearly two years of separation. Artem had been held captive in Russia for the majority of this time and was finally able to meet his family outside a military hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The war initiated by Russia has dramatically altered the lives of countless Ukrainians like the Dmytryks. The nation now divides its history into two periods: before and after February 24, 2022. During this time, thousands have grieved for lost loved ones while millions have been compelled to leave their homes behind.

With over a quarter of Ukraine’s land under Russian control, the country is immersed in a grueling war. Even if peace is eventually achieved, the consequences of this conflict will disrupt life for future generations.

Kateryna recognizes that recovering from these traumas will take considerable time but allows herself a brief moment of happiness during this reunion. Despite enduring severe hardships, the Ukrainian spirit remains resilient.

US plans $325 million Ukraine aid announcement for Zelenskiy visit ...

SENATE Triumphs: $953 Billion AID Package Passed Despite GOP Divisions

The Senate, in a significant move early Tuesday, passed a $95.3 billion aid package. This substantial financial support is destined for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. The decision comes despite challenging negotiations that have lasted months and growing political divisions within the Republican Party over America’s international role.

A select group of Republicans held the Senate floor throughout the night in opposition to the $60 billion earmarked for Ukraine. Their argument? The U.S. should first address its domestic issues before allocating more funds overseas.

However, 22 Republicans joined nearly all Democrats to pass the package with a 70-29 vote count. Supporters argued that ignoring Ukraine could potentially strengthen Russian President Vladimir Putin’s position and pose threats to global national security.

Despite this victory in Senate with strong GOP backing, uncertainty hangs over the bill’s future in House where hardline Republicans aligned with former President Donald Trump are opposing it.

JOHNSON’S Shocking U-Turn: Unveils Separate Israel AID Bill Plan

JOHNSON’S Shocking U-Turn: Unveils Separate Israel AID Bill Plan

In a surprising twist, Johnson has unveiled a plan to separate the aid for Israel. This unexpected move, disclosed in a Saturday letter to his colleagues, marks a dramatic shift from his earlier position.

Under Johnson’s leadership last year, the House approved a colossal $14.3 trillion bill to support Israel in its conflict with Hamas. The funding was balanced with an equivalent cut in IRS funding but is still awaiting Senate consideration.

However, it seems that the Senate is gearing up to examine a more comprehensive aid package this year. This includes substantial aid for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan along with an undisclosed border agreement.

Despite doubts about the fate of the border and foreign aid bill in the Senate, Johnson’s recent maneuvers suggest promising possibilities for additional assistance to Israel.

U.N. envoys say ’enough’ to war on trip to Gaza border Reuters

UN Chief PLEADS for US Aid to Gaza Despite HAMAS Controversy

Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, has called on the United States and other countries to continue funding for the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). The UNRWA is a crucial aid organization in Gaza. This plea comes even as Israel accuses several UNRWA employees of participating in a Hamas attack that sparked a war and created deadly instability throughout the Middle East.

President Joe Biden recently reported the first U.S. military casualties in this region since hostilities began, blaming them on drone strikes by Iran-backed militias near Jordan’s border with Syria. In parallel developments, U.S. officials are said to be close to reaching a cease-fire agreement that could halt two months of intense Israeli-Palestinian conflict which has reportedly taken over 26,000 Palestinian lives according to local health authorities.

Guterres cautioned that if funding is not resumed soon, UNRWA may have to cut back aid to more than 2 million Palestinians living in Gaza as early as February due to an escalating humanitarian crisis including potential starvation risks for one-fourth of its population. He stressed that while those implicated in alleged misconduct must face justice, it should not result in punishment for other humanitarian workers or obstruct aid delivery for desperate populations they serve.

Guterres confirmed nine out of twelve accused staff members were immediately dismissed while one was

President Noboa SNUBS Maduro’s Aid, COURAGEOUSLY Seeks US Assistance Instead

President Noboa SNUBS Maduro’s Aid, COURAGEOUSLY Seeks US Assistance Instead

Ecuador’s leader, President Noboa, has decisively spurned an offer of support from Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro. Instead, he has chosen to seek aid from the United States. This decision follows Maduro’s suggestion that Noboa should accept his help rather than succumb to what he labels as U.S. Southern Command’s “interventionism” and “colonialism”.

During a recent interview on Tuesday, Noboa responded to Maduro’s proposition with a firm “Thank you, but no thank you.” He went on to clarify that his decision was not based on personal disagreement with Maduro but stemmed from the need to address pressing issues within his own nation.

Earlier this week, President Noboa engaged in talks with U.S. officials about potential security collaborations. He sought weapons, technology and training for Ecuador’s security forces from the U.S., while also exploring options for refinancing Ecuador’s external debt.

Despite warnings from Maduro about inviting the “devil” into Ecuador — referring indirectly to the United States — and despite criticism at home over his anti-gang policies, President Noboa remains unwavering in his pursuit of American assistance.

UKRAINE WAR Survivor: Rare Black Bear’s Heartbreaking Journey to Safety in Scotland

UKRAINE WAR Survivor: Rare Black Bear’s Heartbreaking Journey to Safety in Scotland

A rare black bear, a survivor of the war in Ukraine, has found a new home in Scotland. The 12-year-old bear, named Yampil after the village where he was discovered among the ruins of a bombed-out private zoo, arrived on Friday.

Yampil was one of the few survivors found by Ukrainian troops who recaptured the city of Lyman during a counteroffensive in fall 2022. The bear had suffered a concussion from nearby shrapnel but miraculously survived.

The abandoned zoo where Yampil was discovered had seen most animals die from hunger, thirst or injuries from bullets and shrapnel. After his rescue, Yampil embarked on an odyssey that took him to Kyiv for veterinary care and rehab.

From Kyiv, Yampil journeyed to zoos in Poland and Belgium before finally finding sanctuary at his new home in Scotland.

UKRAINE WAR Survivor: Rare Black Bear’s Miraculous Journey to Safety in Scotland

UKRAINE WAR Survivor: Rare Black Bear’s Miraculous Journey to Safety in Scotland

In a surprising twist, Yampil, a rare black bear who survived the war in Ukraine, has found a new home in Scotland. Ukrainian troops discovered Yampil amidst the wreckage of a private zoo in Donetsk. The 12-year-old bear was among the few survivors when the zoo was bombed and abandoned.

Yampil’s journey to safety is nothing short of an epic odyssey. Soldiers found him during the Kharkiv counteroffensive in 2022. He was then moved to Kyiv for veterinary care and rehabilitation. His journey continued through Poland and Belgium before he finally arrived at his new Scottish home.

Yampil’s survival is deemed miraculous as he suffered from concussion due to nearby shelling while most other animals at the zoo perished from hunger, thirst or were hit by bullets or shrapnel. Yegor Yakovlev from Save Wild said that their fighters initially didn’t know how to help him but started seeking rescue options.

Yakovlev also leads White Rock Bear Shelter where Yampil recuperated before embarking on his European trek. The refugee bear arrived on January 12th, marking an end to his dangerous journey and providing hope amidst ongoing conflict.

Biden administration bypasses Congress on weapons sales to Israel ...

EMERGENCY Weapons Sale to Israel: BIDEN’S Bold Move Amidst Foreign Aid Stalemate

Once again, the Biden administration has greenlit an emergency sale of weapons to Israel. The State Department made this announcement on Friday, stating that the move is designed to support Israel in its ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken notified Congress about a second emergency determination that approves over $147.5 million in equipment sales. These sales encompass necessary components for 155 mm shells previously bought by Israel, including fuses, charges, and primers.

This decision was executed under an emergency provision of the Arms Export Control Act. This provision enables the State Department to sidestep Congress’ review role concerning foreign military sales. Interestingly enough, this move coincides with President Joe Biden’s request for nearly $106 billion in aid for countries like Israel and Ukraine being held up due to border security management debates.

“The United States remains dedicated to ensuring the security of Israel against threats it encounters,” declared the department.

UKRAINE’S Crushing Blow: Russian Warship Decimated by Air-Launched Missile Attack

UKRAINE’S Crushing Blow: Russian Warship Decimated by Air-Launched Missile Attack

On Christmas Day, Ukraine demonstrated its formidable military might. The country claimed a significant victory, saying it had annihilated another Russian warship, the Ropucha-class Novocherkassk, using an air-launched cruise missile. Russia confirmed the assault on their landing ship from the 1980s, which is comparable in size to the U.S.-made Freedom-class warship. They reported one casualty from this attack.

Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk of the Ukrainian Air Force praised his pilots’ exceptional performance. He observed that Russia’s naval fleet continues to dwindle in size.

Yurii Ihnat, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian armed forces, disclosed further details about this strike. He revealed that fighter jets unleashed a volley of Anglo-French Storm Shadow / SCALP cruise missiles at their target. Their goal was for at least one missile to bypass Russian air defenses successfully. The magnitude of the resulting explosion indicated that onboard ammunition likely detonated.

Ukrainian state media circulated footage allegedly showing a massive explosion and towering fire column following the initial hit — evidence suggesting onboard ammunition

UK’S Cameron STANDS FIRM for Ukraine, Dismantles Doubts Over War Effort

UK’S Cameron STANDS FIRM for Ukraine, Dismantles Doubts Over War Effort

Former U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has robustly defended Ukraine’s stance against Russia. During a conversation with Jennifer Griffin of Fox News at the Aspen Security Forum, he underscored that not only is Ukraine’s war effort holding strong, but it also positively impacts the U.S. economy.

Cameron countered Republican skepticism about backing Ukraine. He argued that financial aid sent to the country is being utilized efficiently and effectively. As proof, he highlighted Ukraine’s success in neutralizing a significant portion of Russia’s helicopter fleet and sinking its Black Sea naval vessels.

He emphasized the necessity of backing a sovereign nation in its self-defense without overstepping into direct conflict with Russian forces – what he referred to as the “red line” involving NATO soldiers. Furthermore, Cameron refuted allegations that Ukraine’s counteroffensive has been unsuccessful in thwarting Russia’s invasion.

His comments emerge amidst escalating debates over U.S support for Ukraine and doubts raised by some Republicans concerning the effectiveness of aid given to this Eastern European nation.


STOLTENBERG’S Pledge: NATO Commits a Whopping $25 Billion in Ammunition to UKraine Amid Russian Tensions

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy convened on Thursday, amid rising tensions with Russia. Their meeting came on the heels of Russia’s allegations that Ukraine’s Western allies aided in a recent missile strike on the Black Sea Fleet’s base in Crimea.

Zelenskyy shared that Stoltenberg has committed to helping Ukraine secure more air defense systems. These are vital for safeguarding the nation’s power plants and energy infrastructure, which took a heavy hit during Russia’s aggressive attacks last winter.

Stoltenberg unveiled NATO contracts totaling 2.4 billion euros ($2.5 billion) for ammunition supplies destined for Ukraine, including Howitzer shells and anti-tank guided missiles. He stressed, “The stronger Ukraine becomes, the closer we get to halting Russia’s aggression.”

On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova alleged that resources from the U.S., U.K., and NATO facilitated the attack on their Black Sea Fleet headquarters. Yet these claims remain unbacked by concrete evidence.

US AID To UKRAINE: Biden’s Pledge Faces Surge of Resistance — How Americans Really Feel

US AID To UKRAINE: Biden’s Pledge Faces Surge of Resistance — How Americans Really Feel

President Biden’s call for sustained aid to Ukraine, announced at the United Nations General Assembly, is meeting escalating resistance within the US. The administration is pushing for an extra $24 billion in aid for Ukraine by the end of this year. This would escalate total assistance to a whopping $135 billion since the conflict ignited in February 2022.

Yet, a CNN poll from August uncovers that most Americans oppose further aid to Ukraine. The topic has grown increasingly divisive over time. Moreover, despite Western backing and training, Ukraine’s much-hyped counter-offensive has not yielded significant wins.

A Wall Street Journal survey earlier this month revealed that more than half of American voters — 52% — disapprove of Biden’s handling of the Ukrainian situation — a rise from 46% on March 22. Among those surveyed, over one-third believe too much effort is being put into helping Ukraine while only about one-fifth think not enough is being done.

SHIFTING ALLIANCES: Slovakia’s Pro-Russian Frontrunner Pledges to Reverse Support for Ukraine

Robert Fico, a former prime minister of Slovakia, is currently leading the race for the upcoming Sept. 30 election. Known for his pro-Russian and anti-American views, Fico has pledged to withdraw Slovakia’s support for Ukraine if he regains power. His party, Smer, is anticipated to triumph in the early parliamentary election. This could pose a challenge to both the European Union and NATO.

Fico’s potential comeback reflects a broader trend in Europe where populist parties skeptical of intervention in Ukraine are gaining momentum. Countries such as Germany, France, Spain and Hungary have witnessed significant backing for these parties which could sway public sentiment away from Kyiv and towards Moscow.

Fico disputes EU sanctions on Russia and doubts Ukraine’s military strength against Russian forces. He intends to leverage Slovakia’s NATO membership as a barrier against Ukraine joining the alliance. This shift could steer Slovakia off its democratic path following Hungary under Prime Minister Viktor Orban or Poland under the Law and Justice party.

Public faith in liberal democracy has seen more decline in Slovakia compared to other regions that broke free from Soviet control years ago. A recent survey disclosed that over half of Slovak respondents blame either the West or Ukraine for the war while an equal percentage perceive America as a security threat.

G20 SUMMIT SHOCKER: Global Leaders Slam Ukraine Invasion, Ignite NEW Biofuels Alliance

G20 SUMMIT SHOCKER: Global Leaders Slam Ukraine Invasion, Ignite NEW Biofuels Alliance

The second day of the G20 Summit in New Delhi, India, ended with a powerful joint statement. World leaders united to condemn the invasion of Ukraine. Although Russia and China objected, the consensus was reached without explicitly naming Russia.

The declaration read, “We … welcome all relevant and constructive initiatives that support a comprehensive, just, and durable peace in Ukraine.” The statement underscored that no state should use force to breach another’s territorial integrity or political independence.

President Joe Biden renewed his push for the African Union’s permanent membership in the G20. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi warmly received Comoros President Azali Assoumani at the summit. In a landmark move, Biden teamed up with Modi and other world leaders to kickstart the Global Biofuels Alliance.

This alliance aims to secure biofuel supply while ensuring affordability and sustainable production. The White House announced this initiative as part of a shared commitment towards cleaner fuels and achieving global decarbonization goals.

Wagner Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin CONFIRMED Dead With DNA Results

According to results from genetic tests on the ten bodies found at the scene, Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin was confirmed dead by Russia’s Investigative Committee after a plane crash near Moscow.

Putin Demands Loyalty OATH from Wagner Mercenaries

President Vladimir Putin mandated an allegiance oath to the Russian state from all employees of Wagner and other Russian private military contractors involved in Ukraine. The immediate decree followed an incident where Wagner leaders were presumably killed in a plane crash.

Putin ‘Mourns’ Loss of Wagner Chief Prigozhin After Plane CRASH

Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to the family of Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, who led a mutiny against Putin in June and is now presumed dead in a plane crash north of Moscow. Acknowledging Prigozhin’s talent, Putin noted their relationship dating back to the 1990s. This crash tragically claimed the lives of all ten passengers on board.

China Eyes BRICS Expansion to CHALLENGE G7

China is urging the BRICS bloc, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, to rival the G7, especially as the Johannesburg summit witnesses the largest proposed expansion in over a decade. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has called over 60 world leaders to the table, with 23 countries expressing interest in joining the group.

UK Targets Putin’s War Machine with 25 New SANCTIONS

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly announced 25 new sanctions today, aimed at crippling Putin’s access to foreign military equipment crucial for Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine. This bold action targets individuals and businesses in Turkey, Dubai, Slovakia, and Switzerland who are bolstering Russia’s war efforts.

Ukraine Stops ASSASSINATION Plot Against President Zelenskyy

Ukraine’s security service announced on Monday that it had detained a woman sharing intelligence with Russia in a plot to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The informant was preparing an enemy airstrike on the Mykolaiv region during a recent visit by Zelenskyy.

Russia ACCUSES Ukraine of Mirroring 9/11 Tactics in Repeated Moscow Attacks

Russia has sharply accused Ukraine of using terrorist methods akin to the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks after an alleged drone strike on a Moscow building for the second time in three days. Over the weekend, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that the war was “gradually coming back to Russian territory” but didn’t claim responsibility for the attacks.

Putin OPEN to Peace Talks on Ukraine Amid Drone Attack on Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin has indicated a willingness to consider peace talks regarding the Ukraine crisis. After meeting with African leaders in St Petersburg, Putin suggested that African and Chinese initiatives might help guide the peace process. However, he also stated that a ceasefire would not be possible while the Ukrainian army remained aggressive.

Japan defense exports

Is Japan ARMING Ukraine? PM Kishida’s Proposal Ignites Speculation Amid Defense Industry Revival

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan discussed the possibility of supplying defense technology to other countries, leading many to speculate that Japan is considering providing Ukraine with lethal arms.

In a meeting held Tuesday, the idea of supplying defense technology and equipment to other countries was proposed. The intent is to breathe life back into Japan’s defense industry, currently languishing due to an export ban rendering research and development unprofitable.

Ukraine-NATO Council Meeting SET for Wednesday, Zelensky Announces

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced in a Sunday video that a critical meeting with the NATO-Ukraine Council will occur this Wednesday. The announcement comes on the heels of Russia’s departure from a year-old agreement supervising grain exports from Ukrainian ports.

White House Confirms Ukraine’s EFFECTIVE Use of US-Supplied CLUSTER Munitions

The White House confirms Ukraine is effectively utilizing US-supplied cluster munitions against Russian forces. National security spokesman John Kirby has verified their use, citing impacts on Russian defense formations and maneuvers. Despite being banned by over 100 nations, Ukraine has pledged these weapons will target concentrations of Putin’s troops, not Russian territory.

UK REBUTS Russia’s Claim of Summoning British Diplomat Amid Rising Tensions

Contrary to Russia’s Foreign Ministry statement, the UK asserts its interim charge d’affaires in Moscow, Tom Dodd, was not summoned. The UK’s Foreign Office classifies the meeting as a planned event, held at their behest, adhering to standard diplomatic practice.

Putin Bows Out of BRICS Summit Amid ARREST Fears

Vladimir Putin has decided to forgo the upcoming BRICS summit in South Africa amidst growing concerns over a potential arrest for alleged war crimes in Ukraine. After engaging in multiple discussions with the Kremlin, South Africa’s presidential office confirmed this decision. As an International Criminal Court (ICC) member, South Africa could be obliged to facilitate Putin’s arrest.

Crimea bridge explosion

Russia ACCUSES Ukraine of Drone Attack on Crimea Bridge

Russia’s Anti-Terrorist Committee alleges that Ukrainian drones on the water surface led to the reported explosions on the bridge connecting Crimea with Russia. The Committee attributed the attack to Ukrainian “special services” and announced the initiation of a criminal investigation.

Despite these claims, Ukraine denies responsibility, hinting at potential Russian provocation.

Ukraine to join NATO

NATO Pledges Pathway for Ukraine but Timing Still UNCLEAR

NATO has stated that Ukraine can join the alliance “when allies agree and conditions are met.” President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed frustration over the absence of a concrete timeframe for his country’s entry, suggesting it might become a bargaining chip in negotiations with Russia.

US sends cluster bombs to Ukraine

Allies OUTRAGED at Biden’s Controversial Decision to Supply CLUSTER Bombs to Ukraine

The US’s decision to supply Ukraine with cluster bombs has caused international unrest. On Friday, President Joe Biden acknowledged it as a “very difficult decision.” Allies such as the UK, Canada, and Spain have voiced opposition to the weapons’ use. Over 100 countries condemn cluster bombs due to the indiscriminate harm they can cause to civilians, even years after a conflict ends.

Wagner Group Boss is in RUSSIA, Belarus Leader Lukashenko Says

Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the Wagner Group and recently involved in a brief rebellion in Russia, is reportedly in St. Petersburg, Russia, not Belarus. This update comes from Belarus’s leader, Alexander Lukashenko.

Trump Says Putin is ‘WEAKENED’ by Failed Mutiny

The former US president and top Republican contender, Donald Trump, believes Vladimir Putin is vulnerable after the failed Wagner Group mutiny in Russia. He urged the US to broker peace between Russia and Ukraine, saying, “I want people to stop dying over this ridiculous war,” during a telephone interview.

Wagner Group retreats

Wagner Leader REVERSES Course and Halts Advance on Moscow

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of Wagner Group, has called off his troops’ advance towards Moscow. After talks with Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, Prigozhin said his fighters would return to camps in Ukraine, avoiding “spilling Russian blood.” This reversal came hours after he had incited rebellion against the Russian army.

Ramaphosa to Putin: END Ukraine War and RETURN Children

In a recent peace mission in St Petersburg, South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa called on Vladimir Putin to end the war in Ukraine. In addition, he urged for the return of prisoners of war and children relocated by Russia. The latter request comes amidst accusations from the International Criminal Court of war crimes against Putin for the forced transfer of hundreds of Ukrainian children, an action Putin claims was protective.

South African President Faces Pressure to ARREST Putin Amidst ICC Arrest Warrant

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is under pressure to “arrest” Russian leader Vladimir Putin if he attends the upcoming BRICS summit in Johannesburg. Digital billboards saying “arrest Putin,” sponsored by global campaign organization Avaaz, have been seen along the South African highway in Centurion.

Volodymyr Zelensky Wanted Ukraine to OCCUPY Russian Territory

According to leaked US intelligence, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky wanted to send troops to occupy Russian villages. The leak also revealed Zelensky considered launching an attack on a vital Hungarian oil pipeline.

Ukraine DENIES Attacking Moscow or Putin With DRONE

Ukraine’s President Zelensky denies involvement in an alleged drone attack on the Kremlin, which Russia claims was an assassination attempt on President Putin. Russia reports that two drones were downed and threatens to retaliate when necessary.

China Says it WON’T Add ‘Fuel to the Fire’ in Ukraine

The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, has reassured Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy that China will not escalate the situation in Ukraine and said it’s time to “resolve the crisis politically.”

Suspect ARRESTED Over Leaked Classified Intelligence Relating to RUSSIA

The FBI has identified Jack Teixeira, a Massachusetts Air Force National Guard member, as a suspect in leaking classified military documents. The leaked documents include a rumor that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is undergoing chemotherapy.

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UKRAINE HITS Hard: Oil Facilities in Russia Under Attack, Border Tensions Stir Kremlin

Ukrainian long-range drones targeted two oil facilities in Russia on Tuesday. This bold move showcases Ukraine’s evolving technological capabilities. The attack comes as the conflict enters its third year and just days before Russia’s presidential election. It spanned eight regions of Russia, challenging President Vladimir Putin’s assertion that life in Russia is unaffected by the war.

Russian officials reported a border incursion by Ukraine-based opponents of the Kremlin, triggering anxiety in a border region. The Russian Defense Ministry stated that 234 fighters were killed while repelling the incursion. They blamed this attack on what they call the “Kyiv regime” and “Ukraine’s terrorist formations,” stating seven tanks and five armored vehicles were lost by the attackers.

Earlier on Tuesday, reports of border skirmishes were unclear due to conflicting accounts from both sides. Soldiers claiming to be Russian volunteers fighting for Ukraine said they had crossed into Russian territory. These groups released statements and videos on social media expressing their hope for “a Russia free from Putin’s dictatorship.” However, these claims have not been independently verified.

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