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Trump snubbed Pence for Desantis

Trump Just SNUBBED Pence for Ron DeSantis!

Trump spectacularly snubs Mike Pence Live on Fox News, then promotes Ron DeSantis as his potential running mate for the 2024 presidential election!

It shocked viewers as some expected Trump to simply pick his previous vice president, Mike Pence. 

Think about it though:

This comes after Mike Pence’s recent speech where he said he had spoken to President Trump several times since but that they will most likely never see eye to eye about what happened on the January 6th Capitol riots.

The fact that they don’t see eye to eye on that important day is reason enough for Trump to consider a running mate that is on the same page. That day was critical for Trump, the American people and the history books. For Trump’s vice president not to unequivocally support him on that day is certainly not ideal.

Ron DeSantis is the governor of Florida, the state where Trump currently resides. DeSantis is a strong Republican who has recently annihilated the left-wing ‘woke’ agenda. 

To make a point:

Hordes of people have flocked to Florida recently to try and get back the freedom they have lost in other states thanks to the pandemic. Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order that immediately suspended all remaining covid restrictions in the state, including mask-wearing and social distancing. He sensibly said that asking vaccinated people to wear masks would undermine confidence in the vaccines, something the Democrats have never acknowledged. 

And if that’s not enough:

DeSantis has also been praised by the public for signing the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act which prevents biological males (who now identify as female) from competing in women’s sports. He said that the bill preserves fair opportunities for female athletes to demonstrate their strength and skills in athletic competition. Bravo! 

The popularity of DeSantis is skyrocketing among conservatives which makes him one of the most popular choices for Trump as a running mate. Mike Pence has been mostly out of the public eye recently and seems to already be largely forgotten.

To be brutally honest:

No one voted for Trump/Pence because of Pence, they voted for Trump! Although Pence brought a small base of Christian supporters and donors, he was always in the shadow of Trump and paled in comparison to Trump’s personality. 

Here’s the bottom line:

For Trump to get the presidency in 2024 he’s got to pull out all the stops and one way to do that is to pick a vice president who has a large following and that public love. 

Here’s the bottom line:

For Trump to get the presidency in 2024 he’s got to pull out all the stops and one way to do that is to pick a vice president who has a large following and that public love. 

Ron DeSantis is an impressive candidate. 

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By Richard AhernLifeLine Media

Contact: [email protected]


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