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Twitter reacts to WHO announcement

Twitter Reacts To WHO Announcement With RAGE (Liberals LOSE It)

After the World Health Organization recommended that women of childbearing age should not consume alcohol, Twitter (the liberal side mostly) reacted with fury, saying that this was further evidence of the ‘patriarchy’. 

It was hilarious! 

The WHO drafted a global alcohol action plan for 2022-2030, saying countries should pay “appropriate attention to prevention” of consumption in certain groups of people. These groups included women of childbearing age.

Many branded the advice as sexist and were furious that it somehow insinuated that women are only for ‘baby making’.

Here are some of the epic highlights:

One user, named Susannah (we will call her Suzie) said, “Women are NOT just breeders! How. Very. Dare. You. @WHO?! This is ignorant, insulting, patriarchal, and dangerous – not to mention also Trans erasing! Shame on you.”Twitter reacts to WHO announcement

It’s hard to know where to begin in dismantling Suzie’s bizarre tweet, but biologically (no one cares what you identify as), only women can have children and without women getting pregnant, the human race would be extinct. 

So, yes, female fertility is an important issue.

Dehenna Davison, an MP for Bishop Auckland in the UK, furiously tweeted, “Ah, yes. For we women are merely baby making machines.” 

Another user angrily said, “We are not vessels for foetuses…” and one very liberal-looking lady tweeted, “But if we are all sober… then who will sleep with the men?” 

It got even worse:

One so-called doctor, got extremely irate and said “But if you care about children, why not suggest men be ‘prevented’ from using alcohol? Alcohol was involved in 55% of domestic violence incidents, which affects 1 in 15 children each year.” 

The reverse sexism here is classic for leftists, as if only men are violent when under the influence of alcohol. Plenty of women abuse children, whether under the influence or not, doc. 

And finally, a user named Jodie said, “Can we stop acting as if women have no lives/purpose aside from giving birth to children.”

Here’s the deal, Jo:

Twitter reacts to WHO announcementNo one is saying that, but I think many women who do want to start families one day would appreciate being informed of what substances may affect their fertility. 

I’m not defending the WHO, frankly, a lot of their advice is questionable, but this is not evidence of the fictional ‘patriarchy’ that feminists talk about. 

Health organizations are responsible for doing research and providing information to the population on what affects health and wellness. Whether that is female fertility, male fertility, alcohol use, or the dangerous effects of mold spores on 65-year-old patients with foreign accent syndrome (it’s real!). 

It doesn’t matter! 

Doctors, health organizations, and governments are regularly making statements about what drugs/foods/supplements affect groups of people based on gender, age, and even ethnicity!  

If alcohol is shown to affect the ovaries in some way, then they have every right and a professional responsibility to publish that. Whether alcohol affects sperm count is another issue besides the point. Plenty of information has been published about what can negatively affect male fertility, and no one kicked off about that. 

Grow up, feminists! Stop complaining, you bunch of whiney little girls! 

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By Richard AhernLifeLine Media

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