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Boris Johnson Faces APOCALYPTIC Approval Ratings

Boris Johnson approval rating

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19 December 2021 | By Richard Ahern – After a tough few months, Boris Johnson’s decision to turn on his own party by introducing vaccine passes sees his approval rating sink even further.

Around the start of the pandemic, in April 2020, Boris Johnson’s approval rating shone with 66% of people saying he was doing a good job and only 26% saying he was doing poorly.

The tables have turned…

Fast forward to December 2021, and we see a complete reversal. Johnson now faces 64% of UK citizens saying he’s doing a bad job and only 29% saying he’s doing well.

It all started going downhill in May 2021 thanks to a number of scandals, but he made a fatal mistake when he decided to turn on a large number of his own MPs who disapproved of implementing vaccine passports to attend large events in the UK.

Johnson suffered a rebellion from his own party over the plans. 99 Conservative MPs rejected the plan, but Johnson still went ahead. 

When asked if he would change his stance, he said, “I am certainly not going to change the policies that have led to the fastest rollout in Europe… and delivered 500,000 more people in jobs now than before the pandemic began.”

The vaccine passport law only passed thanks to left-wing Labour MPs supporting the measures that come under Johnson’s “Plan B”.

Included in the approved Plan B are mandatory vaccinations for NHS and social care workers by April 2022 and the requirement that face masks must be worn in indoor spaces.

Is this the nail in the coffin for Johnson?

The Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting seems to think so, saying that Johnson’s authority was “shattered”.

Another blow for Johnson came when long-term ally and cabinet member Lord Frost resigned. 

Many Conservatives argue that Johnson has critically overreacted to the spread of the new Omicron Covid variant in the UK. Johnson shockingly went against the opinion that Omicron symptoms were “mild”, which was suggested by the South African doctor who discovered the new variant! 

Boris Johnson’s panic response to Omicron has resulted in him initiating divisive measures that limit the freedoms of the population — measures that many left-wing politicians support but are criticized by right-leaning conservatives.

We can only assume the measures were a last-ditch attempt from Johnson to salvage his approval rating by appeasing more left-leaning voters.

This begs the question as to whether Boris would even be regarded as a Conservative any longer.

Perhaps he’s more suited to the Labour party?

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