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GLOBAL TENSION Rises: Israel’s Minister Blasts Iran’s Leader, Antisemitic Clashes at Columbia, and UK Cracks Down on Hate Groups

In a recent social media post, Israel’s Minister, Israel Katz, sharply criticized Iran’s Supreme Leader, accusing him of promoting radical Islamic factions in the United States and Europe. This accusation comes as global demonstrations increase, potentially inciting violence against specific groups.

Meanwhile, a representative from Columbia University’s “Solidarity Encampment” made inflammatory remarks against Zionists, stating they do not deserve a life of ease. These comments have ignited intense discussions about the rise in antisemitic sentiments in university environments.

In the UK, the Home Office has designated the Terrorgram collective as neo-fascist and antisemitic, recognizing its role in promoting terrorism. Effective immediately, any association with this group will face severe legal consequences.

Domestically, Governor Ron DeSantis highlighted the border crisis by showcasing Essentia, a lab/shepherd mix rescued from the southern border. He urged the public to adopt animals suffering under these harsh conditions.

Elsewhere, Elon Musk addressed Europe’s demographic challenges on Twitter, attributing them to declining birth rates rather than conspiratorial theories like the “Great Replacement Theory.” He emphasized that decreasing populations pose significant risks beyond cultural changes.

In military news, the Israel Defense Forces announced a successful operation targeting Mosab Khalaf in Lebanon — a key Jamaa Islamiya figure involved in attacks on Israel.

These incidents reflect escalating geopolitical tensions and internal challenges facing nations worldwide — from security threats to societal conflicts amid expanding international discussions.

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