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CHICAGO VIOLENCE Explodes Over July 4TH Weekend

Chicago experienced a surge in gun violence over the July 4th weekend, with at least 100 people shot and 17 fatalities reported by Monday morning. This marks a significant increase from last year, where 73 people were shot and 11 died.

The violence began Wednesday night and continued through Friday night, resulting in at least 58 shootings and 11 deaths. By Sunday morning, the number of victims had risen to at least 87, with 16 fatalities.

Residents are calling July 4th “assassination day” due to the extreme violence. ABC7 and Chicago Sun-Times highlighted this alarming trend as part of their coverage.

CNN noted that this year’s shootings represent a roughly 27% increase compared to last year’s figures for the same period. The consistent rise in violence over recent years is troubling for many Chicagoans seeking safety in their communities.


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