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10 UFO Sightings that are the Best EVIDENCE of Aliens!

These UFO files are the closest thing to evidence that aliens exist that you’ll ever get!

Best evidence of aliens


The Best proof of aliens 2021...

| By Richard AhernThe US government has finally admitted it’s been tracking UFOs for over 70 years and has just released huge amounts of new UFO evidence to the public. 

It came after the navy released a video of an unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) that was far too agile to be any earthly aircraft  and was shaped like a tic-tac. Similar videos have been leaked and are now acknowledged to be real  in the US government UFO report.

But wait! That just scratches the surface…

We’ve got a treasure trove of  UFO evidence which by itself is exciting, but the real question we all want answering is what’s the best evidence of aliens we can find!?

We’ve found it for you…

We’ve dived into the depths of newly released and secret government reports (including the most recent public report from 25 June 2021), hidden footage, and censored eye-witness reports. We’ve spent months sifting through the data to bring you the uncensored truth and the best and most credible evidence we can find.

You won’t be disappointed because we’ve only included reports that have rock-solid evidence, credible and multiple witnesses, and instances where there is no sensible explanation other than aliens!

We’ve found reports that are backed up by official government records and some cases that haven’t been covered by the media before, so you’re in for a surprise!

Just imagine…

We’ve got crazy propulsion methods, flying tic-tacs, mile-wide flying saucers, and ‘angel hair’! Not to mention radioactive material, patterns burnt into the skin, and my own personal story to top it off!

Let’s get stuck into the most compelling alien evidence…

Table of contents (jump to): 

  1. US government confirms UFOs – Unusual propulsion methods!
  2. Angel hair – Florence, Italy, 1954
  3. Alderney UFO sighting, 2007
  4. Pentagon confirms UFO sightings (UFO video by Pentagon)
  5. O’Hare International Airport UFO sighting, 2006
  6. UFO sighting American Airlines, 2021
  7. US government confirms UFO in 2018 with image
  8. Nasa cuts live stream as UFO appears, 2016
  9. The Falcon Lake incident, 1967
  10. My personal story, Malvern, UK, 2006

Conclusion – What the future holds…

1) US government confirms UFOs – Unusual propulsion methods!

UAP report June
UAP report June - The US government UFO report.

This is Huge!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you’re probably heard about the UFO report from the US government released on 25 June 2021 declassifying information about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

The 9-page UAP report wasn’t exactly exhaustive but the takeaway message was that there have been many sightings by the military, but no one can explain them!

The most interesting part of the report was a section saying a ‘handful of UAP appears to demonstrate advanced technology!

This is breathtaking:

In 18 incidents of 21 UAP reports, observers reported unusual UFO movement patterns and flight characteristics. 

This UAP evidence included objects remaining stationary in strong winds, moving against the wind, maneuvering abruptly, or moving at a considerable speed, without a discernible means of propulsion. 

They went on to say that in a small number of the sightings, radio signals were associated with UAP sightings. In other words, they were technological objects. 

Think about it:

The US is one of, if not the most technologically advanced nations in the world, for the US government to suggest that these UFOs demonstrated breakthrough technology is incredible. 

Sure, it could be China or Russia, but they are unlikely to be much further ahead technologically than the US; and the US would most likely have intelligence on any breakthrough technologies that China or Russia were developing. 

It seems unlikely that any nation has developed technologies that are miles ahead of the US military, which really points to the fact that UAPs were not built by humans. 


The report also indicated that many of the sightings were detected by multiple sensors, therefore they are unlikely to be attributed to sensor glitches. 

Under the national security challenged section, it went on to say there is currently little data that indicates that ‘any UAP are part of a foreign collection program or indicative of a major technological advancement by a potential adversary’. In short, the US government believes it unlikely that foreign countries are responsible for the UAP sightings. 

The report indicated there are five possible explanations for UAP sightings, which were airborne clutter (birds, balloons, etc.), natural atmospheric phenomena (ice crystals, moisture, etc.), US government or industry developmental programs (classified programs by the US government), foreign adversary systems (China, Russia, etc.) and a broad category called ‘other.’ Although not mentioned specifically the report admits there is a chance that these could be extraterrestrial spacecraft, otherwise ‘other’ would not exist. 

The report was short, and many expected a more detailed analysis of UFO’s but it’s some of the best UFO evidence we have because it’s an official document that admits there are unexplained sightings.


It’s not proof aliens are real, but it is proof that UFO sightings are common by the military. 

2) Angel hair – Florence, Italy, 1954

Angel hair italy UFO sighting
Angel hair discovered from the Italy UFO sighting.

This is one of the most fascinating and unheard-of UFO sightings

It was the 27th of October 1954, and ten thousand football fans were packed into Stadio Artemi Franchi in Florence, Italy. 

Fiorentina club was playing against Pistoiese, it was just after half-time when the crowd went chillingly silent. Then suddenly, a roar from the crowd! 

The players stopped playing and the ball rolled to a stand-still, no one was watching the match any longer. 

Everyone’s eyes were gazing upwards with fingers pointed to the sky. One of the footballers commented later saying, “We were astonished, we had never seen anything like it before. We were absolutely shocked.”

So, what was it?

They saw an egg-shaped object hovering and moving slowly above the stadium as a silver glitter fell from the sky to the ground. 

A spectator recalled seeing multiple objects, which they described as being shaped more like Cuban cigars that were moving quickly but then stopped. The whole event only lasted a few minutes before they were gone. Various witnesses described the silvery glitter as similar to cotton wool, which gave it its famous name of ‘angel hair’.

There’s more…

On the same day, there were numerous UFO sightings reported from many towns all over the area and some witnesses claimed to have seen a ray of white light shooting across the sky. The white substance was also found on buildings and trees nearby.

The substance was hard to collect because it disintegrated so quickly once it hit the ground, but one journalist was determined to investigate. Giorgio Batini gathered samples of the ‘angel hair’ by wrapping them onto matchsticks and sent them off to the University of Florence for chemical analyses. 

The results came back as it containing the elements boron, silicon, calcium, and magnesium but no one could explain what it was.

No one could explain it other than extraterrestrial life, well over ten thousand people witnessed it and they had physical evidence to back it up. 

There was only one other possible theory that was offered and that was a migration of spiders spinning extraordinarily thin webs. During spider migrations, the spiders use the webs as sails and link together to form a massive glob of white material that moves around in the sky. Spider migrations, sometimes called ballooning, still happen to this day and are an astonishing sight.

However, this theory falls apart…

Spider silk is made of protein which contains the elements nitrogen, calcium, hydrogen, and oxygen. The ‘angel hair’ material collected contained boron, silicon, calcium, and magnesium – a completely different composition! 

Furthermore, boron and silicon are not commonly found in organic material, which puts a huge question mark over what the glittery substance could be. 

This is a truly remarkable and credible case that has no logical explanation. 

3) Alderney UFO sighting, 2007

A particularly interesting and very credible UFO sighting was the Alderney 2007 sighting, which took place on the southern coast of England, with the UFOs being spotted close to the island of Guernsey. 

This is particularly credible because two unusual objects were spotted by two pilots flying separate planes on different routes. 

Furthermore, the passengers also witnessed the objects as well as two tourists on the ground. 

Ray Bowyer, 50, who had been flying commercial planes for around 20 years, said that during his flight to Southampton, England, at 3 pm, he witnessed a bright-yellow light west of Alderney, England.

This is staggering…

He said, “It was a very sharp, thin yellow object with a gray area”, when he realized the object was further away than he thought he went on to say, “At first, I thought it was the size of a 737. But it must have been much bigger because of how far away it was. It could have been as much as a mile wide.”

With his 10× magnification binoculars, he could make out a definite shape. The object was long, thin, and pointed at each end. It was bright yellow with a dark grey band enveloping it one third from the right, like a band around a cigar. 

That’s not all…

As he approached Alderney, he then noticed another identical object that looked smaller but only because it was further away. He said of the incident, “I have never seen anything like it before in all my years of flying.”

The Jersey airport traffic controller said that along with Bowyer’s report, another pilot flying for Blue Islands airways simultaneously reported that he witnessed a UFO approximately 1,500 feet below his plane. 

The Blue Islands pilot was flying to Jersey and described the object just like Bowyer did but was looking at it from the opposite direction. 

Both pilots placed the object at the same location and altitude.

It gets even better…

A local radio station in Guernsey reported that two visitors on the island of Sark had enquired at their hotel about what the two bright yellow objects in the sky might be. 

Radar traces appeared to register the two objects which aligned with the position and time of the UFO sighting. 

The pilots formed two different conclusions: 

Bowyer believed “that two solid airborne craft, which was not and could not have been manufactured on Earth, were working in unison that day”, whilst the Blue Islands pilot believed in some kind of “atmospheric phenomenon”.

No formal explanation was ever given, but Bowyer was clear that the object was “tangible” and not any atmospheric phenomena.

Nick Pope, who worked for the UK Ministry of Defense said that this is one of the most intriguing sightings he’s ever heard about, but the Ministry of Defense decided not to investigate the incident further.

Alderney UFO Sighting 2007
Illustration of the objects based on Captain Bowyer's notes.

4) Pentagon confirms UFO sightings (UFO video by Pentagon)

Watch the Pentagon's three declassified UFO videos

US government confirms aliens?

Not quite, but they admit these videos are real and unexplained!

The best UFO proof always comes from the government or military. Although most people would say governments are not to be trusted, they probably wouldn’t release a photoshopped image of a UFO for laughs.

Here's the deal:

When the government or military release footage of a UFO, you can be certain it’s not fake. When the Pentagon releases UFO videos, the world watches.

In April 2020, the Pentagon released three previously leaked videos of US navy pilots encountering UFOs. They released the videos to clear up any misconceptions about whether the videos were fake. They said the videos were real and that the objects seen remain unidentified! 

The three videos show what pilots saw during training sessions in 2004 and 2015. They are widely regarded as some of the most convincing UFO footage ever captured.

The videos are known as the FLIR (Nimitz video, 2004), GOFAST (2015), and GIMBAL (2015).

The 2004 FLIR video showed two navy fighter pilots who found an oblong object hovering above the water. The object then zoomed away with the pilot saying, “It accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen”. This is the famous UFO navy video from the USS Nimitz

The GOFAST video showed pilots trying to track a fast-moving tic tac shaped object flying above the ocean. It was moving so quickly that their tracking systems struggled to lock on. The pilots were in utter amazement at the speed of it with one saying, “look at that flying”!

The GIMBAL video showed unidentified objects flying through the sky and spinning. The pilot can be heard saying, “Look at that thing, dude! It’s rotating!”

Think about this:

What’s so interesting is that pilots know what kind of aerospace technology exists, they know the industry inside out. For them to say, ‘Omg look at that thing’ says it all. 

The videos were previously floating around the internet but now that the government confirmed their legitimacy, it makes them some of the most compelling UFO evidence.

5) O’Hare International Airport UFO sighting, 2006

More solid UFO evidence came in 2006, at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. 

On November 6, 2006, authorities at the airport received a report that 12 United Airlines employees and one witness from outside the airport were witnessing a metallic saucer-shaped object hovering over Gate C-17. 

The craft was also witnessed by pilots, mechanics, and other airline employees. 

The object was hovering for around 5 minutes as employees rushed out to view it when they heard the chatter on the radio. They described it as a completely silent, metallic disc-shaped object around 6-24 feet in diameter and dark gray in color. 

Here’s the kicker:

After 5 minutes, the craft shot off at high velocity, punching a hole in the clouds. It left a completely clear blue hole in the thick cloud layer, which closed shortly afterward.

Interestingly, air traffic control did not see the object and it did not show up on radar. 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) claimed it was a weather phenomenon and therefore would not investigate any further, so no formal explanation was ever given. 

However, one witness from outside the airport when describing the disc-shaped UFO said they were very clear that it was “obviously not clouds.”

Many witnesses strongly disagreed with the weather phenomena explanation and were “upset” at the FAA’s decision not to investigate. The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) published a 155-page report and called for a government inquiry into the sighting. 

The pattern is similar to other sightings, a hovering craft and then a quick retreat at high velocity, not something that conventional aircraft are capable of, you could say that is proof of extraterrestrial life visiting us.

O'hare international airport UFO
The O'Hare international airport UFO sighting.

6) UFO sighting American Airlines, 2021

One of the latest UFO sightings was by an American Airlines pilot flying over New Mexico in February 2021. 

The pilot reported seeing “a long, cylindrical object” coming straight at the aircraft, so close that it almost hit it!

The pilot panicked:

The pilot immediately called air traffic control and asked, “Do you have any targets up here?” and then went on to explain, “We just had something just go over the top of us that — I hate to say this — looked like a long, cylindrical object.”

The pilot was anxiously thinking it was a cruise missile. He said it was moving extremely fast and zoomed right over the top of the plane. 

Here’s the weird bit:

The FAA said that air traffic controllers “did not see any object in the area on their radarscopes.”

The FBI said it was aware of the incident, but no explanation was given. 

It’s extremely strange that the object didn’t show up on air traffic control considering they need to know about everything in the skies to avoid collisions. 

The only explanation other than this is proof aliens exist is that it was a test launch of a missile by the US military that was kept top-secret, but considering the missile almost hit a passenger jet, you’d think they would have informed air traffic control. It must have had some advanced stealth technology to go undetected. 

It’s a fascinating case of a UFO sighting in 2021. 

7) US government confirms UFO in 2018 with image

US government declassified UFO 2018
US government declassified UFO image taken in 2018.

A leaked government photo taken from inside a fighter jet showed a mysterious silver cube-shaped object hovering in the distance. The object was described as having “ridges or other protrusions along its lateral edges, extending toward its base” and remained perfectly stationary.

Apparently, the image had been circulated extensively amongst US intelligence agencies, but they had no idea what it could be and identified it as a UAP. 

The photo was captured by a military pilot on his personal cell phone whilst flying over the Atlantic Ocean in 2018.

Initial thoughts were that it may be a GPS dropsonde, which is a sensor attached to a parachute that provides weather information on a storm. But atmospheric researchers said that the actual dropsonde is not visible on the photo, just the parachute-shaped object can be seen.

Others pointed out that because the object was stationary and seemed unaffected by air currents, it is extremely unlikely that it could be any sort of weather balloon. 

So, what is it?

It seems to have everyone puzzled, including the government. It doesn’t look like any aircraft we know of and considering it is stationary that discounts any type of parachute or balloon. 

We’re starting to see that many UFO sightings are coming directly from the military and government and they’re just as puzzled as we are! 

8) Nasa cuts live stream as UFO appears, 2016

In 2016, while NASA was live streaming from the International Space Station, viewers noticed a strange object floating above the atmosphere that appeared to be moving away from Earth into space. 

Here’s the shocker:

Before viewers could get a proper look, NASA suddenly cut the live stream. The object appeared to be triangular-shaped as it slowly moved above the horizon line.

As it appeared to gain more speed and appeared more obvious to viewers, the screen went blue, and the stream was cut. 

What are the chances of a technical fault just at that specific time? 

Pretty slim I’d say, considering the live stream is on 24/7!

Many UFO enthusiasts who keep a close eye on these streams claim this has happened before, just as a strange object appears, NASA cuts the stream. Another example was the famous ISS light beam video.  

Does NASA have any proof of aliens that it is trying to hide from the public?

Probably not, considering the US government acknowledges UFOs but admits it has no idea what they are. 

Maybe NASA sees these objects, doesn’t know what they are but thinks it’s best to cut the stream to prevent the public from panicking. 

NASA claimed that the stream was not deliberately cut and that the station went temporarily out of range with the satellite that sends and receives video back to Earth.

Strange coincidence though and the video itself is a must-watch (see above)! 

9) The Falcon Lake incident, 1967

Falcon Lake incident
The grid of circular burns on Stephen Michalak.

This is chilling!

On May 20, 1967, a man named Stephen Michalak had an extraordinary encounter near the Falcon Lake woods in Manitoba, Canada.

The incident left him extremely ill for weeks; suffering from headaches, diarrhea, weight loss, blackouts, and a strange pattern burnt onto his abdomen. 

The incident was heavily investigated by the Canadian military and the US government.

Michalak was an amateur geologist who was prospecting the Falcon Lake area for quartz and silver. 

Whilst he was inspecting a vein of quartz, he was suddenly startled by a gaggle of geese that erupted into a frenzy of honks. 

Wondering what had alarmed the geese, he looked upwards and saw two cigar-shaped objects in the sky, glowing with an intense red. One of these objects started to descend and landed on a section of flat rock. The other object remained hovering for a few minutes before flying off. 

Kneeling with a pick-hammer in his hand, he watched as the red glow started to fade into a shiny metallic craft. He noticed an open hatch on one side of the craft emitting bright lights. He started to sketch the craft believing it was some government experiment. 

He went closer…

He noted that the metal of the ship had no seems, bolts, or signs of welding – it was completely smooth! He peered into the bright doorway where he saw beams of multi-colored lights, he even heard muffled voices, but could not see anyone inside. He felt gushes of warm air and a strong smell of sulfur. 

When he stepped away the hatch suddenly closed, and the craft started turning anti-clockwise. He noticed a panel on the side that contained a grid of holes that shot a blast of hot air at him so hard that it knocked him down and set his clothes ablaze. 

He ripped off the burning clothing as the craft ascended and flew off. 

Michalak stumbled back to his motel and was treated for burns to his abdomen at the local hospital. These burns later turned to raised circles in a grid-like pattern, which is pictured. 

For weeks after, he suffered from extreme sickness, diarrhea, blackouts, and lost substantial weight; all symptoms of radiation sickness

The strange part about this case is that it turned into a full investigation by the military and the police. The army combed the entire area trying to find the location of where the craft landed. 

Initially, Michalak was too ill to participate in the search but eventually participated after a few days. Even with his help, the military couldn’t pinpoint the location of where this UFO supposedly landed until around a month later. 

The search went on for days with the head of the UFO project for the United States government and members of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization all leading their own investigations. Locals had never seen anything like it before.

They found it…

By June 26, they had finally located the site and recovered Michalak’s personal belongings, which included a burnt glove where he claimed to have touched the craft. By July 28 they had located a semicircle on a rock face, 15 feet in diameter where the moss had been completely removed. 

There were traces of radiation discovered in soil samples and inside a fault in the rock across the landing spot. The radioactive material found in the rock fault was radium-226, often found in nuclear reactor waste. 

Michalak’s health issues continued which eventually brought him to Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic for further investigation. 

When Michalak returned home and his doctors wanted to follow up with the Mayo Clinic, the clinic claimed that they had never examined him, despite him having evidence and documentation of him being there. 

Many theorists believe that this was a cover-up by the US government. 

Michalak was sent to a psychiatrist for evaluation, “who came back with the report that this is a fellow who’s very pragmatic, very down to earth — pardon the pun — and does not make up stories,”. 

No formal explanation was ever given by the Canadian government. Michalak died in 1999, aged 83. 

10) My personal story, Malvern, UK, 2006

UFO sighting in Malvern UK
My UFO sighting in Malvern, UK, 2006.

I finish this report with a personal story because I have encountered a UFO myself that to this day I cannot explain. 

It’s one of the most memorable experiences of my life. 

It was 2006 and I was around 14 years old, so discount that if you want but I know what I saw and I have the evidence.

It was late evening, my parents were out, and I was home alone watching TV. I lived on top of the Malvern Hills in the United Kingdom, our house was literally on top of a hill and had fantastic views across all of Malvern and Worcestershire. 

The living room looked out across Malvern and while I was watching TV, I saw a bright light shine through the window. I was into sci-fi at the time, so aliens were the first thing on my mind, and I took no time at all to grab my camera and go outside. 

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best of cameras, but I got some photos. Considering it was dark all you could see in the photo was a very bright white light and small red light on the side. Unfortunately, the photos were poor and showed nothing conclusive other than an object with a light of some sort. 

I know what I saw and heard though. I saw a large object about a mile away and hovering a little higher than the highest point of the Malvern Hills. 

It was huge, with a large white light shaped like an eye. The light projected a sort of beam onto the ground like a searchlight.

It was a fair distance away, but I heard a loud rumbling, so loud that it felt like the ground was shaking. It hovered, its searchlight went from left to right and back for about a minute, and then it was suddenly gone. 

It was so surreal…

The memory is sort of a blur to me, I had photos that I showed to my friends and family to ask for opinions, and I did my own full investigation (for a 14-year-old). I couldn’t explain it, and neither could anyone else.

The closest sensible thing I could think of was a helicopter, considering the loud noise and searchlight. But from memory it was far too large and took off way too fast, it was gone in seconds. 

My conclusion to this day is that I can’t explain it, other than it truly was an unidentified flying object. 

I remember, my first thought was “The invasion has started”!

What the future holds...

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these fascinating stories of UFO encounters.

Now that the US government has admitted to tracking UFOs and acknowledged there are many unexplained sightings, it opens up a whole new opportunity for discussion.

If we can remove the stigma of reporting UFOs, we may hear more fascinating stories from people around the world. Now that the military has acknowledged UFOs, perhaps more pilots will come forward with exciting evidence. 

There is clear evidence of UFOs that truly cannot be explained by anything here on Earth. The only sensible explanation could be extraterrestrial life visiting our planet.

Is the thought of extraterrestrial life existing in this massive universe really that crazy? 

Our planet sticks out like a sore thumb, not to mention that we also broadcast our existence into space! 

Why wouldn’t aliens pop in to check us out?

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By Richard AhernLifeLine Media

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