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2024 Prediction: 5 Reasons Why TRUMP Will WIN (EASILY)

Who will be the next president? - A detailed analysis

2024 prediction

We have a perfect storm brewing for a Trump 2024 victory...



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FACT-CHECK GUARANTEE (References): [Official statistics: 7 sources] [Academic journal: 1 source] [Straight from the source: 1 source] [High-authority and trusted website: 1 source] 

Suddenly the 2024 presidential election doesn’t seem so far away.

29 October 2021 | By Richard Ahern – Everyone will soon be asking who will win the presidential election in 2024? Will Biden run again? Will Trump win in 2024?

Once you’ve read our analysis in this article, you’ll be able to answer those questions without a shred of doubt.

Shaking your head?

Just wait…

If you disagree with our prediction right now, once you’ve seen our evidence, we’re pretty certain you will have a change of heart! 

Firstly, a quick note on Biden and who Trump may be facing in 2024…

Biden may attempt a run in 2024 for a second term, but his chances aren’t good. Since the Afghanistan debacle, Biden’s approval rating has plummeted; in fact, no president has ever dropped in popularity so quickly as Joe Biden. 

On every front, Biden has shown he is incapable. Such as the disaster withdrawal from Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of 13 US servicemen, the economic catastrophe of prices skyrocketing, and the mayhem at the border.

Not to mention, the global embarrassment all Americans face when Biden makes a speech. I wonder what Australians thought when Biden forgot the name of their prime minister and called Scott Morrison “that fella down under”?

Anyway (classic Joe), it’s highly unlikely Biden will be re-elected, the signs that he is suffering from dementia are obvious, he ticks all the boxes and dementia doesn’t get better as you get older. 

There are certainly other potential 2024 candidates that could run for the Democrats, but that’s beside the point because it doesn’t matter who the Democrats pick. As long as Trump runs and the Republican party chooses him, the result will be the same. 

Who will win the 2024 presidential election?

Our 2024 presidential prediction is an easy Trump victory, and for us, it’s as clear as day. Our predictions for 2024 are not based on opinion, we’re basing our 2024 presidential predictions on solid statistics, human psychology, and the evidence we already have. 

We’ve crunched the numbers, spoken with multiple experts in a variety of fields, and considered the probabilities of every possible outcome. 

On top of that, our team has conducted their own case study and the results were nothing short of breath-taking (see below)! 

We have a perfect storm brewing for a Trump 2024 victory and here’s why…

Let’s dive in! (If you can handle it, trigger warning for leftists!)

Table of contents (jump to):  

  1. Biden popularity
  2. Trump’s war on the woke
  3. Key statistics
  4. The loyal Trump voter base
  5. Trump and the American dream
  6. The grass is looking greener
  7. Our case study
  8. The secret weapon of Trump’s running mate
  9. Summary
  10. Who is going to be the next president? –  The bottom line


Biden popularity poll
Biden's popularity has sunk quicker than the Titanic!

1) Trump is waging war on ‘wokeism’

Wokeism is a pandemic, a pandemic arguably more deadly than Covid.

Unless you’re a pink-haired leftist college student, you probably think ‘wokeism’ is madness and are rather tired of it.  

As the woke agenda gets more extreme, the more regular citizens start to despise it. Even if you’re a moderate Democrat you probably don’t like biological males in your daughter’s changing room. 

Trump said it best…

“Everything woke turns to s**t!”

No one could have said it better than Trump did, and the crowd roared, as did everyone watching from home.

America wants a president that will stamp out ‘wokeism’ like the parasite it is, Trump will do that job best. Trump will fight woke culture better than any other potential Republican candidate, he says it like it is and he doesn’t give a s**t about being politically correct. 

If the woke agenda continues, which it will under Biden, by 2024 a majority of the American population will be sick to their stomachs. 

That sickness will drive people to vote for Trump.

Not only will loyal Trump supporters and Republicans vote for Trump, but we predict that moderate Democrats may turn to Trump to eradicate the woke agenda.

Independent voters who usually vote for candidates of smaller parties may also turn to Trump to save the country from radical leftism.  

Don’t take our word for it…

Key Statistics

  • 80% of Americans believe that political correctness has gone too far.
  • 30% of progressive activists even said that political correctness is a problem.
  • Before the 2020 election, 33% of Americans considered Biden a moderate, but that figure has dropped to 27.5% in October 2021.
  • Trump embodies the American dream and freedom. The Democrats have shown they stand for the opposite with their vaccine mandates.
  • At the end of July, 52.4% of voters approved and 42.7% disapproved of Biden.
  • Three months later, as of October 2021, those numbers have completely flipped! Right now, 51% of voters disapprove of Biden, and only 43.7% approve!

According to an academic case study, 80% of Americans believe that political correctness has gone too far. Interestingly, the report also noted that 30% of progressive activists even said that political correctness is a problem. Those numbers will only get higher on our current trajectory. 

The smart thing the Democratic Party should do is stop pushing woke policies because it will only please a small minority of college students and not the overall population. 

But the current Democrats aren’t smart, so they won’t do that. 

Biden was arguably chosen as the Democrat’s candidate because he was viewed as a moderate leftist, leaning further to the center. According to YouGov, before the 2020 election, 33% of Americans considered Biden a moderate, however, that figure has dropped to 27.5% in October 2021.

The hope was that he would appeal to the greater population, a radical leftist like Harris would have struggled to get a majority of America on her side, her policies would be too extreme. 

Here’s the problem…

Biden has shown himself to be a radical leftist because he is controlled by them. Biden is so cognitively disabled that he is simply a puppet for Harris and radical Democrats. Biden may be the president in name, but Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and other powerful leftists are the ones in charge. 

The evidence of that is staring us straight in the face, Biden consistently makes remarks about how he’s not allowed to take questions. He’s the President, who’s telling him what to do!?

An obvious example was during a virtual meeting when he slipped up and asked whether he should take questions, saying to Nancy Pelosi, “Whatever you want me to do Nance”! The feed was cut a few seconds later.

Whatever you want me to do!? Those aren’t words from a man in charge.

Now voters have realized that Biden is not in charge and that there is nothing moderate about the Biden presidency, it will leave a sour taste in their mouths.

Biden’s popularity ratings are evidence enough to show that Biden voters are regretting their decision. 

At the end of July, based on numerous polls, 52.4% of voters approved and 42.7% disapproved of Biden. 

Here’s the kicker:

As of October 2021, those numbers have completely flipped! Right now, 51% of voters disapprove, and only 43.7% approve of Biden! 

Most voters won’t make the same mistake twice.

That’s why Trump will be elected president in 2024.

2) Trump has an extremely loyal base

Trump everything woke turns to s**t
"Everything woke turns to s**t" - President Trump, 2021.

If you support Trump, it’s likely you really, really support him and will do so till the end.

Trump is highly polarizing, like Marmite, you either love him or hate him. 

Many love him, he has a magnetic personality, he’s strong, confident, and has a sense of humor. 

Let’s be honest…

Most politicians have the personality of a brick. Biden certainly got no votes for his personality, and could you imagine Mike Pence as president!?

Politicians are notoriously boring, but not Trump, and people love that, he’s relatable. Because he’s relatable, people trust him and will support him through thick and thin.  

The Biden popularity statistics have sunk quicker than the Titanic, but there’s little Trump could do that would lose him his loyal base. 

I’m not saying he could shoot someone and get away with it, but people trust him and will let mistakes slide because they believe he will always rise to the challenge. 

Many people who voted for Biden, didn’t vote for him because they loved him, they voted for him because they hated Trump. 

This says it all:

According to a Rasmussen report, only 56% of Biden voters said they were actually voting for Biden, 29% said they were voting against Trump, and 15% said they were not sure!

Conversely, a whopping 90% of Trump voters said they were voting for Trump and a microscopic 8% said they were voting against Biden.

For Biden, that’s not a formula for success, people vote for Trump, because of Trump, not because they don’t like the other guy. 

For Trump, that is a formula for long-term success and that’s why the odds to win 2024 election are on Trump’s side. 

“56% of Biden voters said they were actually voting for Biden, 29% said they were voting against Trump.”

“A whopping 90% of Trump voters said they were voting for Trump and a microscopic 8% said they were voting against Biden.”

3) Trump embodies the American dream

Everything an American patriot loves, Trump embodies.

America first, freedom of speech, disdain for the mainstream media, and love of our troops are all classic American ideals that Trump stands for. 

Trump supports the second amendment, the right to bear arms, one of the most American ideals out there. 

It’s not just about guns, it’s about freedom, America is the land of the free. 

The Democrats have demonstrated their hatred of freedom with the unprecedented push to get everyone vaccinated. Biden has waged war on unvaccinated Americans – people who are simply making a choice about their own bodies. 

Because of this divisive move, you can bet your top dollar that not a single unvaccinated American will be voting Democrat in 2024. Biden has just lost the support of every unvaccinated American, whether Democrat or Republican, and that could cost him the 2024 election. 

One recent poll showed that since Biden’s announcement of the vaccine mandates, his net approval rating among unvaccinated black voters plummeted 17 points. 

That’s not all…

On top of that, since the mandate announcement his approval rating slumped 6 points among vaccinated black voters and 12 points among all black voters – a demographic Biden can’t afford to lose. 

Trump wants to keep America free, but the Democrats want to take that freedom away. 

What do you think voters would rather? 

Trump embodies the American dream because unlike other presidents of the past he’s not a politician. He’s a businessman who worked hard and reaped the rewards. He supports entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

Trump’s agenda was always to bring business back to America, to bring back “Made in the good ol’ U.S. of A.” The result of that policy is economic prosperity, a higher GDP, and more jobs. 

Biden immediately curtailed America’s energy independence, costing jobs, and outsourcing oil production to other countries. Instead, Biden and the Democrats think the way to jump-start the economy is to take on greater government debt. 

Unfortunately, the Democrat’s economic agenda has simply led to higher prices and a weaker dollar. 

The consequence of inflation ultimately falls on the working class, they’re the ones who feel the strain of high food and gas prices. 

This is painful:

Since Biden took charge, the US inflation rate has gone from 1.4% in January, all the way to an eye-watering 5.4% in September!  

The working class found out this year that the Democratic Party is not the party for the hard-working. 

Trump’s Republican party is!

American patriotism, the love of our country, lies at the core of society and no other president represents that more than President Trump.

This year we’ve seen that America is no longer the land of the free under Biden and therefore voters will see a vote for Trump as a vote for freedom. 

Donald Trump and Richard Ahern LifeLine Media
President Trump with our CEO, Richard Ahern.

“Since Biden took charge, the US inflation rate has gone from 1.4% in January, all the way to an eye-watering 5.4% in September!”

4) The grass is looking much greener

Humans have a tendency to take things for granted when times are good.

We habituate so to speak, it’s a biological mechanism, the diminishing of a response to a repeated stimulus. 

For example…

You live next to a busy freeway; at first, the sound of cars may annoy you, but eventually you habituate and no longer notice it.  

When the country was prospering, we soon started not noticing, the good times became normal times and we rarely thought about why times are good.

When the economy was booming, jobs were being created, and the border was secure, many people probably never considered why. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to take what we have for granted. 

However, once it’s gone, we miss it like crazy! 

Arguably, some people thought that when they voted for Biden, nothing would change, but as soon Biden took office they were in for the shock of their lives.

Biden has shown us how the president has the power to make or break the country, and he broke it in record time. 

In under one year, the American people are screaming for help and feel the embarrassment Biden has brought the US on the world stage. Can you imagine how they will feel after four years?

Our case study of speeches by Biden and Trump clearly demonstrates how people feel about Biden. 

We took a sample of Biden and Trump speeches posted on YouTube from a variety of channels and all within the last year. We then averaged the number of likes and dislikes those videos got (the full results are shown on the graph below). 

The results demonstrated a stark contrast:

Biden speeches on YouTube averaged 37.6% likes to 62.4% dislikes. Whereas for Trump’s recent speeches, they averaged a humungous 90.2% likes to only 9.8% dislikes. 

If the current situation continues to get worse under Biden, the question of who will win the 2024 presidential race is an easy one based on what we know about human psychology. 

As the 2024 election draws in, the grass really will look a lot greener on the other side – the other side being the last four years of Trump.

That’s why Trump could get a record number of votes in 2024. 

Boy mows White House lawn
11-year-old mows the White House lawn and gets to meet President Trump!


Prediction 2024 case study
Likes and dislikes for recent speeches on YouTube - case study by LifeLine Media.

5) Trump will have a new running mate

We can be pretty certain that Mike Pence won’t be making a return as the Vice President.

At the end of Trump’s presidency, his relationship with Mike Pence was undoubtedly rocky. 

For example, Pence recently said that they will likely never see eye-to-eye about the final days of the presidency. 

That’s not a bad thing…

Indeed, choosing Mike Pence could be a mistake. According to YouGov, Pence is disliked by 49% of Americans and only liked by 29%. 

Although Trump hasn’t officially announced he’s running for the 2024 presidency, he has hinted at possible running mates. Speaking live on Fox News, Trump snubbed Pence as a potential running mate and spoke fondly of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

Choosing someone like DeSantis could be a smart move because a poll shows that DeSantis is one of the most popular governors in America with 64% of Florida voters approving and only 24% disapproving across all political and demographic groups. DeSantis is also extremely popular among Hispanic voters with a 62% approval rating and 46% of Democrats view him favorably! 

So, why does this matter?

Firstly, it shows that Pence may have held Trump back somewhat. 

Let’s face it, no one voted for Trump-Pence in 2016 because of Pence. Mike Pence had the political background and the necessary contacts to help with campaign funding, but he was firmly in the shadow of President Trump.

Trump’s new running mate for vice president could be the secret weapon to winning the 2024 election. 

There are several potential candidates such as Ron DeSantis and Rand Paul who are world-famous for their fighting of wokeism and have huge fan bases. Florida Governor DeSantis has gone viral on the internet with his fight against Biden’s policies and American patriots love it! 

If Trump chooses one of them as his running mate, we’ll have a situation of two large voter bases merging, a situation that will result in a Trump 2024 victory.

Granted, they could attempt a run for themselves as president but out of the potential 2024 presidential candidates, the Republican party would be wise to choose their biggest weapon: Trump. 

We also predict that the 2024 presidential will see a much higher Republican voter turnout. After Trump raised concerns about election integrity in 2020, those concerns are burned into our memory. 

Every single Republican voter will get to the polls to cast their vote, leaving no stone unturned to ensure a Donald Trump 2024 victory.

Trump DeSantis 2024
Trump-DeSantis 2024?!


  • As of October 2021, 51% of voters disapprove, and only 43.7% approve of Biden! A complete reversal in less than three months.
  • 80% of Americans believe that political correctness has gone too far. Trump is the solution to woke culture.
  • Trump has an extremely loyal base. Only 56% of Biden voters said they were actually voting for Biden, 29% said they were voting against Trump. Conversely, a whopping 90% of Trump voters said they voted for Trump with only 8% voting against Biden.
  • Trump embodies the American dream and freedom. The Democrats have shown they stand for the opposite with their vaccine mandates.
  • Since Biden announced the vaccine mandates, his net approval among all black voters has plummeted 12 points.
  • People are missing Trump. Biden speeches on YouTube averaged 37.6% likes to 62.4% dislikes. Trump’s recent speeches averaged a humungous 90.2% likes to only 9.8% dislikes.
  • Trump’s new running mate could be the secret weapon. Trump has mentioned Ron DeSantis, who is one of the most popular governors in America according to a poll.
  • Because of Trump’s election integrity concerns, every single Republican voter will get to the polls to cast their vote, leaving no stone unturned to ensure a Donald Trump 2024 victory.

Can Trump win in 2024? - The bottom line

We’ve shown the 2024 election odds are firmly in the favor of Donald Trump.

Our predictions for 2024 are not based on an opinion, the Biden approval rating speaks for itself, and the statistics speak for themselves.

2024 may be years away but little is going to change. Biden’s cognitive decline won’t improve, that’s not how dementia works. A possible scenario could see Biden removed mid-term and Harris appointed as president, but that will likely do more harm to the Democrats’ chances of victory, seeing that Harris is far more radical than Biden. 

The Democrats have a limited number of possible 2024 presidential candidates. Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was a favorite among leftists – until he sexually harassed a bunch of women. Cuomo’s actions in themselves have done untold damage to the Democrat’s 2024 election chances.

Of course, anything could happen in these crazy times and many are wondering if Trump could be re-elected before 2024? 

Anything is possible! 

Sticking with 2024 predictions though, the stars are aligned, and it seems like a perfect storm of factors will ensure a Trump 2024 victory.

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Author photo Richard Ahern LifeLine Media CEO Richard Ahern
CEO of LifeLine Media
Richard Ahern is a CEO, entrepreneur, investor, and political commentator. He has a wealth of experience in business, having founded multiple companies, and regularly does consulting work for global brands. He has a deep knowledge of economics, having spent many years studying the subject and investing in the world’s markets.
You can usually find Richard with his head buried deep inside a book, reading about one of his plethora of interests, including politics, psychology, writing, meditation, and computer science; in other words, he’s a nerd.

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By Richard Ahern – LifeLine Media

Contact: [email protected]

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