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Biden Gaffes: Are These EVIDENCE of Dementia?

Biden gaffes dementia

It’s time to answer the Biden dementia question!


02 August 2021 | By Richard Ahern – Biden is a gaffe machine, everyone knows that, but while his critics argue it is a sign of dementia, his supporters claim they’re harmless mistakes that we all make from time to time. 

FACT-CHECK GUARANTEE (References): [Medical authority: 2 sources] [Government websites: 3 sources] [Academic website: 1 source] [Straight from the source: 12 sources] [High-authority and trusted websites: 2 sources] 

A Joe Biden gaffe is nothing new, but arguably the gaffes have been getting worse and more frequent lately.

Not to mention the fact that he’s no longer just a candidate for president, he is the president, the stakes are much higher now! He has the nuclear codes!

The question is simple…

There are many examples of when Biden gets confused, but are they just silly mistakes caused by nerves or a mild speech problem or are they evidence that the leader of the free world is in cognitive decline caused by a form of dementia? 

Let’s take a look at what dementia actually is, the signs that doctors look out for, and whether Biden is showing any signs of dementia.

It’s time to answer the Biden dementia question once and for all. 

All our evidence and references to key events can be found at the bottom of the page. 

What are the symptoms of dementia?

First, we have to look at what the official medical authorities define dementia as and what the dementia symptoms are.

According to the CDC, dementia is not a specific disease but a general term for the “impaired ability to remember, think, or make decisions that interfere with doing everyday activities.” Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia, but let’s just stick with the broader definition here. 

Dementia mostly affects older adults; it’s estimated that 5-8% of people aged over 60 are suffering from dementia at any given time. 

Age is the biggest risk factor and 1 in 6 people over the age of 80 have dementia

In other words…

Once you approach 80 years old, the chances of developing dementia get much, much higher. At the time of writing, Joe Biden is 78 years old.

There are many early signs of dementia, but according to official sources the most common first signs of dementia are the following:

So, does Joe Biden tick any of those boxes?

To answer that, let’s look at some of the most recent Joe Biden gaffes and analyze them with the above criteria in mind.

Let’s dive in…

Normal vs Alzheimer brain (type of dementia).

Memory Loss

This is an easy one. 

There are many examples of a confused Joe Biden to prove that he suffers from memory loss, you don’t need to look far to find them. 

On many occasions, he has slipped up saying he is still the vice president of the United States, a role he left behind almost 5 years ago. 

This is hilarious…

He recently confused President Trump and Obama, saying that he was vice president under Trump! 

We’ve covered a Biden gaffe where he confused President Obama with Osama Bin Laden while announcing the final withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. 

During a Biden town hall, he made the shocking claim that the vaccine hadn’t been developed when he took office, which we’ll assume is another instance of memory loss rather than a blatant lie. The vaccine was fully developed and approved for emergency use when Trump was still president. 

It gets worse…

The latest Biden gaffe was when he was mocked for claiming he used to drive an 18-wheeler truck, which there is absolutely no evidence of. While he was visiting a Mack Truck facility in Pennsylvania, he told staff, “I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man,”.

As far as we can find out, Biden once rode in an 18-wheeler in 1973 but certainly never drove one. Multiple fact-checking websites have also stated that his claim is categorically false. 

Biden’s poor memory is clearly an issue the Biden administration is aware of, he’s rarely ever allowed to answer press questions and when he does, he always has extensive notes with him to remind him of the key talking points. 

Does Biden suffer from memory loss then?

Yes. No doubt. Check! 

Biden confusion
The Joe Biden "blank look"!

Difficulty Concentrating

The Biden ‘blank look’ comes to mind here, when his eyes glaze over and it appears like the lights are on, but nobody is home. 

This is particularly evident in the most recent Biden Town Hall with CNN, which we covered. There were numerous examples when Don Lemon was talking that Biden suddenly appeared lost and confused. 

It’s a common look of Biden’s where he’s been pictured glazed over. Watching him closely during conversations, you can see from his facial expressions the moments where he goes in and out of reality.

Difficulty concentrating can be evidenced in any Joe Biden speech of your choosing when he loses his train of thought and suddenly switches topic.

The classic example is when he forgets what he’s saying and says, “well, anyway…” as a means of moving on quickly. 

Difficulty concentrating? 


Mood Changes

The rapid mood changes with Joe Biden are very evident. 

It’s common for him to be talking normally and then suddenly raise his voice in an angry tone for no apparent reason. 

For example…

This happened in the town hall with CNN’s Don Lemon. When asked about immigration he started his answer calm and collected, midway through he snaps and shouts, “what can a kid do!”. It was a complete change of tone and he visibly looked angry at the audience. 

It happened again when Biden snapped at a CNN reporter during the Biden-Putin summit. The female reporter asked the president why he was so confident that Putin will change his behavior. 

Biden turned around looking visibly irritated by the question, started moving towards the reporter waving his finger and shouting, “I’m not confident. What the hell! What do you do all the time!”. 

Here’s the deal:

It’s not like with President Trump, Trump was consistently fighting with the media, but Biden usually never berates reporters. It was a sudden change in emotion from Mr. Biden that was so shocking. He apologized to the reporter later. 

There are other examples in the past where Biden has lashed out at audience members and potential voters. During a Biden speech in Iowa, Biden lost his cool with a potential voter and shouted, “You’re a dam liar!” and appeared to call the man fat!

This was crazy:

One time a voter asked a simple question about climate change when Biden got physical and lost it, saying, “go vote for someone else” while forcibly pushing the voter and poking him with his finger!

The overall theme here is that Biden undoubtedly shows rapid mood changes where he is calm one second and furious the next with no obvious trigger. 

This is a very common sign of dementia and not something you really want someone with access to the nuclear codes to be displaying. 

Mood changes? 


Biden angry with voter
Biden gets angry with voter and physically pushes him!

Struggling to carry out basic daily tasks

It’s difficult to get a glimpse into how Biden copes with everyday tasks without access to his personal life, but there are examples of him struggling with basic tasks. 

This was comical:

A hilarious Biden blooper was when a press photographer managed to capture the moment Biden was handed a card by an aide saying, “Sir, there is something on your chin”. 

It was during a meeting with governors and officials addressing the issue of wildfires. While Kamala Harris was speaking the cameras caught Biden being handed a card. Later, when he turned the card over to take notes, the photographer managed to capture the message. 

It was a bit disgusting…

The video showed that when Biden read the card, he wiped his face with his hand, looked at his hand, and then proceeded to eat whatever was there. Further pictures showed he did indeed have a yellow substance on his chin. 

Although some would say we are being nit-picky and that it’s an honest mistake, well yes, it is, but not for the president of the United States! It gives off the image that he can’t care for himself properly and make himself presentable for a meeting. 

Struggling with basic self-care comes under the category of a basic daily task. 

We can also point to examples of Biden struggling to put a mask on properly, navigate where he is going and when he fell over three times trying to ascend the stairs of Air Force One.  

Struggles to carry out basic tasks?


Biden blooper something on chin
Biden blooper: Sir, there is something on your chin.

Struggling to follow a conversation and find the right words

There is overlap here with previous examples, but Biden often struggles to find words during conversations; he will stumble and stammer, look for his notes, say words and phrases that make no sense, and if all else fails… “you know, the thing!”

Numerous examples at the recent town hall showed him stumbling through sentences with ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ and saying sentences so incoherent that Don Lemon had to help him make sense. 

Simply stated:

If we were to name all the times Biden has said a wrong word in a conversation, we would break this web page. 

We can point to examples such as the classic Joe Biden gaffe, “we choose truth over facts” and, “all men and women created by…go…you know…you know the thing!” and of course the more recent, “I came to the United States Senate 120 years ago.

We’re at a point where it’s more newsworthy when Biden finds the right word and constructs a coherent sentence than when he makes mistakes. 

There’s absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that Joe Biden struggles to find the right words. 


Confusion over time and place

Another box checked here! 

As we mentioned earlier, Biden not only confuses time and place, but he confuses people. To the point that he’s confused Trump for Obama and Obama for Osama Bin Laden not to mention when he confused his wife and sister while on stage. 

How do you get those people confused for each other!?

A Biden blunder where he seemed to lose all understanding of time was when he claimed to have joined the senate 120 years ago!

But wait there’s more…

During another Biden confused speech, he said, “Welcome to Kingswood Community Center”, however, after staring out into space with his mouth wide open, he suddenly realized that’s not where he was, saying “actually that’s the one where I used to work.”

The confused Biden tried to pass off the embarrassing mistake as a joke, however, it was blatantly clear it was another moment of confusion from bumbling Biden!

That’s not the only time…

Another Joe Biden senile moment was when he forgot what state he was in saying, “…needs of the people of Arizona”, all looked fine until a flag in the background showed he was actually in… Nevada. 

Many examples illustrate Biden disoriented over time and place. 


Does Biden have dementia? - The bottom line

There’s certainly no shortage of President Biden gaffes but without a formal diagnosis from a trained professional, we will never know 100% if Biden is suffering from Dementia. 

However, by looking at all the signs and symptoms of dementia, it is clear that Biden ticks all the boxes.

The evidence certainly suggests that Biden is suffering from dementia.

It can’t be hidden any longer, the signs of Biden’s cognitive decline are becoming extremely obvious, the public deserves to know if the president of the United States and leader of the free world can discharge his duty. 

The citizens of the United States have a right to know if their leader is mentally capable, there’s too much evidence of Joe Biden confused to ignore, a formal test needs to be done. 

Joe Biden is the oldest president to ever take office at 78 years old. Age is the biggest dementia risk factor and at his age dementia affects around 1 in 6 people. 

Even if we ignore all the Biden blunders and gaffes, his age alone makes dementia highly likely. 

The Biden administration could have put the Joe Biden dementia issue to rest immediately with a formal assessment from a doctor and it would have silenced the critics once and for all. 

The fact that they haven’t makes it look even more likely that they know he would fail and would have to be removed. They can’t hide him away from the press and the public forever and we must be concerned for the health of Biden himself. 

It is cruel for the world to watch a man suffer doing a job he is no longer capable of. The administration needs to put politics and reputation aside and put a man’s mental and physical health first. 

Sadly, dementia only goes one way, and it doesn’t get better.  

Want to see more Biden gaffes? Check out our library of Biden gaffes here!

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By Richard AhernLifeLine Media

Contact: [email protected]

Published: 02 August 2021

Last Updated: 02 October 2021

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