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Why Biden is WRONG About Social Media

Joe Biden is embarrassingly wrong about social media companies because he can’t grasp what social media actually is. 

He needs to understand one simple thing…

The war on Big Tech continues, with Biden claiming social media companies are ‘killing people’ and the UK passing legislation to stimulate competition with Big Tech

The battle against Big Tech is one of the few issues that the right and left agree on, but for very different reasons.  

Biden claims that misinformation on social media is causing the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” because people are reading information on social media that makes them feel the vaccine is not safe

On the other hand…

Trump takes the exact opposite view; he’s fighting social media because they banned him for supposedly inciting violence and spreading misinformation. He wants social media platforms to be places of free speech. 

Here’s the deal:

Companies like Facebook are already fact-checking disasters, they are flagging posts and banning users left, right, and center. 

The problem is that they get it wrong! Let’s be honest, Facebook wouldn’t be able to correctly fact-check if water is wet. 

For example, when the pandemic started, social media companies removed any posts that mentioned the Wuhan lab-leak theory, saying it was misinformation. Later though, experts started giving credibility to the lab-leak theory saying that it is certainly a possibility. 

Senior Biden officials overseeing an intelligence review into the origins of Covid are now saying that the lab-leak theory is at least as credible as it naturally occurring in the wild.

Social media companies should hang their heads in shame, they got it wrong and that should be a lesson learned.

Big Tech are not an authority on information, they have no place deciding what is true or false. They are private enterprises, and their sole aim is to make a profit. 

Why should they be trusted to fact-check information?  

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Social media companies should not fact-check anything, they should be platforms of free speech where people can socialize, freely. 

The name says it all, social media is about being ‘social’, it’s where people can meet, talk and share opinions with each other. 

It’s no different than a real-life social gathering; like going to your local bar, you have a few drinks, have a chat, and share your thoughts.

Fact-check real life
Fact-check in real life?

Does the barmaid interrupt your conversation and warn you if she thinks you’re spreading misinformation?


Social media is for people to socialize online, it’s an online bar, club, café o,r gathering. 

Social media companies are not libraries, they’re ‘social’, people don’t go on social media to get facts, they go to Wikipedia for that. 

Websites like Wikipedia are where people go to get reliable information, those websites should be fact-checked, just like your local library would make sure all their books are accurate. 

Think about it like this:

Social media is your local bar. Wikipedia is your local library. 

You take everything you hear at the bar with a grain of salt, just like you do when Kyle posts on Facebook that a vaccine gave him crabs.  

Most people understand that, but if you don’t, you need to. Now. 

Social gatherings, in-person and online, should foster free speech and opinion, they are places for ideas to flourish! They’re not where you go to decide if vaccines are safe or not. 

The moment social media companies start fact-checking is the moment they no longer become social; and instead, become media!

The companies that should be fact-checked are the mainstream media! They are the companies that are continuously pumping out information that they claim to be fact. 

Most people expect their newspaper or news channel to be giving them accurate information. The majority of the public gets their news from the mainstream media, and they trust that they are being told the truth, even when they’re not. 

Bottom line?

Social media should be a place of free speech, where people can be social. The companies that need fact-checking are the mainstream news media because they are the companies publishing information that most people believe to be true.

Maybe Biden should set his sights on CNN and maybe Facebook should get back to being a ‘social’ platform. 

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By Richard AhernLifeLine Media

Contact: [email protected]

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