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Mental health pandemic

The Mental Health Pandemic CAN Be Stopped. Covid CANNOT!

This will make you sad, but you need to hear it.

It’s time to kill the pandemic that we can control and accept the one we can’t.

This may be a hard pill to swallow for some people, but they need to take it. 

COVID-19 will NOT end, we will NEVER eradicate it because it mutates too fast. What we can eradicate is the mental health pandemic caused by government lockdowns. The effects of the pandemic on mental health must be considered!

The media and government are misleading us, we’re not going to beat COVID-19. They tell us that if we’re good citizens, take our vaccines and mask-up, that somehow, we’ll beat Covid and eradicate it.

We won’t, and here’s why: 

Genome size mutations
Genome size and mutations.

Viruses mutate at rapid rates, far quicker than animal and human cells. Viruses are tiny, much smaller than bacteria and this allows them to mutate rapidly. 

Specifically, COVID-19 is an RNA virus, these have particularly high mutation rates that are up to a million times higher than their hosts!   

Make no mistake, viruses aren’t intelligent, these mutations are purely random, the virus has no thought process that makes it ‘want’ to mutate. The process is like a lottery, but an extremely fast one. 

What causes viruses to mutate?

How viruses replicate themselves is a complicated process, but put simply, when a virus copies its genetic code, there are sometimes copying errors, which lead to alterations in the virus’s structure. 

When these changes occur on the surface antigens, it is known as antigenic drift. This can make viruses resistant to vaccines and our immune system. It appears thus far, that COVID-19 is not prone to antigenic drift. 


Sometimes mutations occur known as antigenic shifts, these are worse (for us) because they are abrupt changes to a virus structure. This happens when two different strains of the virus infect the same host and their genetic material combines to form a new virus. 

Antigenic shift happens with the flu virus and unfortunately, what happens with COVID-19.  

Bottom line: Mutations are basically dangerous mistakes.

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Often, millions of virus mutations occur that make no difference to the survival or infection rate of the virus; those mutations just die off.

Some mutations even make the virus less effective; these again, simply die off. 

Here’s the bad news:

Every so often a mutation occurs that improves the virus’s ability to infect hosts, survive and ultimately replicate itself. For example, when a mutation occurs on the spike protein of COVID-19. 

If this mutation gives the virus an advantage to survive and replicate, then obviously that mutation will become more widespread and infect more people. Unfortunately, because this process is so rapid, this is what prevents us from beating it, it’s much quicker than our scientists! 

The flu and the common cold are all examples of viruses that we have yet to beat, we’re always developing new flu vaccines, but at the end of the day, the virus is always one step ahead. 

Another problem is that the more people a virus infects, the more mutations that can occur. It’s an exponential process, like a curve that gets steeper and steeper. 

The issue with Covid is that because it’s so widespread and infectious, it’s got plenty of opportunities to mutate. 

It gets worse:

How viruses replicate themselves
How viruses replicate within a host cell.

Viruses need a host to survive, and they use that host’s body to replicate itself. They hijack the host’s ‘cell machinery’ and use it to copy their genetic code; that’s how viruses replicate within host cells. In other words, infected people are like virus-making factories!  

The big concern is that it appears that people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, can still get it! 

Vaccinated people may get less severe symptoms which keeps them out of the hospital, but the virus is still in their cells and replicating itself. The evidence so far suggests that the ability of a fully vaccinated person to infect others is lower but still likely. 

The vaccine does not appear to provide complete immunity. 

The evidence shows that COVID-19 mutates quickly, and one unfortunate mutation on the spike protein will ultimately render vaccines completely useless. We’ll be back to square one if that happens, which is likely.

The unfortunate truth is we won’t beat covid, just like we can’t beat the common cold and the flu. The common cold is actually often caused by a coronavirus! Coronaviruses mutate too quickly and they’re too infectious to completely wipe out. 

Governments and the media that say “just one more lockdown and we’ll be out of this” are misleading the public. We won’t eradicate this with vaccines, masks, or lockdowns. 

If you think that, you’re wrong. 

The new future will be living with Covid just like we live with the flu, common cold, cancer, and every other type of horrible disease. Vulnerable people will have to get a new vaccine every year (at least) for each type of Covid mutation.

Here’s the deal:

Vulnerable people risk death every winter during flu season, we don’t ask everyone to wear masks and shut down their businesses for them. They take their flu vaccine, but no one pushes healthy people to do the same. 

This is the same principle, it’s time to accept that we now share this planet with COVID-19 and that it’s another risk added on to all the other millions of risks we face every day. It’s a hard pill to swallow for some of us, but it’s time to accept it and move on. 

Vulnerable people need to decide for themselves whether they want to be vaccinated, wear a mask, or take that train ride; it’s their choice and their choice alone. 

It sounds harsh, but we can’t destroy our economy, people’s livelihoods, children’s education, and mental health because we are protecting a very small percentage of vulnerable people. 

It’s not practical and will lead to a far greater economic and public (mental) health crisis! 

If governments insist that we must lockdown every time case numbers surge, we’ll be in lockdown forever. We may have a COVID-19 pandemic, but we also have a mental health pandemic caused by lockdowns.  

Here’s the bottom line:

The pandemic psychological effects caused by poverty, isolation, and reduced social contact can all be prevented by ending lockdowns. The pandemic mental health crisis can be stopped with the flick of a switch by governments.  

It’s time to kill the pandemic that we can control and accept the one we can’t. 

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By Richard AhernLifeLine Media

Contact: [email protected]

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