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What NO ONE Tells You About UNIVERSITY That I Discovered The HARD Way

This is why college is dead and degrees are becoming useless!

We must politically castrate universities

Universities need to be politically castrated before they become completely obsolete. 

You’re probably asking a lot of questions about that statement, right?

If you’re planning to apply to university, then this will change your mind.

If you’ve been to university and wasted $100,000+ on it, then you’re probably fuming right now, but stay with me because maybe you can save your children from making the same mistake, right?

Let me explain…

My dreadful college story

First, let me tell you a short story about my dreadful college experience…

| By Richard Ahern – When I left school, I had no idea what I wanted to do. 

I loved fitness but I didn’t want to work in a gym with a pitiful salary and little room for advancement, I wanted something more and something different.

I would describe myself as a free spirit, I always wanted to do things my way and didn’t like people interfering with that, I strongly valued my freedom.

Here’s the deal:

If I were to name one right that I value most and believe everyone should have, that would be freedom, more specifically freedom of speech and expression.

I had worked hard at school and came out with good grades, which allowed me to apply to any university I wanted and stand a good chance of getting accepted. Since my friends were going to college and my family encouraged it, I decided to apply, reluctantly.

Make no mistake about it…

The general attitude when you leave school is that you either go out to work or go to college, there is extraordinarily little encouragement for entrepreneurship and starting a business.

I liked the idea of starting a business as it appealed to my sense of freedom, but having no idea where to begin and having no money to put into it, I didn’t know about many alternatives to university and felt it was my only choice.

I got four offers…

Four colleges offered me a place, all to study biochemistry. I chose biochemistry not because I was interested in it, but because I got the highest grades in chemistry, biology, and maths and thought biochemistry sounded the most impressive and was a combination of all three.

Out of the four offers I got; I accepted the offer from Imperial College London.

Why you ask?

Imperial College London
Imperial College London lit up for “pride.”

Because that was the highest-ranking college I got an offer from, at the time it was ranked no.2 in the world.

You see the problem!?

Because I didn’t want to go to college and only applied because I thought it was my only option, I ended up picking a subject and a university for the wrong reasons. You see, I was thinking with my ego, not what was best for me.

I can't stress this enough:

Don’t think with your ego, it doesn’t matter what people find impressive, what matters is what you’re passionate about and what you value.

On my first day when I walked into the lecture hall, one emotion struck me the most, and that was anger. That may sound strange, but I was angry because I was an adult and felt like I was back at school for another three years. I also felt out of place and at the time I didn’t quite know why, but I felt like these students and professors were not my people.

This was over seven years ago and at the time I knew extraordinarily little about politics. There was one thing I didn’t understand back then that I finally understand now.

That is the left control colleges.

It was a liberal cesspool, just like 99% of universities are these days. There were protests outside every day, where the students marched and chanted for things like equality, transgender rights, and every other liberal ideology you can think of. I wasn’t political at the time, but I knew I didn’t like it. 

One student tried to hand me a leaflet on whatever they were protesting about, I angrily told her to leave me alone!

It was all wrong, the entire process and system was and is corrupted. 

I stuck at it for a few weeks as it slowly ate away at my soul but then eventually I had enough. My parents strongly encouraged me to stay longer and give it more of a go, but I knew this wasn’t for me.

Here’s a quote to live by:

At the time I remembered a quote from a Papa Roach song, called ‘To Be Loved’, that said, “I’ve got to follow my heart, no matter how far, I gotta roll the dice, never look back and never think twice.” 

That is exactly what I did. 

“I’ve got to follow my heart, no matter how far,
I gotta roll the dice, never look back and never think twice.”

I pulled the trigger, packed my bags, went home, and within a few months I had set up an online business. I worked for my uncle for a few months as an electrician and that allowed me to gather up enough money to pay for a website and put some money on Facebook adverts to get my brand out there.

Fitness and bodybuilding were my passion, so I started off by writing training and nutrition plans for people online, and then I moved into selling gym and sports clothing with my brand’s logo on. I also got into fitness modeling, got some amazing professional shots of my body and I used those photos to promote my fitness business on social media. In the fitness industry, image is everything.

I regularly posted bodybuilding pictures, wrote a fitness blog, and made YouTube videos showing people how to train and eat properly. I gathered over 100,000 followers in a few months on social media, my website was getting 10,000 views every month and the clothing was flying off the shelves.

I decided to donate a proportion of my sales to a mental health charity because I suffer from OCD myself and it is an issue close to my heart.

I’ve used all that experience in business to start LifeLine media, the website and media company you are reading this on. You can read more about our mission here.

There are three morals to this story:

  • Don’t think with your ego.
  • There are other options besides a 9-5 job or college, you can start your own business if you have the confidence, discipline, and passion.
  • The left control universities, and conservatives (or even moderates) are not welcome.

“Don’t think with your ego.
There are other options besides a 9-5 job or college, you can start your own business if you have the confidence, discipline, and passion.”

The university left wing bias

The problem: The left wing control universities

Jordan Peterson protest
Extreme leftist students interrupting a speech from Jordan Peterson.

You see at the time, even being unpolitical, I felt extremely uneasy being amongst leftie college students and radical leftist professors.

Even in a science subject, left wing ideologies were continually being pushed and you couldn’t walk a few steps without seeing a rainbow sign and a pink-haired student shouting about how oppressed they are.

I didn’t like them, but they also didn’t like me.

They could tell that I didn’t approve of their radical leftist ideas even though I wouldn’t have described myself as a conservative at that time. I was not welcome, and they made sure that I knew that.

I’m not the only one, I’ve heard countless conservative students say, ‘I hate college life’ and ‘I hate my college’.

Colleges are radical left wing establishments that are hostile to conservatives and anyone who isn’t ‘woke’. If you’re a conservative, you won’t survive at most colleges, you won’t make friends and the reality is that some leftist professors will penalize you if you’re particularly outspoken.

Left wing universities don’t support free speech.

This is the problem with college, free speech is dead! Leftist colleges (99% of all colleges) don’t support free speech, and this presents a huge problem to society that needs to be addressed.

For example, Cambridge university rescinded an offer for Canadian Psychologist, Jordan Peterson, to speak there. They would claim that because Jordan Peterson is outspoken against political correctness that he is part of the alt-right movement. 

Reality check:

Peterson has repeatedly condemned the alt-right and most of the topics he discusses are not even political. Many of his lectures involve the discussion of meaning and responsibility. 

Trust me, there is nothing hateful about what Peterson says and thousands of people can attest to how he has helped their lives. 

But because Peterson condemns ‘wokeism’ and has rallied against the laws compelling people to call someone by their preferred gender pronoun; liberal colleges like Cambridge banned him. 

Universities will only tolerate liberal views, the thought of allowing a speaker to put conservative ideas forward scares the living daylights out of liberal professors and extreme leftist students. 

When colleges do host conservative speakers, there are often protests, walk-outs, and even attempts at assaulting the speaker. 

This is a crazy example of how the left wing control colleges:

A Missouri college student was charged with assault on conservative political commentator, Michael Knowles. Knowles was giving a speech on campus about how ‘men are not women’, when leftist students got very rowdy, and one sprayed him with a substance. 

The student was quickly taken down by security and restrained. 

Here’s the kicker:

The university chancellor actually defended the student and criticized Knowles, saying that Knowle’s “professed opinions do not align with our commitment to diversity and inclusion and our goal of providing a welcoming environment to all people, particularly to our LGBT community.” 

This was simply based on the fact that Knowles said that ‘men are not women’! 

This shows how extreme these left wing universities are; to defend a student who committed a criminal offense because apparently, the speaker was not being inclusive of LGBT people because he said ‘men are not women’! 

We’ve covered numerous stories here at LifeLine Media about top liberal colleges who have gone ‘full woke’! Such as when Cornell University banned campus police from using race descriptions in crime alert emails and when Oxford University defended students who removed a picture of the queen because it represented colonialism! 

But here’s the critical issue here:

Harboring an environment of ‘if you don’t like what someone says, don’t worry, we’ll just silence them’, creates a generation of incompetent snowflakes. 

This next generation will be the politicians who push laws that jail people for being mean on Twitter. 

This generation will be the business leaders who hire people based on skin color and gender, not skill and experience. 

This generation will be the doctors who inject a little girl with steroids because she said she feels like a boy. 

The more colleges push far-left agendas, the more conservative students will drop out, and eventually conservative and even moderate students will simply choose not to go to college.

This further tips the scales in favor of the left which shows how university corruption is a serious problem! 

Michael Knowles tweet
Tweet from Michael Knowles after he was assaulted by a liberal college student.


The solution that comes to mind in this instance is something I usually wouldn’t promote, and that is government intervention. 

If employers are still valuing and requiring people to have degrees for certain positions, then colleges need to be politically castrated to give conservative students a fair chance. 

Governments need to take control and tear liberal colleges apart and put rules in place that prevent radical leftism from being promoted, particularly amongst professors. Politics should never be discussed in a biochemistry lecture, or any lecture other than political science itself. 

Even in political lectures, they should be taught in an unbiased and neutral way, the professor should not state his opinion or position on a political issue. 

Think about it:

Why are college students so liberal? Because a huge percentage of liberal professors are preaching about politics, and students look up to their professors. The fact that college professors are so liberal is the main problem and we’re talking about all professors here, not just your liberal arts professor!

News flash:

A college professor has a responsibility to his students, he is there to teach them the facts and let them form their own opinions. A professor is not there to abuse his platform by pushing a political agenda. 

This is the only way to allow a fair playing field and which will create an environment where all students, whether they’re left, right, or center, can express their opinions without being chastised or censored. 

As things currently stand with college professors being so liberal, any political science student who dared stand up and express a conservative stance would be booed, shouted at, and penalized by the professor. Conservative students know this and for the most part, stay quiet or quit. That has to change! 

It’s not just students:

Conservative college professors are also the casualties of the woke higher education system. Jordan Peterson, a college professor himself, has spoken about numerous attempts made by his liberal colleagues to have him fired because he’s outspoken against political correctness. 

It’s time to start from scratch, dismantle colleges, fire the extreme liberal college professors and make it clear that political values have no place in higher education. 

Speakers of all political ideologies should be welcome as that creates a healthy environment of free thought and expression. That’s what our next generation needs to learn. 

The ‘woke’ college system is destroying the quality of education!

Education isn’t just about learning facts, that’s a small part of it, a good education should equip students to think for themselves, take what they’ve learned, and reformulate it into new ideas. 

Innovation is the result of the exchange of different ideas and free-thinking. Censoring all opinions, except the ones you like will stifle imaginations. 

Healthy debate of different ideas is what stimulates our minds and pushes us forward. 

Free speech and expression are the fuel to the fire of progress and universities are teaching students to throw a bucket of water on that fire. 

It’s time for politicians and governments to talk about taking a knife to universities, cutting out the radical leftism, and starting over. 

“Free speech and expression are the fuel to the fire of progress and universities are teaching students to throw a bucket of water on that fire.”

This is why college is useless for most people

Why you shouldn’t go to university

Why do people go to university? 

A lot of people go to university to party and have a good time, most four-year degrees could be done in one. This is another reason why college is useless, it’s not an efficient use of time. 

Universities won’t change overnight, so if you’re thinking about applying to university, you have to ask yourself ‘why is university important to me’?

Are degrees worth it?

It depends on what you want to do. Some professions like medicine require them and it is important that doctors have extensive formal training that can be certified and verified. In these cases, degrees are essential and that’s why universities need to be politically neutral. 

Anyone who has ever dreamed of being a doctor should feel free to go to university without being shunned for being a conservative (or thinking men are different from women for that matter). 

If you want to be a doctor or a lawyer, or any profession that requires specific training, then degrees are essential, and you have to go to university. As things currently stand though, all future doctors and lawyers will be radical leftists! 

That said, let me be brutally honest…

For most people, university is a waste of time and money!

Most degrees are useless and end up setting you back more than pushing you forward. Most students leave college with a huge pile of debt and a degree that took four years to complete that could have been learned by watching a single YouTube tutorial. In those cases, university is a joke, an awfully bad joke. 

Here’s the good news though:

Employers are beginning to see that college is a joke and that degrees are no longer a scarce commodity that holds any value. Recently, forward-thinking companies are scrapping the degree requirement and that trend looks like it will continue unless colleges change. 

For example, Google agrees that you shouldn’t need a college degree to get a high-paying tech job, so they have launched Google Career Certificates and give hundreds of apprenticeship opportunities for people to get real on-the-job training. 

Tech giant Apple has also followed suit by no longer requiring degrees, even for high-level engineering and management positions. 

A lot of tech companies believe that in-house on-the-job training that develops real skills is more useful than a college degree. 

Degrees are too easy, there’s too much supply, not enough demand. 

It’s too easy to get into college and get a degree in gender studies spending the whole four years drunk, high, and in bed. Colleges don’t care, they want their money, so they make it easy. 

Schools need to change too:

There needs to be more encouragement and support for people who want to be entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. I did it, and you can do it too if you work ridiculously hard and stay disciplined. 

It’s not easy though and that’s because schools give you no preparation or education about how to start a business, it’s all geared towards going to college or getting employed. 

All schools should teach entrepreneurship to give the students an awareness that there is another path. 

Entrepreneurs are what drive our society to the future and degrees are useless to them. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Richard Branson all either didn’t go or dropped out of college

The purpose of a degree is to prove to an employer that you are educated in a certain subject so they will hire you. 

It’s about proof of education, not education itself. 

In today’s world, you can educate yourself for free with an internet connection and a couple of books. To be an entrepreneur you have to be willing to learn and educate yourself, you have to have a wide skillset and knowledge of business, but you don’t need a degree because you’re the boss and answer to no one. 

Colleges are losing their prestige because people are beginning to see that they are money-sucking, liberal snake pits filled with snowflakes that push political ideologies more than education. 

“Maybe instead of defund the police, we should say defund the universities!”

The bottom line

Extreme leftist students

If you’re not a radical leftist and dream of becoming a doctor, then I feel so, so sorry for you because the university system is not fair, but you have no choice. My advice would be to search for a list of the least liberal colleges and the best conservative colleges!

If you’re a business owner, maybe it’s time to stop requiring degrees because as I explained earlier, many of them are not worth the paper they are written on.

When we start hiring more people at LifeLine Media, I will not be asking for degrees. Other employers should take note and follow in the steps of Google, Apple and LifeLine Media!

With top tech companies moving into more on-the-job training, degrees are only a necessity for a university but are not sure if it’s for you. Do consider that third option of starting a business, we need more entrepreneurs and with the internet, you don’t need huge amounts of money to start up. Website hosting is cheap and social media gives you access to billions of customers at your fingertips.

You just need the drive, passion, and patience to make it.

The problem with universities needs to be discussed and addressed, but it looks like they will remain left wing dominated for the foreseeable future.

Because of that and because of the loss of value in degrees, you need to ask yourself, ‘why is college important to me?’ There are many reasons why you shouldn’t go to college, particularly if you have to take out huge student loans to fund it.

Why go to university if you want to start a business? If you have the discipline to learn the skills you need yourself, there is no need to put yourself through an expensive education.

With top tech companies moving into more on-the-job training, degrees are only a necessity for a select few professions, so there more reasons than ever as to why you shouldn’t go to uni.

Universities have caused their own demise with their money-sucking and radical left-wing agendas.

It’s time for change and in order to fight the ‘woke’ madness we must attack it at the roots and those roots are universities.

Maybe instead of ‘defund the police’, we should say ‘defund the universities’! 

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By Richard AhernLifeLine Media

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