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Liberal Haters: 8 JAW-DROPPING Ways to Debate a Leftist and WIN (Easily)

Are you sick and tired of being abused by liberals?

Liberal haters how to debate a leftist

It’s time to K.O. your liberal haters!

Here’s your cheat-sheet for ripping liberals to shreds in a debate!


FACT-CHECK GUARANTEE (References): [Peer-reviewed research paper: 1 source] [Academic journal: 1 source] [Government website: 1 source] [Official statistics: 2 sources] [High-authority and trusted websites: 3 sources] 

12 July 2021 | By Richard Ahern – Let’s jump right in…

Liberals are getting more stupid, angry, and violent with each passing day. This makes it harder than ever to debate them without it turning into a knife fight (don’t worry they don’t own guns).

It’s worse than that though:

It’s almost impossible to talk to a liberal without them bringing up your “white privilege”, even if you’re not white. Civilized conversations with the left are sadly a thing of the past. 

A moment of silence please:

We must also remember that there are people out there who have to date a liberal, this is an extremely sad situation, and we must remember these heroes who sacrifice themselves every day.  

As you can imagine…

As a conservative news website and media company, we get a lot of liberal haters who leave abuse on our social media and YouTube. 

This got us thinking…

There must be other poor souls out there who get their fair share of leftist hate, so this article is for them. 

Here’s how to win an argument with a liberal and rip their insane political ideology to shreds. 

These tips for debating the left will be useful whether you’re in a civilized formal debate, a shouting match with a pink-haired college student, or an argument with a rainbow they/them troll on Twitter. 

Buckle your seat belt because this will change your life and maybe your relationship (I’m so sorry) forever!  

Table of contents (jump to):

  1. History is not on their side
  2. Biden has already F’d things up
  3. Don’t be afraid to get personal
  4. If they bring up ethics, you bring up abortion
  5. Science is also not their friend
  6. Let them dig themselves into a hole
  7. Liberal privilege, not white privilege
  8. If they threaten you, just remember who has the guns

Conclusion — The bottom line

Socialism and communism have always failed

1) History is not on their side

One of our first tips for beating a liberal in an argument is to point them to history. Tell them to read a history book because left-wing societies (socialism and communism) have always failed. 

The left love to scream “NAZI!” at conservatives, but the truth is that the German Nazi regime was a form of socialism, known as national socialism. Democrats such as Bernie Sanders, who is proud to call himself a socialist still haven’t quite grasped this. 

Still not convinced?

The Soviet Union, ruled by the infamous Joseph Stalin, is an example of a far-left communist regime committed to Marxism-Leninism that again miserably failed. It’s also important to point out that under Stalin, historians estimate that the regime killed over 6 million people, probably more.

Here’s the kicker:

Far-left communist regimes have failed so dismally that Wikipedia dedicated a huge page to “Mass killings under communist regimes”, which they beautifully call “democide”.

Next time you’re in an argument with a leftist democrat, ask them why the term “democide” exists and is used widely by political scientists, yet there is no such thing as “conservcide” or “republicide”?

Smack! That will shut them up!

Leftist/socialist/communist societies have always failed and conservative/capitalist societies have always thrived. 

History speaks volumes about what works and what doesn’t, know your history of socialism and communism, and that’s how to debate leftists and destroy them.

Inside Stalins forced labor camps gulag
Inside Stalin's forced-labor camps, run by the Gulag.

2) Biden has already F’d things up

Little kids being thrown over the border wall, inflation fears, skyrocketing gas prices, and a gaffe machine. 

Another one of our tips for debating a liberal is to just point out how Biden has destroyed the country in less than six months. Although they will try to tell you that things are great under Biden, you have statistics on your side. 

It’s simple…

Show them the gas prices and compare them to when Trump was in office. Show them the inflation rate forecast and the strength of the US dollar, and compare it to when Trump was in office. Show them this video of two little girls being thrown over the border by smugglers and get them to look for something similar that happened under Trump (they won’t find anything!). You can even show them our library of Biden gaffes, every speech Biden makes is a complete mess! 

The proof is everywhere that Biden has failed and that things were better under Trump. Show them that proof and that’s how to win an argument with liberals!

Gasoline prices over last year
Gasoline prices over the last year. Biden's term started on the 20th January 2021.

Why are liberals so hateful?

3) Don’t be afraid to get personal

Why are liberals so hateful?

I don’t know, but what I do know is that liberals are quick to get personal when debating and you need to be ready to hit back, hard. 

Here’s the great thing:

Liberals are snowflakes, unlike you, a tough conservative, liberals are quick to cry and run to their mommy. This gives you a decisive advantage when it comes to insults. 

Remember to let them get personal first, if they keep it civilized, then you should too. 

But, if they don’t…

Then let it rip. Just remember that liberals are particularly sensitive about their appearance (they are usually facially challenged), they are often self-loathing and they are always virgins with mommy issues. If they’re white, you can call them white, it will destroy them. 

Target any of these features and if the debate gets personal, you will have it handled. 

Warning! A weapon of last resort…

A word of warning here as I was unsure whether to include this because it may cause the leftist irreversible psychological damage or cause them to hurt themselves. 

However, if a liberal gets extremely nasty, you may misgender them on purpose. This is a powerful weapon if used wisely, just make sure you check their Twitter bio to see what their preferred gender pronoun is and then call them the opposite. 

If things get nasty, that’s how to debate a democrat.

4) If they bring up ethics, you bring up abortion

When debating liberals and they call you “heartless”, just remind them that they are the party pushing for late-term abortion to be legalized. Under the guise of women’s rights, the left wants to promote ripping babies limb by limb out of a vagina. 

It’s true:

The lefties want no abortion laws and it is as bad as it sounds. Tell them to research surgical abortion procedures, show them this article we did on late-term abortion, or show them any of the videos on the internet where doctors explain the procedure

Show them the case of the abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who murdered babies that survived abortions by snipping their spines with scissors. Point out the case of Gianna Jessen, one of many abortion survivors. 

When liberals say conservatives are heartless by pushing the death penalty, just remember the only criminals who get the death penalty are the absolute worst ones. We’re talking about mass murders, rapists, and pedophiles here — this is no comparison to an unborn life that has done nothing wrong. 

It’s a sickening procedure, and a majority of people could not bear to watch it. As long as the liberal is not morally retarded (a lot of them are though) then they will find it hard to argue with you. 

If things get ethical, that’s how to deal with the left.

VIDEO: How to Debate Leftists and WIN (EASILY)

Why are liberals so stupid?

5) Science is also not their friend

Why are liberals so stupid?

Because they don’t understand science! 

Conservatives and Republicans are the real parties of science. For a start, remember that the vaccine was developed under President Trump, Biden did nothing! 

Sometimes, the best way to win an argument is with hard facts, statistics, and science. 

Let’s take the topic of gender as an example…

Science unequivocally proves that there are only two genders, even if we disregard the physical appearance, your gender is written in your DNA. 

Take any cell from your body and send it to a lab for a genetic test — all your cells will have the same 46 chromosomes. Two of those chromosomes are the ‘sex chromosomes’; they determine what gender you are. If you have two X chromosomes (XX), you are a female, and if you have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome (XY), you are a male. 

Unless you’re talking about (which the left are not) a very small percentage of people who are born with a genetic abnormality, then it is that simple. 

Science says: 2 genders! 

There are also tonnes of data from biologists and psychologists documenting the differences between men and women. Not only are the genders biologically different, but there are personality differences that have been proven! 

These personality differences are also part of what accounts for the gender wage gap that leftists love to talk about. Turns out women get paid less because they are less agreeable (on average) than men, not because of the so-called ‘patriarchy’. Granted, it’s more complicated than that and I encourage you to read our full article on debunking the wage gap. 

Never let a liberal tell you that gender is a social construct, it is not! 

Believe me, science is on your side as a conservative, and there are plenty of solid statistics to back up your beliefs. That’s how to debate liberals and destroy them.

Sex chromosomes
The sex chromosomes determine gender.

Arguing with a liberal is like trying to sabotage Biden’s...

6) Let them dig themselves into a hole

Sometimes when debating leftists, less is more. You don’t need to respond to every tweet or comment. Let them keep talking and dig themselves into a hole that they can’t get out of. 

Arguing with a liberal is like trying to sabotage Biden’s presidency: you don’t need to do anything, he’ll do it all by himself!

What it all boils down to is this:

When they keep shouting and ramming their illogical opinion down your throat, the more you remain calm and collected, the angrier and more illogical they will get. It may get to a point that they’ve gone over the same thing so many times that they finally begin to see that they were wrong all along. 

It really works…

Liberals believe something they have been told, probably by their liberal university professor or Hilary Clinton on Twitter. They then integrate that idea themselves and it becomes part of who they are. 

Unfortunately, liberals never think through an idea before they assimilate it.

Therefore when they start arguing with someone and keep repeating the logic behind their belief, suddenly it clicks in their mind that it doesn’t make sense and that they’re morons. 

That’s how to debate a liberal! Trust me, it works! 

7) Liberal privilege, not white privilege

Take a look at the people who push liberal politics the most…

Notice anything in common? 

They are most likely all Hollywood actors, media moguls, and pop stars. They are all rich and famous and have no idea about how the real world works. 

They live in a bubble. 

Indeed, a poll showed that Americans perceived Hollywood as extremely liberal and disconnected from the general public. Liberalism is popular because a vast majority of the population are sheep and believe anything their favorite movie star or singer says. 

Think about it though…

What do they know about politics, economics, or science? 

Nothing! These liberal college students are coming out as transexual because Demi Lovato did, and because a pop singer high on weed says there are millions of genders to choose from, there must be! 

Remind your fellow leftist that the majority of people who push left-wing ideologies are people who know nothing about politics or economics, nothing about how the working-class lives, and are themselves, unequivocally privileged. 

Show them who the privileged ones really are, that’s how to debate a leftist!

Donkey stuck in hole
Let them dig themselves into a hole!

Liberal politics say guns are bad

Liberals are out gunned
The liberals are out-gunned!

8) If they threaten you, just remember who has the guns

Why are leftists so violent?

Again, I don’t know, but what I do know is that they may try to attack you physically or threaten you. If things are getting hairy, here’s how to win a fight with a liberal.

When liberals are losing an argument, they do one of three things: 

1) Cry.

2) Shout ‘racist’ and remind you of your ‘white privilege’ (even if you’re black).

3) Try and kill you. 

If number three looks likely, to prevent an embarrassment make sure you point out to the liberal that Republicans and conservatives are the ones who own guns. 

This should quell their threats immediately, but if they do pull a gun on you, then you may have to ask yourself…

Who’s the liberal here? 

Here’s the bottom line

There you have it, I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on how to win a political argument with a leftist and that you’ve found our debate tips and tricks useful. 

These tips to win an argument with a leftist should allow you to glide through the assault from ‘rainbows’ on Twitter with ease and our last tip has shown you how to beat libs if they get violent. 

If you’re trying to find out how to win political debates with liberals, just remember it’s not always easy as lefties tend to integrate their liberal beliefs with their whole being, which makes it impossible for them to see sense. It’s hard enough trying to figure out how to talk to liberals in everyday life, let alone trying to get them to change their views.  

So, don’t beat yourself up if they won’t listen (or try and kill you), some people aren’t worth saving, and are better left to drool over pictures of Hunter Biden in his white panties. 

But, that’s how to deal with liberals. 

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Author Bio

Author photo Richard Ahern LifeLine Media CEO

Richard Ahern
CEO of LifeLine Media
Richard Ahern is a CEO, entrepreneur, investor, and political commentator. He has a wealth of experience in business, having founded multiple companies, and regularly does consulting work for global brands. He has a deep knowledge of economics, having spent many years studying the subject and investing in the world’s markets.
You can usually find Richard with his head buried deep inside a book, reading about one of his plethora of interests, including politics, psychology, writing, meditation, and computer science; in other words, he’s a nerd.
Email: [email protected] Instagram: @Richard.Ahern Twitter: @RichardJAhern

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By Richard AhernLifeLine Media

Contact: [email protected]

Published: 12 July 2021 

Last Updated: 04 December 2021

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