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Biden gaffes

Biden Gaffes

The latest Biden gaffe videos from LifeLine™ Media. Uncensored news also means uncensored gaffes, we bring you the Biden gaffes that the mainstream media are too afraid to show you. We believe you deserve to know the truth about who is running the most powerful country in the world. It’s time to expose the left, check out our library of Joe Biden gaffes!

TOP 5 Recent Biden Gaffes

Reaction to MIND-BLOWING Biden Blunders

The top 5 most jaw-dropping Biden gaffes of recent times. 

We are reaching a critical boiling point for the Biden blunders. These recent Joe Biden gaffes are proof that the administration can’t hide Biden’s cognitive decline for much longer. If this continues, it’s likely Democrats will start questioning whether Biden can discharge his duty:

1) At the start of his State of the Union address, while he was acknowledging who was present, he appeared to forget who his wife was. He said, “First lady, and her husband, second gentleman”. The second gentleman is the husband of Vice President Harris and was sitting next to the first lady, Jill Biden. It was a reminder of the Biden blooper from a few years ago when he confused his wife with his sister.

2) During the announcement of the AUKUS alliance between the US, UK, and Australia, Biden appeared to forget who the prime minister of Australia was, referring to him as “that fella down under”. The response from the Australian PM was embarrassingly awkward.

3) At Biden’s most recent visit to Chicago, he made a speech where he began by saying, “thank you, Mr. Mayor…”. The mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, is in fact, a woman.

4) During a speech before his public COVID-19 booster shot, he made numerous awkward jokes about his age and how he was “way over” 65. The whole speech was a catastrophe.

5) During his interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos concerning the Afghanistan situation, he tried to downplay the fact that Afghans were falling to their deaths from planes by saying “that was four days ago, five days ago”. The whole interview was widely regarded as a train wreck.

Since the Afghanistan debacle, Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted, and as situations like inflation and the border crisis worsen, we can only expect a further decline in Biden’s popularity. These 5 gaffes of 2021 are further evidence that Biden may be suffering from a form of dementia.

Watch the full video to see for yourself!

Biden Town Hall: REACTING to the Best Bits (Biden Gaffes)

We REACT to the best bits from the Biden Town Hall with CNN’s Don Lemon. 

Biden talked about many topics ranging from the pandemic, vaccines, immigration, and business. As expected, Biden was extremely confused and made some gaffes that were beyond belief, even for him…

Biden Confused and Admits He’s NOT PRESIDENT!? | Biden Gaffe

Biden confused himself with Kamala Harris in a recent speech when he accidently admitted that he’s maybe not the President!? Usually, we would let one Biden gaffe slip, but this…

Biden Gaffe: He Confuses OBAMA With OSAMA Bin Laden!

Biden gaffes during a confused speech where he gets President Obama mixed up with Osama Bin Laden! During Joe Biden’s most recent speech, the President announced the final withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan…

Biden Gaffe: He GASPS for Air During Speech

Joe Biden decides to wear his mask throughout his whole speech which is literally suffocating him! As the speech goes on you can hear him gasping louder and louder as he struggles to breath…

Biden Gaffes | These PROVE He Needs to be REMOVED Now!

The Biden gaffes are getting ludicrous, these three clips are beyond belief! The mainstream media and Big Tech (which we prove in this video) are involved in covering these up to protect the Democrats. 

Watch the full video to see these three most recent Biden gaffes… 

CONFUSED Speech Where he says he will Cure Cancer

Joe Biden delivered a confused speech at FEMA when he went from curing cancer to landing on Mars to what appears to be in his mind coaching little league! He jumped from topic to topic and appeared to completely forget that he was giving a presidential speech. 

Watch the full video to see the Biden’s bizarre speech…

Biden CAUGHT Lying and HUMILIATES Himself!

Biden humiliates himself at the CNN Town Hall when he gets caught lying about when the coronavirus vaccine was made available. CNN failed to correct him but we fact-checked what he said and it’s categorically false! 

Watch the full video to see Biden’s crazy statement and our full fact-check…

Joe Biden’s CONFUSED Full Speech that the Media COVERED UP!

The media tried to hide this speech by editing it to make sense, but we have found the full video of Biden’s confused and baffling speech on the American vaccine plan. 

While President Biden was trying to explain the vaccine plan, he made gaffe after gaffe while confusing his numbers and losing his train of thought…

“I Don’t Know What I’m Signing Here!” – Biden CONFUSED

We’ve enhanced the audio on this viral clip of Biden confused whilst he’s signing executive orders! It’s another Biden gaffe of him saying he doesn’t know what he’s signing and then Vice President Harris stepping in and telling him to “Sign it anyway!” 

Watch the full video to see the viral clip…

Biden Gets CONFUSED Immediately During Inauguration Speech?

Joe Biden made a weird gaffe immediately when he started his inauguration speech. 

Did he get confused and forget who was at his inauguration? 

Watch the full video find out…


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