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Lucy Letby: The Dark Underbelly of FEMALE Violence Against Children

Lucy Letby female violence


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 | By Richard Ahern It’s a tale of unthinkable horror and an inconceivable betrayal of trust. Lucy Letby, a neonatal nurse, was found guilty and unmasked as the UK’s most prolific child killer of modern times.

Lucy Letby — mid-20s at the time of her crimes — murdered seven babies and attempted to kill six more. These horrifying acts occurred at the Countess of Chester Hospital between June 2015 and June 2016.

Letby’s victims were the most vulnerable babies born prematurely that relied on medical professionals to keep them safe. Yet, she did the opposite and made their deaths appear as natural complications of early birth.

The most horrific killings…

Her methods of murder varied from insulin poisoning, violently ramming objects down their tiny throats, overfeeding them with milk, and injecting them with air.

Although lucky to be alive, the children that survived Letby’s murderous attempts are left with life-changing injuries. One boy sustained permanent brain damage from the insulin poisoning, and another requires tube feeding and 24-hour care.

No remorse…

As the verdicts were delivered, Letby’s face revealed nothing. No remorse, no emotion. On the other side of the courtroom, her mother’s heartbreak echoed — “This can’t be right,” she screamed before being escorted out.

Born in 1990 in Hereford, England, Lucy Letby’s journey took her from local schools to the University of Chester for nursing. An only child, she was the family’s pride — their first to attend university.

In her professional life, Lucy once took pride in caring for infants. She even fundraised for better facilities. Yet, despite the trust placed in her, suspicions arose in 2016. Concerned colleagues and doctors began connecting the dots — Letby was always present during every mysterious emergency.

However, when colleagues voiced their concerns, the hospital seemed to take a puzzling stance and defend the young girl. Instead of investigating, they treated Letby as a victim, even accusing the doctors of bullying her.

Police interviewing Lucy Letby after her arrest.

The hospital’s senior management refused to get the police involved because it would damage the “trust’s reputation” and forced the doctors to write an apology to Letby. In the letter, the pediatricians apologized, writing, “We are sorry for the stress and upset that you have experienced in the last year.”

Alongside the apology, Letby was even offered help by the hospital to complete her master’s degree and get a placement at a top children’s hospital in Liverpool!

Since the verdict, many have rightly criticized the NHS for ignoring medical experts who were convinced the deaths of the infants were suspicious and allowing Letby to continue working.

Ultimately, a number of these deaths were preventable.

The hospital refused to see the facts and instead chose the politically correct stance of defending the young female nurse from male doctors who were bullying her.

It makes one wonder if the roles were reversed and female nurses accused a male doctor of harming babies, would the hospital have acted differently?

The Lucy Letby case shows how politically correct stereotypes favoring women can cause irreparable harm.

The media and feminists are in part responsible:

While male violence toward women and girls is consistently featured in headlines, spearheaded by radical feminist groups that paint all men as violent rapists, this case highlights an issue most have never heard of.

Female violence against children…

It’s a topic few dare to tackle. The media often shines a light on male violence, but a shroud of silence descends when it comes to female perpetrators, especially mothers who harm their children.

Children killed one parent
Between 2001 and 2006, 70.8% of children killed by one parent died at the hands of their mother, according to the US Dept. of Health and Human Services.

But the statistics speak for themselves. Data from the US Dept. of Health and Human Services paints a different picture from the mainstream narrative — children are more likely to be harmed by a female parent.

Between 2001 and 2006, 70.6% of children abused by one parent were harmed by their mothers. The numbers for fatal harm are eerily similar. Looking at children who were murdered by a parent, 70.8% died at the hands of their own mother, compared to 29.2% who were killed by their father.

Despite these numbers, portrayals of abusive mothers are almost non-existent in mainstream media. We have all heard of the “family annihilator” — the father who murders his entire family, but such cases are actually a rarity.

The skewed portrayal not only misleads the public but could influence decision-makers, such as the hospital management, who refused to believe a young female was brutally murdering infants.

Perhaps the narrative will change now that Lucy Letby has been found guilty and takes the top spot in the United Kingdom as the most prolific child murderer.

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