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Inside the DARK World Of Extreme Feminism

It’s hard to believe these people aren’t joking...

Radical feminism


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Feminism has become a dirty word, but few understand the darkness that lurks at the core of this community where evil masquerades as compassion.

When Ipsos surveyed women for International Women’s Day, 20% agreed that “Feminism does more harm than good,” and 25% said, “Traditional masculinity is under threat today.”

Those figures from 2022 are likely even higher today — a reflection of the daily growing polarization in our political landscape. Civilized debate is very much a thing of the past — a political debate today usually consists of the following dialogue:

Liberal: “You’re a racist!”

Conservative: “You’re a pedophile!”

The insults continue, each side gets angrier, and nothing gets accomplished.

Why has politics gotten so toxic?

Feminism is now characterized as a man-hating revenge campaign — that’s an understatement. The extreme feminists that have amassed large followings on social media and hold positions of authority are hell-bent on punishing all men for the crimes of a select few.

We can find that answer by looking into the dark corners of the online feminist community. It’s a familiar pattern seen again and again these days — extremists, who ten years ago would have been branded as lunatics, are suddenly being platformed and worshipped by the mainstream majority.

Platforming these extremists and allowing them to disseminate their views to a broader audience ultimately shifts once-moderate thinkers toward the extreme end of the spectrum — then the cycle repeats.

Less than a decade ago, the word feminist conjured imagery of women wanting equality — emphasis on the equal. Feminists in history fought for women’s right to vote, own property, and have a career — rights every human being deserves.

Now, feminism is an entirely different monster.

Modern feminism is not about equality

“Men should be frightened!” says feminist journalist Ava Santina

Look no further than diehard feminist and journalist Ava Santina, a regular commentator on Piers Morgan Uncensored, who says feminism hasn’t gone far enough.

During a segment discussing how young boys are terrified of being accused of sexual assault, Ava bluntly said, “I like that terror!… I think that men should be frightened!” To put this in context, she was talking about awkward teenage boys fumbling around and making innocent mistakes, not grown men!

Feminism is now a sprawling tentacle of the #MeToo movement that brands all men as rapists, abusers, and killers and all women as victims incapable of lying. #MeToo was a good thing, but feminists have taken it and twisted it to suit their agenda.

It’s a clever idea, taking a highly emotive topic like domestic abuse, which most people can relate to. After all, most of us know a woman, whether a wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, or sister, who has experienced some form of abuse.

By playing on that empathy, these individuals can wrap their own hatred of a group, in this case, men, with a veil of so-called compassion.

The celebrity trial that angered the feminists

This brand of new-age feminism gained momentum following last year’s high-profile celebrity trial of Depp vs. Heard.

Actress Amber Heard accused and smeared actor Johnny Depp as an abuser, saying he emotionally, physically, and sexually abused her while they were married.

Depp sued Heard for defamation, claiming the allegations were false and had ruined his career. Heard also counter-sued for defamation because Depp’s lawyer had publicly branded her a liar.

The jury listened to weeks of testimony and ultimately found in favor of Johnny Depp, concluding that Amber Heard had knowingly lied about the abuse allegations.

Men’s rights advocates celebrated that Depp got justice and the recognition that a man can be a victim of not only false accusations but also abuse.

On the other side of the coin…

The hardcore feminists went into meltdown, refusing to accept the jury’s verdict, branding the whole trial an extension of the patriarchy (feminists’ favorite word describing a system dominated by men), and worshipping Amber Heard as a brave victim.

Armed with the classic phrase of #BelieveAllWomen, feminists stormed the mainstream media claiming how dangerous this precedent was — that the verdict would encourage more men to sue their accusers into silence.

No mention of how the justice system works or how much time the jury invested into the case. It didn’t matter to the feminists that Heard had no evidence and was blatantly acting on the stand — it didn’t even matter that Johnny had credible evidence of Amber abusing him.

What mattered was gender. Women must always be believed — men are always guilty.

Justice is remarkably simple in the world of extreme feminism.

You might think that statement is over the top, but as you’ll see, it really is that bad, if not worse.

The rule of law under feminists

Take a prominent UK feminist and barrister, Charlotte Proudman, known for her man-hating Twitter rants and unwavering love of Amber Heard. Every few hours, Proudman’s Twitter account will spew out a tweet to her 70,000+ followers about how abusive men are.

Sometimes, Proudman’s tweets are so ludicrous many will comment that she must be a parody account, someone joking around. Unfortunately, she is very serious and continues to work as a barrister in the UK family courts.

For starters, Proudman, a lawyer, said in an interview about Depp vs. Heard that “the evidence has got absolutely nothing to do with this case.” This is the mindset of Proudman; even as a trained lawyer, she dismisses evidence as unimportant and instead focuses on gender.

Proudman’s Twitter account will blow your mind…

Proudman celebrates the notion of trans women because they are actively rejecting masculinity. “Trans women embody the ultimate rejection of patriarchy. What could be a bigger F^^^ you than rejecting traditional harmful masculinity.”

Paradoxically many extreme feminists like Proudman strongly support the transgender movement and show little concern regarding biological men sharing women’s bathrooms. Proudman states, “If a man wants to abuse women, he’ll do it regardless of whether he’s using a separate toilet cubicle.”

Proudman must have been sick on the day they taught the concept of a crime of opportunity at law school. Nevertheless, most left-leaning organizations concede that almost 30% of sexual assaults are unplanned, where the perpetrator takes advantage of a situation — such as being in the same bathroom.

Even with her extreme views and evident disdain for men, Proudman has escaped cancellation due to her alignment with the political left. Despite many complaints, she continues to work as a barrister, is regularly seen on mainstream news shows, and has penned several op-eds for prominent newspapers.

It gets worse:

In May, Proudman published her recommendations on improving the family court system in the United Kingdom, named “10 key changes to The Victims’ Bill.”

Number 6 on her list chillingly stated: “When a complainant alleges rape, domestic abuse or coercive control, the accused should not be permitted to seek findings that the complainant has ‘lied’ about the allegations. This approach is discouraging complainants from making allegations of abuse, leaving children at risk of irreparable harm.”

Right to Equality Victims’ Bill
Dr. Charlotte Proudman’s sixth proposed change to The Victims’ Bill in family courts.

Please read that again and contemplate it…

Proudman is seriously proposing legislation that legally prevents men from defending themselves against accusations — they are literally not allowed to provide evidence of their innocence!

Wouldn’t this approach encourage false accusations in the family court, as desperate mothers would know accusing abuse would be an automatic custody victory?

Despite a large swath of reasonably-minded people expressing outrage at Proudman’s blatant sexism, many worship her as a feminist icon — and she’s just one of many.

‘Psychiatry is the patriarchy with a prescription pad’

Another prominent figure in the radical feminist community and a frequent retweeter of Proudman is Dr. Jessica Taylor, a psychologist who says, “Psychiatry is the patriarchy with a prescription pad, and a pen full of ink.”

Taylor’s core belief is that men in the mental health and psychology field are unjustly diagnosing women with mental disorders as a way to oppress them.

Taylor is trying to push her version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) used in psychiatry to diagnose mental illness.

Unlike the DSM, Taylor’s “Indicative Trauma Manual” does not contain “Disorders,” “Labelling,” or “Diagnostic criteria” — because those are all patriarchal.

Feminism meme
Feminism meme posted by psychologist Dr. Jessica Taylor.

Jessica Taylor also believes that the family court system, already widely regarded as female-first, is too often labeling mothers as mentally ill. Posting a meme to her almost one-hundred thousand followers saying “Actual footage from the family court” with an altered cartoon from The Simpsons depicting “0 days without strategically accusing the mum of being mentally ill” by the family court.

In actuality, most people criticize the family court for favoring mothers over fathers, especially in the United Kingdom, where Taylor resides. The statistics show that fathers have a clear disadvantage in the family court system, with approximately 93% of sole custody awards going to the mother.

The family court system is so broken in the UK that it’s contributed to the appalling statistic of around 1 in 3 children growing up fatherless — and it’s very often not the man’s choice — 40% of mothers openly admit to obstructing contact, according to the Department for Social Security.

That’s not enough for feminists today.

The go-to weapon of today’s modern feminist

Like the other “doctors” on this list, Dr. Emma Katz often Tweets about domestic abuse. Katz is an author and researcher on coercive control, a new and particularly nuanced form of domestic abuse that feminists have sunk their teeth into.

There is no federal law against coercive control in the United States, and only a handful of states have laws against it — California being one, of course. The United Kingdom only started recognizing it as a form of abuse in 2015 under the Serious Crime Act.

The UK government states that an offense has been committed if a person “repeatedly or continuously engages in behaviour towards another person that is controlling or coercive.”

Many will recognize the term if they’ve been following the Romanian prosecution of Andrew Tate, that claims he coerced and manipulated women into selling sex videos online.

Even though these adult women willingly participated and profited from these videos, and some have explicitly stated Tate did not manipulate them, the Romanian prosecutors insist they are victims — they just don’t know it because they are brainwashed — obviously.

According to feminists, coercive control ranges from calculated brainwashing on one end to a polite request on the other. It can be as benign as telling your partner what to wear or asking her not to go out late at night because it is dangerous.

“Abortion needs to be decriminalised” – Dr Charlotte Proudman

Many modern feminists are the most radical supporters of the legalization of abortion up to the ninth month of pregnancy — listen to what Proudman said on Good Morning Britain! Feminists such as Emma Katz attempt to connect coercive control with abortion law, asserting a provocative claim — that men delight in forcing women to bear their children!

“Women who are coercively controlled and #pregnant are already likely to lack access to money due to their ‘partner’s’ #economicabuse. This restricts their ability to access safe abortion healthcare in another state.”

The mental gymnastics crazy feminists do to link all their ideologies together must be exhausting!

This is baffling:

Katz recently wrote a blog post, hidden behind a pay wall, but summarized on Twitter as “Abusive men talking among themselves have revealed that they know they get huge benefits from carrying out abuse against women and children.”

If you can find a man who openly talks about the “huge benefits” he gets in society by abusing women and children, name and shame him in the comment section — I won’t hold my breath.

The retweets are just as shocking:

Scrolling further down Kat’z Twitter timeline, one of the first retweets states, “Believe mothers. They are telling the truth.”

So that’s it, case closed; women can’t lie now?

“It’s not “marital disputes” it’s abuse. It’s not “communication issues” it’s #coercivecontrol it’s not “family issues” it’s torture. #domesticviolence & #coercivecontrol are forms of intense #torture on par or greater than that of POWs experiences and PTSD,” said a retweet from Katz, initially posted by @KilmerLawSuit.

Are marital disputes and family issues really comparable to daily waterboarding?

Feminists in the media

While scrolling through more retweets, we find NBC journalist Kat Tenbarge, a tech and culture reporter who believes that women would never make a false accusation for fame or money.

“It’s not naive to believe victims. It’s naive to believe that the justice system is infallible. It’s naive to believe that vulnerable people lie but powerful people tell the truth. It’s naive to think someone would lie about abuse or assault for monetary gain or fame.”

Isn’t it naive to think someone would not do anything for money or fame?

Human history is littered with examples of both genders killing for such things, let alone making false accusations, for which the consequences are generally minimal.

Imagine how easy the legal profession would be if these feminists were in charge:

Judges won’t need years of law school — if they can correctly determine the gender of the accuser and defendant (granted, not always easy in today’s world), they’d get the job. In a world run by feminists, judges decide cases based on a simple two-tiered checklist with concrete sentencing guidelines.

Accuser: female, check. Defendant: male, check. Verdict: guilty. Sentence: castration!

Reflecting on the bigger picture

A feminist on this list might laugh at the stupidity of the above example but fails to understand that much of what they suggest is identical, just wrapped in flowery language. The feminist movement is so poisoned by the classic “us vs. them” mentality that all men are the “bad guys” and all women are the “good guys.”

Don’t get me wrong:

This mentality is not unique to feminism — it is widespread across all groups and political parties. It is likely the main contributing factor to the current political climate.

The fear of rejection within one’s own group has people on edge — aligning with an alternative view is too risky in a world where anything you say can go viral in seconds. So most adopt the collective ideology as a desperate measure to shield themselves from dreaded cancellation.

We see it time and time again…

Liberals, knowing that biological men competing against women in sports is unfair, stay silent. Feminists, understanding that not all men are rapists, remain tight-lipped. Democrats, not convinced that Trump is a racist, hold their tongues. The pattern is clear.

Remaining silent and not challenging ideas within the group is what allows crazy ideas to breed.

Think about it:

A man who challenges a feminist will be laughed at, “Of course he’d say that. He’s a man!” A Republican who challenges a Democrat is brushed off without a thought, “Of course he’d say that. He’s a Republican!”

But when one of your own challenges you — you stop — the group stops — and everyone starts to think.

In recent times, such silence has become the norm, leading us into a politically toxic environment. It’s a world where biological men are shattering women’s sports records, and a barrister is lauded for proposing that courts should prevent men from challenging any accusations. This is the unsettling reality we now face.

It will take a brave individual to stand up and say, “What the f*** is this? This is crazy!” Only then will things return to normal. Until then, extremism will flourish unchecked — and history’s stark lessons warn us that this path may ultimately lead to the loss of lives.

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