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Trump TRIUMPHS Amid Trials: Legal Battles Fuel SURGE in Campaign Cash

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 | By Richard Ahern “Indict me again” could be the rallying cry of Donald Trump after more money pours into his campaign coffers.

Former President Donald Trump’s fundraising team is performing exceptionally well. Between March and June this year, they collected over $35 million — nearly double the $18.8 million they gathered in the first quarter. The surge in fundraising showcases the strong support for Trump despite relentless attempts by his opponents and the media to discredit him.

This increase in fundraising is occurring in the face of Trump’s legal challenges. In fact, the increase in money flow appears to be because of the recent court battles and indictments.

Trump is facing a hush-money indictment in Manhattan that alleges he paid adult actress Stormy Daniels to silence claims of an affair. He also faces federal charges in Florida involving the alleged inappropriate handling of classified documents.

Trump is resolute — he has denied all wrongdoing and pleaded not guilty to all counts, calling it all a “witch hunt.” Many Americans agree that Trump is being unfairly targeted by a partisan justice system as support for him has only strengthened.

When news of the Manhattan indictment broke, Trump’s team rapidly raised $7 million in three days. The federal indictment also led to a swift response, raising another $7 million in less than a week.

Following his first court appearance in Miami, Trump led a fundraiser at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. This event alone resulted in more than $2 million in donations.

The average donation size is also telling. The campaign spokesperson reported to the media that the average donation was $34. This demonstrates that the financial support is coming from a broad base of donors, mostly hard-working Americans, not just a few wealthy individuals.

What this means

Support for Trump is not only enduring but also growing. His legal challenges appear to be rallying points for his base, as evidenced by the increase in grassroots donations. This groundswell of financial backing from Republicans indicates that the many attempts to assassinate his character have backfired.

Perhaps Democrats and their Department of Justice should return to the drawing board because Americans are not buying the “Trump is a criminal” narrative.

The optics of Biden’s Justice Department indicting the president’s number one political opponent is reminiscent of the many authoritarian regimes the US government often criticizes. Arresting political opponents in the run-up to elections is behavior reserved for countries like Russia and China — not the United States — but here we are.

Trump is miles ahead in the Republican primary polls, sitting at around 52%, with DeSantis in second at 25%, and the gap continues to widen. Short of ill health or imprisonment, Biden knows he will be facing the former president in the 2024 election.

Democrats know Biden will lose to Trump in 2024:

Current statistics show around 54% of Americans disapprove of Biden, and most recent polls have Trump leading Biden in the general election. Still, according to registered voters, Biden can beat DeSantis.

As of June 24, the Morning Consult has Biden beating DeSantis by 2% in the general election — but Trump beats Biden by 3%.

The performance of Trump’s fundraising efforts, combined with the unwavering support from his base, is significant. As a political analyst, voter, or observer, it’s important to recognize the momentum behind Trump’s fundraising and what it tells us about current voter sentiment.

Republicans will be begging for more indictments — Democrats should rethink their tactics.

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