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New Zealand stabbing

IT HAS STARTED: The Price We ALL Pay for the Afghanistan Debacle

Screaming “Allahu akbar!”, the man who was a known ISIS supporter, stormed through a New Zealand supermarket stabbing victim after victim.

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Six people were injured, three critically before the police came in and shot the suspect dead at a supermarket in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Ahamed Samsudeen, 32, originally from Sri Lanka was a known Islamic State supporter who was sentenced to one year of supervision for possessing IS propaganda. 

The man was a known terror suspect and was under 24/7 surveillance; authorities thought he was simply getting groceries and wasn’t planning a terror attack. When he pulled out a large knife and started indiscriminately stabbing people, police arrived in 60 seconds but not fast enough to prevent serious injuries. 

A shopper described the man as “running around like a lunatic” while stabbing anyone in sight. People were hysterically screaming and running out of the store when the undercover policeman who was surveilling the attacker went in to check out the commotion.

Upon seeing the suspect with a knife, he told shoppers to stand back as he proceeded to shoot the terrorist five times, as heard on mobile phone footage

Here’s the kicker:

During a previous trial for plotting a terror attack using knives, the judge ruled that under current laws in New Zealand, planning a terror attack is not in itself an offense! He was instead simply given a one-year supervision sentence.

The man had been known by authorities since 2016, but courts couldn’t jail him under New Zealand’s liberal laws; despite police describing him as “extremely dangerous” and “very likely to carry out an attack”.

New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, condemned the attack as an act of terrorism but went on to emphasize that “It was carried out by an individual, not a faith.” 

The Prime Minister and the government have been criticized for not doing more to prevent the attack. Indeed, the PM acknowledged that she had been personally briefed about the individual but that the government had exhausted all legal avenues for incarceration.

This story demonstrates two clear issues:

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First, the New Zealand left-wing government has let down the people of New Zealand with their liberal terror laws that do not protect citizens. For a terrorist that was known by the authorities for five years, acknowledged as being extremely dangerous, known to the Prime Minister as a threat, to get the opportunity to stab six people in a supermarket is utterly shameful. 

Whether the blame is put on parliament who made the laws or the courts who enforce them, either way, it is gross incompetence by the authorities. 


This is a direct consequence of what’s happened in Afghanistan and should serve as a warning to us all. 

Under Joe Biden, the US has been thoroughly embarrassed by the Taliban. The Taliban have claimed victory over the US and mocked them in the process, which will be a great inspiration for all extremists around the world. 

Extremists like ISIS and Al Qaeda will see the situation in Afghanistan as a huge victory, proof that the West can be beaten and will give them a renewed sense of motivation and confidence. 

The bottom line…

It’s already started and this is the price we all pay for Biden’s mistake. 

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By Richard AhernLifeLine Media

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