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Plymouth shooting

Plymouth Shooting COVER-UP: How the Media TWISTED the Story

The media have warped and twisted a truly tragic story to score political points…

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The mainstream media’s secret political agenda has meant that the real underlying issue of this story has been covered up. The Plymouth shooting could be a valuable lesson for the government and the public because it highlights a devastating problem with society.

It was the UK’s worst mass shooting in over 10 years, where deranged Jake Davison, 22, killed five people before turning the pump-action shotgun on himself. 

The first victim was Davison’s mother, who he shot in her home, he then proceeded outside where he shot a man and a three-year-old girl. He then made his way to a local park where he continued firing, killing a further two people and injuring several passers-by. He ended his disgusting path of destruction when he turned the gun on himself. 

The media were quick to point out that Davison was a member of the ‘incel’ community, an abbreviation of ‘involuntary celibate’. Incels describe themselves as people who are unable to find a romantic partner despite desiring one. 

The media immediately twisted the story…

Most mainstream media outlets took the angle that incels are part of the far-right, holding an extreme conservative ideology. One outlet’s headline said, “Suspected U.K. Mass Shooter Said He Was American, Trump-Supporting Virgin”.

Other sources also took delight in mentioning Davison was a Trump supporter and that he followed Trump’s children on social media. They also seemed intent on portraying this incident as an act of misogyny, which they say should be classed as terrorism, despite Davison killing men and women during his spree. 

Here’s the uncensored truth:

The fact that Davison was a Trump supporter is not relevant, considering Trump is not a mass shooter himself and certainly not an incel! To use this tragic mass shooting as a way of scoring political points against conservatives is extremely poor taste; it paints all Trump supporters and conservatives as women-hating mass shooters. 

Incels are not political…

Incels are not far-right or conservative, they are not a political group because they don’t advocate for policy changes. Incels are your classic socially awkward virgin who lives in their mother’s basement that resents women because of their failed interpersonal relationships. 

Having resentment towards the opposite sex hardly makes them a terror organization, no more than extreme feminists being a terror group. The overarching theme of the incel group is that they are mentally unwell and in need of help. 

They’re not all violent monsters, most of them never leave the house or have any social contact that would allow them to harm others. 

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The media also blamed gun laws (of course) …

The media claims the issue is guns, talking about Davison following many gun channels on YouTube. That because he was interested in guns as a hobby, like many men (and women!) are, was the reason he killed five people. 

The truth is that this isn’t an argument for gun laws, the UK has some of the strictest firearm laws in the world, yet this still happened.

The mainstream media essentially blamed three things for this mass shooting: Trump, incels, and guns. 

They purposely hid the actual cause of the shooting…

Mental health!

There was vital information that most mainstream media outlets didn’t mention. 

Turns out Davison had suffered from mental health issues his whole life. Being described by a family friend as a ‘troubled soul,’ Davison’s mental health had drastically deteriorated further during the lockdown. 

Davison’s mother and family had begged the NHS and police for help with his mental health, including trying to get professional help with his ADHD and a welfare check by the police. 

All fell on deaf ears…

A friend of the family said, “The NHS basically said that they are short-staffed and that was it.” 

The lack of mental health treatment in the UK is common. The Royal College of Psychiatrists says that two-fifths of patients waiting for mental health treatment are forced to resort to emergency or crisis services.

The key highlight of this story is a mentally sick man who wasn’t given the help he needed, whose mental health was made worse by government lockdowns. 

If authorities investigated his mental health properly, they would have known it’s not safe for him to have a gun license. If the NHS and the police took mental health seriously, they would have removed his weapon and given him the treatment he needed. 

The whole incident could have been prevented if authorities had taken mental health seriously. 

Right-wing Trump supporters don’t kill people. Most incels don’t kill people. Guns don’t kill people. 

Mentally ill individuals with guns kill people. 

Mental health must be taken more seriously, particularly men’s mental health which is often disregarded because of stigma.

To protect others and themselves, mentally ill people should not be allowed guns, but to enforce that rule we first have to identify mental health as a serious issue. 

Wake up!

This story should be a wake-up call for the government, NHS, police, and the public! 

Mental health support and treatment are vital, not only for those who are suffering but also for the people who they could harm.

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By Richard AhernLifeLine Media

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